2nd T20I, Auckland, Dec 26 2006, Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
(18.3/20 ov, target 116)
New Zealand won by 5 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
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Faced with a small target to get, New Zealand went through the jitters, losing wickets thanks to some indecision between the stumps - though Sri Lanka did hit the stumps with their throws - but Nathan Astle played a slam-bang innings to see them through in the end. Sri Lanka's batting never really got going, and when your two main contributors are the No's 9 and 10, you've got a problem. 115 was never a really threatening score, and New Zealand came back after the rain-marred loss at Wellington to level the series 1-1.

Hope you've enjoyed the action from this Boxing Day Twenty20. Remember, there are two other big matches on today - the fourth Test of the Ashes at the MCG, and India-South Africa at Durban. Do stay with Cricinfo for our live coverage of both matches.

As for this series, we'll be seeing you on December 28th for the first of five ODIs at Napier. For now, this is Jamie Alter signing off. Belated Christmas wishes to all...cheers!

Dilshan to Astle, 1 run
all over! Tossed up on middle and leg, Astle gets down and sweeps through square leg for one, and New Zealand have tied the series!
Dilshan to Astle, no run
tossed up outside leg, he tries to loft it for four but doesnt make contact
Dilshan to Astle, no run
tossed up outside off stump, he drives but gets an inside edge to mid-wicket

Boy, is the crowd behind Astle...lovely scenes at the ground...

end of over 1815 runs
NZ: 115/5CRR: 6.38 • RRR: 0.50 • Need 1 run from 12b
Nathan Astle39 (34)
James Franklin3 (6)
Ruchira Perera4-0-49-0
Dilhara Fernando4-0-19-3
Perera to Astle, 1 run
slower and fuller outside off stump, Astle looks to square drive it but doesnt time it well, the ball bobs up and drops outside off stump, McGlashan calls for the mad single, and the scores are tied!
Perera to Astle, SIX runs
bye bye birdie! Insane hit that! Full outside off stump, and Astle picks it so well, just sends it sailing miles and miles over wide long-on, thats so far back into the stands, wow, wow, wow!
Perera to Franklin, 1 run
fuller length delivery on off stump, Franklin comes on the frontfoot and drives it to extra cover
Perera to Astle, 1 run
short and wide outside off stump, Astle's cramped for room but carries through with the back-foot slam, and luckily for him it goes over mid-off and lands safely
Perera to Astle, 2 runs
fuller length delivery on the off, Astle goes for the booming drive, but gets the outside edge down to third man, great effort by Atapattu saves two runs
Perera to Astle, FOUR runs
hoo hah! The lengths all wrong for his chap, drops it short outside off stump and Astle picks it from where it lands and smokes it over mid-on for four, sweet!
end of over 177 runs
NZ: 100/5CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 5.33 • Need 16 runs from 18b
Nathan Astle25 (29)
James Franklin2 (5)
Dilhara Fernando4-0-19-3
Ruchira Perera3-0-34-0
Fernando to Astle, 1 run
full on middle and leg, Impetuous Astle swipes across the line and mistimes it out to a wide mid-on, agricultural farming type of batting this...Twenty20 on Boxing Day, would you believe it?
Fernando to Astle, no run
whats the reply? A bouncer! Quick on middle and leg, forces Astle down onto his haunches
Fernando to Astle, FOUR runs
thats the four he's been eyeing! Slow and full on the stumps, Astle moves his front leg out of the way and slams it bang smack down the ground, a couple bounces and over the ropes, pressure relieved now
Fernando to Franklin, 1 run
short outside off stump, Franklin chops to cover, they set off, Atapattu is slow and cant get the pick-and-throw in time, and a sluggish Astle is home clear
Fernando to Astle, 1 run
good length on leg stump, an eager-beaver Astle swings at it and bottom-edges into the square leg region