1st ODI, Napier, Dec 28 2006, Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand
(40/50 ov, target 286)
Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
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end of over 404 runs
SL: 289/3CRR: 7.22 
Marvan Atapattu10 (16)
Mahela Jayawardene34 (39)
Daniel Vettori8-0-36-1
Andre Adams7-0-54-0

A win that will give Jayawardene plenty of satisfaction. His bowlers were caned around the park by Astle and Taylor as New Zealand threatened to post a total in excess of 300, but the spinners regrouped well to keep them down to 285 for 8. Astle played a fine hand with an 87-ball 83 and Taylor, in just his third match, remained unbeaten with a very good 128, but then New Zealand's inexperienced, ragged bowlers hit rock bottom.

Jayasuriya and Tharanga were simply unstoppable as runs blazed away to every part of McLean Park. Jayasuriya slammed an 82-ball 111, Tharanga contributed 68, and the experienced middle order finished the deal in emphatic fashion. A seven-wicket win, in 40 overs, chasing 286 after the special innings that Taylor played, is a romp by all manner speaking.

New Zealand have plenty to address as far as the bowling goes, while Sri Lanka can take comfort from Vaas's expert spell at the start and at the death. They have a good spin contingent, and when Malinga gets those toe-crushing yorkers right - he finally did at the end of the innings - they are a good bowling unit. Daniel Vettori, stand-in captain, will hope his side can come back hard in the second ODI.

That match is at Queenstown on December 31, and once again it will be me, Jamie Alter, and George Binoy to take you through the action. Do join us for Cricinfo's live coverage. Until then, cheers!

Vettori to Atapattu, FOUR runs
all over! Tossed up, he gives him the charge, gets under it but still clears both mid-off and mid-on as the ball lands safely in no man's land, and Sri Lanka have romped home
Vettori to Atapattu, no run
flighted delivery on the leg, Atapattu comes on the frontfoot and turns it to short mid-wicket
Vettori to Atapattu, no run
short of length delivery outside off, Atapattu comes on the frontfoot and defends it solidly
Vettori to Atapattu, no run
flattish delivery on the stumps, Atapattu shuffles across and defends it solidly
Vettori to Atapattu, no run
dropped! Vettori tosses it up, Atapattu comes down and slams it to the substitute at mid-on, who dives forward, gets it, and lets it out
Vettori to Atapattu, no run
flat outside off stump, Atapattu goes back and pushes to cover
end of over 395 runs
SL: 285/3CRR: 7.3 • RRR: 0.09 • Need 1 run from 66b
Mahela Jayawardene34 (39)
Marvan Atapattu6 (10)
Andre Adams7-0-54-0
Daniel Vettori7-0-32-1
Adams to Jayawardene, FOUR runs
shot to level the scores! A rank half-volley outside off stump, Jayawardene's eyes light up, and he firmly cover drives that for four, Sri Lanka close to victory