Only T20I (N), Johannesburg, Dec 1 2006, India tour of South Africa
(19.5/20 ov, target 127)
India won by 6 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
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So we have India winning with one ball to go, and six wickets in hand. Dinesh Karthik is the man of the moment, his team-mates run out to greet him and Raina. India get that winning vibe after what seems like ages. They won their first 20-over match on debut, must be smashing given their recent run of form. Sehwag is all smiles, leading the cheers. This ground is alive!

Well, India bowled well to keep South Africa down to 126, and then hiccupped a little before Sehwag played a fine hand. Mongia was sluggish but top-scored with a 45-ball 38, the one that was tailormade for this game, Dhoni, came and went in a flash, and then Karthik kept his cool to see India home in the end with an unbeaten 31 from 28.

Karthik gets the Man-of-the-Match award for his brave innings. "When I went in I just wanted to play out all the overs, as thats what my captain wanted me to do...there was some drizzle, and the wicket was pretty quick, they were getting some good movement...the crowd here was just fantastic...phenomenal...we're looking to get on board in the final ODI..."

Well, folks, its been a fun, nervy evening and wherever you may be, I hope you've enjoyed this match as much as George and I have. We've come to a close tonight, but do join us for our continued live coverage as we bring you the fifth and final ODI at Centurion on Sunday, December 3. George will bring you the commentary in the company of Sajan Nair.

For now, its good night from me, Jamie Alter.

Peterson to Karthik, 1 run
full and flat outside off stump, Karthik chops that past backward point to win the match! India have won their first match on tour in tense style, well played!

Scores level....tension, tension...deep midwicket drops out, deep point comes in, long off drops back about five yards...mid on on the edge of the ring...

Peterson to Raina, 1 run
flat on middle and off, Raina sweeps past square leg for one, and the match it tied!

Smith summons his bowler...he needs four men in the ring...he opts for a backward point....

Peterson to Karthik, 1 run
flat and quick on middle and leg, flicked through midwicket...just the single...
Peterson to Karthik, no run
flatter outside off stump, he tries to sweep but ball...
Peterson to Karthik, SIX runs
MAXIMUM! Tossed up on middle and off, down onto one knee goes Karthik and slogsweeps that over deep midwicket for six, awesome, simply awesome!

9 to win. 6 balls left. Karthik on strike. Smith bucking up his team-mates. Bands blaring in the stands. Cheerleaders swaying in a tizzy. Nerves frayed, honestly. Peterson bowls.

end of over 197 runs
INDIA: 118/4CRR: 6.21 • RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Suresh Raina2 (3)
Dinesh Karthik23 (24)
Johan van der Wath4-0-18-0
Robin Peterson1-0-2-1
van der Wath to Raina, no run
good, quick delivery outside off stump, Raina has a mighty swing across the line but misses, a dot ball, well done van der Wath....or Raina...depends on how you see it!

9 from 7...

van der Wath to Karthik, 1 run
quick and short, moving into him, he works that off the hips past square leg and settles for one

South Africa holding their own

van der Wath to Karthik, no run
a bouncer, tremendous ball! Quick and rising outside off stump, moves into him, and a comfortable sway back from Karthik, all well to look at but its a dot ball!

Smith having a word with van der Wath

van der Wath to Raina, 1 run
short and wide, Raina hops in the crease, opens the face of the bat and picks up a single down to third man
van der Wath to Karthik, 1 run
full outside off stump, Karthik backs away and chops that to point for one, he exposed all the stumps there
van der Wath to Karthik, FOUR runs
short and wide, Karthik stands and dabs that cheekily past a diving de Villiers and even Henderson diving on the ropes cant prevent the four

There's some nerves in the Indian dug out...fingernails trimmed by the second...

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 111/4CRR: 6.16 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 runs from 12b
Dinesh Karthik17 (20)
Suresh Raina1 (1)
Robin Peterson1-0-2-1
Roger Telemachus4-0-28-0
Peterson to Karthik, 1 leg bye
quicker and shorter, Karthik advances and tries to work that through mid-wicket, the balls too quick and hurries onto him, he misses the swipe and picks up a leg bye to point
Peterson to Raina, 1 run
flat and quick outside off stump, driven to mid-on
Peterson to Karthik, 1 run
tossed up on the stumps, swept out to deep backward square leg

Will India lose this from here?

Peterson to Mongia, OUT
now he's gone! Tossed up on middle and off, Mongia steps out and tries to clear the infield but mistimes the lofted chip and Langeveldt, covering good ground at mid-on, tumbles and holds a great catch
D Mongia c Langeveldt b Peterson 38 (63m 45b 4x4 1x6) SR: 84.44
Peterson to Mongia, no run
tossed up outside off stump, Mongia reverse sweeps but misses, de Villiers takes it
Peterson to Mongia, no run
tossed up, spinning away from him on off stump, Mongia sweeps across the line but misses, and de Villiers whips off the bails in a flash, Mongia's backfoot is on the line, but after what seemed like ages the third umpire rules it not out! He's mad! Mongia was out! Whoah!

Robin Peterson into the attack

end of over 1710 runs
INDIA: 108/3CRR: 6.35 • RRR: 6.33 • Need 19 runs from 18b
Dinesh Karthik16 (18)
Dinesh Mongia38 (42)
Roger Telemachus4-0-28-0
Albie Morkel2-0-12-0
Telemachus to Karthik, 2 runs
full outside off stump, Karthik slashes that past Gibbs at backward point, who manages to get a hand to it and slow the pace, and the sweeper saves it on the ropes
Telemachus to Mongia, 1 run
full on off stump, pushed into the covers for a quick run
Telemachus to Karthik, 1 run
short and wide, runs it down to third man for one more
Telemachus to Mongia, 1 run
lands outside off stump and moves in, Mongia picks that from middle stump and chops it down to third man
Telemachus to Karthik, 1 run
full in the blockhole, Karthik digs that out to cover and calls for the run, good throw from Peterson but he's safe
Telemachus to Karthik, FOUR runs
lands outside off stump, Karthik moves across and cheekily chips that over short fine leg, effective shot

29 from 24 still..