Player of the Match
Player of the Match

48 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 236/10 (20 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 4.91, RRR: 10.00)

  • Sreesanth2 (2b)
  • Chris Gayle10-0-44-1
  • Dave Mohammed9-1-39-3

The crowd erupts at Trinidad! Why not? Their favourite son, Brian Lara, has taken his team to a 4-1 victory over one of the strongest one-day teams in the world at the moment. And now there'll be a party! A big one in Trinidad. Brian Lara was playing perhaps the last two internationals at his home town and he has done superbly well for himself and his team. They've always loved the southpaw from Santacruz, and now, even if he never bats again at his favourite Queen's Park Oval ground, you can be sure they'll be talking about Lara for a good while to come! India came into this series with a reputation in ODIs and they have now been beaten 4-1. That is a thumping margin. From the beginning of the series India have played below potential, but take nothing away from West Indies. So many members of the team have come to the party just when it was needed.

This is Anand Vasu skipping out quickly after those tense last overs. Sajan Nair will take you through the post-match presentation.

Dwayne Bravo bags the Man-of-the-Match award for his unbeaten 62 from just 44 balls and as expected Ramnaresh Sarwan is the Man of the Series for his brilliant batting, in total he scored 273 runs at a staggering 91 runs per innings.

Gayle to Agarkar, OUT, GONE! All over! Slighltly short, Agarkar goes for the big pull, he makes good contact but certainly not good enough to beat the fielder in the deep! West Indies come through again, four games in a row and they take the series 4-1!

AB Agarkar c Smith b Gayle 21 (34b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.76

Gayle to Sreesanth, 1 run, full and flat, on the pads, clipped down towards short fine-leg, Chattergoon fields and fires in a superb throw, the bails fly off but Agarkar has just made it home