Player of the Match
Player of the Match

And that, is the end of that! Australia have taken a 1-0 lead in this Ashes series In fine style Australia have pulled off a win at Lord's England were hopeful their resurgent team could take the fight to Australia. But the scorebook shows that Australia wrapped up victory by 239 runs in just a shade over three days England have a lot of work to do if they are to pull things back in this series. Ricky Ponting and his men don't often let go of a lead when they have it ... There's no need to look too far for the Man of the Match. When Australia were in deep trouble after being bowled out for 190 Glenn McGrath cut England to ribbons. His 9 for 82 in this match are his best figures in a Test in England. We're just waiting for the presentation ceremony ... It should begin any time soon In the meantime do tell us what you thought of the match, and of our coverage: Michael Vaughan of England, the losing captain, comes forward to have a chat: It's been a tough game. Good effort to bowl out Australia for 190. Then McGrath bowled well and took it away from us.' 'You have to give credit to Harmison, McGrath, Lee and Warne who bowled well and put pressure on the batsmen in this wicket. Pietersen's batting on debut was outstanding.' 'Bit of pressure and perhaps a lack of concentration,' says Vaughan on the number of dropped catches Now the winning captain, Ricky Ponting, comes forward to have a chat 'Very good Test win for us. After being bowled out for 190 to bounce back like that was a sign of the quality of the players in our team. McGrath and Warne bowled outstandingly.' 'Both teams were out their trying to put a stamp on the series early on. England bowled well. It was a tough contest and you like that.' 'They always do the job for us, particularly in big matches.' says Ponting of Warne and McGrath And it's official. The Man of the Match is Glenn McGrath 'To have the chance to take my 500th wicket here, not much can beat that,' says McGrath McGrath waves out to the crowd who give him some warm applause and that is the end of proceedings at Lord's This is Anand Vasu, your commentator, saying goodbye, thanking you for being with us for this cracking match! It was tremendous fun bringing the game to you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Do write in to us at

McGrath to SP Jones, OUT, back of a length and outside the off, shot played,straightforward edge to Shane Warne at first slip and he pouches it!

SP Jones c Warne b McGrath 0 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

58 | 12 Runs | ENG: 180/9

  • Kevin Pietersen64 (79b)
  • Simon Jones0 (5b)
  • Shane Warne20-2-64-4
Warne to Pietersen, FOUR runs, tossed up and outside the off, Pietersen gets to the pitch of the ball beautifully and hits it over long-off for four!
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