Player of the Match
Player of the Match
de Silva to Dhawan, FOUR runs, finishes with authority. Down the track, meets it on the pitch outside off, drives it past his partner
Malinga to Kohli, FOUR runs, arrogant. Overpitched outside off, brings a firm bat down on this like - like a hammer on a nail. Whips it past Dhawan and follows through nonchalantly. Doesn't even look where it goes. Mid-on needs to, to bring the ball back
Sandakan to Kohli, SIX runs, wow. That defies normal cricket. It's a short ball at middle stump. He goes back in the crease and, on this slow pitch, clears the long-on boundary with a back foot punch
Sandakan to Kohli, FOUR runs, wrong'un, down leg side. Gets the front leg out of the way and scythes it with a sweep, long leg boundary
Sandakan to Kohli, FOUR runs, glorious. Tossed up at middle stump. Gets to the pitch and flicks this over midwicket with rapid wrists
Malinga to Dhawan, FOUR runs, short ball at middle stump. Locks and loads, brings the arc to meet it at the right time, pulls to the long leg boundary
Sandakan to Dhawan, SIX runs, another mishit but it's six. Steps out and makes too much. Has to reach out for this length ball outside off. Gets under it and shovels it over the long-off boundary
Sandakan to Dhawan, FOUR runs, rank mishit rolls rapidly away to the wide long-on boundary. He was looking for the extra cover boundary. Went through the shot too early off the back foot and got a massive, thick inside edge
de Silva to Dhawan, FOUR runs, goes straight this time and nearly chips one to mid-off. Down the track but not to the pitch. Lifts it and mid-off seems to have it covered til the last moment, where he just doesn't attempt it

Dhawan's quickest


No. of balls in which Dhawan completed his century in this game, his fastest of the 11 ODI centuries. The previous quickest was in 73 balls v WI in Kanpur in 2013.

One to imrove


Kohli's average in ODIs in Sri Lanka before today's game - his worst in any country. He doesn't average less than 40 in any other nation.

Unlucky Country for Rohit


Runs scored by Rohit Sharma in Sri Lanka in his last 10 ODI innings. His scores read as: 4, 0, 11, 5, 5, 0, 0, 4, 4, 4.

Sri Lanka Collapse


Wickets lost by SL for 39 runs - Sri Lanka went from 139 for 1 to 178 for 7. Between overs 20 and 36 SL have scored just 61 runs.

Batting first at Dambulla


Average first innings score while batting first since Jan 2011. However in the last 2 games teams batting first have scored above 300.

20 years and waiting


Last instance of Sri Lanka beating India in a bilateral ODI series. Since then they have played 9 times in which India have won 7 while 2 have been drawn.