Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Righto. Strangely enough, there's no award for Man of the series. Who is your pick? Mine would be Neil Wagner. But my call doesn't really matter. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Hope to see you join us for the one-day series beginning December 20 in Whangerai. Until then, it's goodbye from me and my co-commentator Shashank Kishore. Cheers!

Kane Williamson, New Zealand's winning captain: "It was great to put two strong performances in this series. Credit to the way we stuck to our plans. "440 on the board going into the last innings where the wicket was getting variable, we wanted to pick a wicket or two last night," he says of the declaration. "This was a good Test wicket, there was little bit off the deck. We saw how it played out. Fortunate to be on the right side of the result and yet learn a lot. Not a huge amount of Test cricket this year, but in terms of how we wanted to execute, we were superb. Ross's ton was a special moment for him, he's a world class player. To get us to get us to a good score and set up a declaration, it was a considerable knock from a lot of angles."

Kraigg Brathwaite, West Indies' stand-in captain. "They did a great job. For us, we didn't really bat well, especially in the first innings. I thought the bowlers did a magnificent job, obviously it was tough on their bodies. Kemar Roach struggled a bit. I did enjoy the captaincy, it was a good experience. The guys gave me a lot of support, but Holder will be back and we're all looking forward to welcoming him back. This was a tough loss, we've to be better with our shot selection."

Ross Taylor is the Player of the Match for his 17th Test century. "It's been nice to get there, but the main thing is if you get a hundred and the team wins, there's nothing better than that. It was nice to have some throwdowns in the morning and change a couple of little things which worked. We came here wanting to win the series, West Indies put us under pressure at different times but we were able to ride that. With a lot of big names coming in for West Indies, the one-day series will be competitive.

So a little over two sessions is all West Indies could last. New Zealand's home summer begins with a 2-0 sweep. Neil Wagner the undisputed star of the final day. His bouncer-barrage is what set off this slide. It was some of the nastiest fast bowling we have seen in a while. What a series he has had. Career-best figures in the first Test and now again a significant role to play in this Test. Surely must be one of the contenders for Man of the Series. Stick with us to find out if he is.

Santner to Roach, OUT, and that's the end of it. Santner finishes it off with a double-strike. A comprehensive win for New Zealand. A sliding length ball on middle and leg. Roach is playing the line but does not account for the turn as the ball rips away and takes out the stumps

KAJ Roach b Santner 32 (57m 44b 4x4 1x6) SR: 72.72

Santner to Cummins, OUT, a similar shot and this time Boult takes it well. Tries to slog it big over deep midwicket and gets a leading edge. A thick one, off the outside of the bat and Boult just runs forward and settles under it. He seems unhappy, seems like he had the sun in his face again

ML Cummins c Boult b Santner 9 (33m 19b 0x4 1x6) SR: 47.36

Santner to Cummins, no run, flat and quick on the stumps, defended
Santner to Cummins, 2 runs, dropped. Very tough chance. It went miles in the air and he had the sun in his eyes. Boult the fielder at long-off. Runs across to his left and sticks the left hand out but does not get under the line of the ball. Tries to heave over the leg side and skews it off the outer of the bat
Santner to Roach, 1 run, fullish and sliding on leg side, tries to tuck and gets an inside edge to fine leg

Mitchell Santner comes in now

63 | 15 Runs | WI: 200/7

  • Miguel Cummins7 (16b)
  • Kemar Roach31 (42b)
  • Tim Southee19-3-71-2
  • Neil Wagner15-5-42-3
Southee to Cummins, SIX runs, now that's a clean strike. A length ball that he haves over deep midwicket. Bang off the middle and timed very well
Southee to Roach, 1 run, this is got to be frustrating for Southee. He's dishing out these yorkers and the batsmen are just jamming their bat down without any technique whatsoever and managing to make contact. This one's an inside edge off the toe-end through fine leg
Southee to Roach, no run, another appeal for caught-behind. He backed away and jammed the bat down into the ground. That must have been the noise
Southee to Roach, no run, attempts his favoured walk-across-the-stumps-and-pull-over-fine-leg. Beaten

West Indies 4th innings Partnerships

1st4KOA PowellKC Brathwaite
2nd23KC BrathwaiteSO Hetmyer
3rd16KC BrathwaiteSD Hope
4th25RL ChaseSD Hope
5th12SW AmbrisRL Chase
5th0RL ChaseSO Dowrich
6th78RL ChaseRA Reifer
7th8KAJ RoachRA Reifer
8th37KAJ RoachML Cummins
9th0KAJ RoachST Gabriel