Player of the Match
Player of the Match

7:20pm And that's that. India's tour of Ireland is complete and it's a 2-0 series win to start a long away season. They're headed to England next and we'll meet you when that happens. Have a good evening!

Virat Kohli: Just the right kind of momentum we needed. Pretty happy that we got in balanced performances. I'm having a headache right now about who to pick. It's a healthy sign, guys shining through coming from the bench as well. It's a great phase for Indian cricket. (On facing England) For us the opposition does not really matter. We know if they come hard, we have the batting power to go hard as well. Plus we have to wristspinners. It's going to be a competitive series against England.

[On building a relaxed atmosphere] Not difficult at all. The system has been laid. the benchmark has been set. No one takes anything for granted. That's something you have to leave to the players and trust them to do the right things for the team. They've accepted that responsibility with both hands. I don't have to poke anyone to try harder as a captain. It takes a lot of load off the management.

Gary Wilson: Yeah it was disapponting the way we didn't put up a fight. We were better placed than a couple of days ago but it got away from us with the bat. We know India like to chase and they're good at it. The wicket wouldn't have played different whether we batted or bowled first. There are plenty of lessons to learn with both bat and ball. We're playing against the best 14 or 15 players of the IPL. We'll have to have a chat with the coaches.

Chahal: The wicket was turning. I spoke to the coaches, varied my pace. (For the first wicket) I just wanted to vary the pace. The first few balls I pushed fast and then bowled slow. In our team there are very good batsmen, so it helps to bowl to them.

Chahal is the Man of the Series.

KL Rahul: It was important for me to make the most of the opportunity that I get. Enjoyed myself in the middle, it was a good wicket. Bit of spongy bounce, back of a length balls were holding up a little bit. But if you spent some time, you could get used to it. I've been in good form and just got into good positions to strike the ball. It's important to use time off to work on technique, try to get stronger and remain in the right mindspace. With the type of team we have these days, it's difficult to get in. Whenever I have off time, I try to get stronger. I've never played in the UK before. Only seen on Tv. We're all looking forward to it and take the challenge. It's what we've boon doing, the last 3-4 years, whatever challenge is thrown at us. This series will also test our characters and we're looking forward to it.

KL Rahul is the Man of the Match.

6:52pm A swift end, a massive margin. This is the joint second-highest margin of loss in a T20I. They've equalled West Indies, who were bowled out for 60 in a chase of 204 against Pakistan earlier this year. Unfortunately time hasn't healed anything for Ireland. A bigger crash-and-burn display than the last match for them. Not much to be said for India. A comprehensive performance from an excellent set of players. Four changes for them today, and it has barely unsettled them. This is India's biggest victory margin.

Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, OUT, sharp stumping. Dinesh Karthik picks the wrong'un and gathers down leg side. Rankin doesn't as he steps out to be beaten on the inside edge. No chance of returning as the keeper completes the job. And the match.

WB Rankin st †Karthik b Kuldeep Yadav 10 (8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 125.00

Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, 2 runs, got some bat on this one. Short and wide outside off. Duly slapped away to long-off's right off the back foot

Kuldeep goes around

Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, no run, good length on middle stump, defended off the back foot

Ireland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0PR StirlingJNK Shannon
2nd16WTS PorterfieldJNK Shannon
3rd6A BalbirnieJNK Shannon
4th8GC WilsonA Balbirnie
5th2KJ O'BrienGC Wilson
6th4GC WilsonSimi Singh
7th8GC WilsonSR Thompson
8th12GH DockrellSR Thompson
9th12WB RankinSR Thompson
10th2WB RankinPKD Chase