Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 331/7 (7 runs required, RR: 6.62)

  • Tim Southee4 (1b)
  • Colin de Grandhomme8 (11b)
  • Jasprit Bumrah10-0-47-3
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar10-0-92-1

10.05 pm And as the Indian team prepare to take the winning photo with the trophy, it's time for us to sign off as well. Here's Karthik Krishnaswamy's report in case you missed this cracker. The 3-match T20Is kick off on November 1, and we'll catch you then. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the 3rd ODI. For now, it's goodbye from Alagappan and Sreshth.

9.42 pm We await the post-match presentation. And here we go.

Winning captain Virat Kohli is the Man of the Series. He says: "Credit to NZ. They challenged us in all three games, and forced us to play our best in every game. Credit to the skill and character they possess. Congratulations to them for playing that way. I decided that I let the bowler do what he wants do do, and that's why I was calm. There was dew too, just glad the boys pulled through. To be fair to the bowlers: the wicket eased out nicely. The ball was coming onto the bat beautifully. Our last 15 overs, the bowling slowed down, so we were probably 25 runs short. It was difficult to get our shots away. But glad the bowlers came out on top: it was like a knock out game for us, and the boys showed their character. My aim is for the team to win the game and the series, and if I personally do well then it's an added bonus. (On the records) These things are hard to ignore since we keep hearing these, but the aim is to always make the team win from any situation."

Rohit Sharma is the Man of the Match. He says: Feels good when the team wins, and you contribute. Happy how we played through this series. NZ were very competitive, and it wasn't easy to come and win. We had to be at our best to win. I was watching the pre-match analysis where they said my head was falling off, so I worked slightly on it. That helped. My head was falling a bit, and wasn't coming into the line of the ball. The quickly you rectify, the better it is. I enjoyed playing today in Kanpur, have good memories personally, but not for the team. Good to change that. (On his 100 celebration) Every hundred is special, but what I was working on came off well, and that's why I was happy. Sanjay Bangar (batting coach) helped my work on some of these things, and that's when results are more pleasing.

Kane Williamson: Fantastic series, some great cricket played and in good spirit. Credit to Kohli and team, they were the better team, although by just a little bit. Lots of promising signs from our end. Losing from this close is frustrating, but good signs. The surface was good throughout, and the team that played better on that day won the games in this series. But against these guys, you HAVE to be at your best to cross the line. Our middle order stood out: Tom Latham batted with such clarity, adapted and did the role so well. Henry Nicholls too, Ross batted well. Our seamers did well under difficult conditions. India played better cricket, and they deserve the win. Santner's a pretty good spinner, so it's a tough decision taking two specialist spinners.

Kaladhar: "Easy guys. Remember Rohit and Kohli gave luxury for other bowlers to go plenty. Bumrah was good, not a MOM performance for this one."

Piyush Bhimsari: "India will surely need the services of Dhoni in the upcoming World cup,even if doesn't perform well in some matches,His presence in the team is enough to reduce the pressure off from Kohli."

vasan: "Crying shame! they have interviewed Bumrah and Chahal already; meaning the MOM will be one of the centurions. Never a bowlers' game, who mike holding promptly called as the workhorses."

Tom Latham says: The change of role (middle over role) was great. It's been a great series, played in great spirits. Coming over here is tough but for us it was to stay in the game as deep as possible. But again, they have quality seamers and it wasn't meant to be today. The score India posted was really good, and the fact that we got really close was good. The openers played well, and we probably left a little too much for the end. Great to be part of this series.

Jasprit Bumrah says: I tried to stay calm. If you try to complicate, then lot of things happened. Stayed calm, and job was to execute. I should have probably gone to the stumps and broken it (on the Latham wicket), but decided to throw it down anyway. I don't think about these things (people's pressure ahead of the final over). I was just focusing on ball-by-ball and kept expectations of people away. I try to look at the batsman till the end, but decide what delivery to bowl just before the release. It was difficult to bowl because batting got easier thanks to the due. Bhuvi was fantastic last match, it's okay he had his off days. He contributed at the end. It's okay, it happens: cricket is a great leveller. Chahal was brilliant through this series, and even in the previous one.

Yuzvendra Chahal says: Whenever I bowled slow, it spun, so my intention was to vary my pace. I just wanted to make the left-handers drive. The dew factor made it very difficult to bowl. On this wicket, you need to flight the ball, so my job was to toss it up."

Balashankar: "When you look at the scorecard of this match after some years, Rohit and Kohli would be the names you would notice. But, it was really Bumrah and Chahal"

Vishal: "A game were almost 700 runs scored, here comes a bowler who gives less that 4.5 per over not to forget his 3 wickets. A match winning performance "

9.34 pm High fives all around, and the fielders hug it out. Tom Latham looks distraught as he walks out to shake hands with the winners. The decider has lived up to its reputation and credit to New Zealand for making a game out of this after conceding 337. They will definitely go back with their heads held very high. A very tight affair. Hang around as we bring you more reactions from this nail-biter.

Bumrah to Southee, FOUR runs, it's a four, but that doesn't matter one bit! India win by six runs, and the series 2-1. It was full on off stump and sliced over short third man for four

Snehil: "I think if India do win today Bumrah should be Man of the Match. What an incredible bowling performance under such enormous pressure."

Bumrah to de Grandhomme, 1 run, low full toss outside off, big swing of the bat but goes one-bounce to Kohli at long off.

Sam: "Have to credit this to MSD. He's been calling the shots the past few overs and reminding us why he's the greatest captain of all time!"

Bumrah to Santner, OUT, full toss outside off stump, and the waist-high shot has been pulled away towards cow corner. Is it a six? No! It's caught by Dhawan. But wait, it was a really high delivery, and the umpire wants to have a look for the no ball. The front foot seems fine, and so does the height. Santner was way down the pitch. He has to go. The ball was muscled away, but came off the top half of the bat. That shot needed a better connection.

MJ Santner c Dhawan b Bumrah 9 (12m 5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 180.00

Bumrah to Santner, 2 runs, low full toss on leg stump, clipped off his toes to fine leg. For a moment it seemed that it would run down for four, but Axar was there

Sud: "Boom Boom Boomrah- more than a billion people are counting on you. Make us proud !!"

Dhoni ensuring the bowler doesn't have his laces untangled. Slowing things down.

Bumrah to de Grandhomme, 1 run, yorker outside off once again, bunted down the ground to long off. Not allowing the batsman to get under the ball
Bumrah to de Grandhomme, no run, yorker outside off stump, squeezed back to Bumrah and Santner was quick off the blocks. Bumrah considers running him out, but doesn't throw at the stumps

Bumrah with the final over. What a great ODI series this has been.

49 | 10 Runs | NZ: 323/6 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.59, RRR: 15.00)

  • Mitchell Santner7 (3b)
  • Colin de Grandhomme6 (8b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar10-0-92-1
  • Jasprit Bumrah9-0-39-2
Kumar to Santner, no run,
Kumar to de Grandhomme, 1 run, full and wide outside off, the batsman lets it go, and as the ball angles away towards Dhoni, everyone looks at the umpire. Is that a wide? The man who matters doesn't think so. That's the over. NZ need 15 off the final over to clinch this series.

suneej: "I still dont understand how people talking about omitting dhoni from team. What a fantastic player he is .Even today his contribution with the bat ,his keeping and his inputs on field setting.I dont thing there is any player at international level come even close too him "

Kumar to de Grandhomme, no run, it's a full toss, but CDG misses completely! It was outside off, and enough width to send anywhere on the off side, but he can't connect. Bhuvneshwar gets away
Kumar to Santner, 1 run, muscled over the infield on the off side for a single, full on off stump, and sliced away towards deep extra for a single
Kumar to Santner, 1 wide, full and very wide outside off stump, goes for a wide and Dhoni does well to ensure there weren't any extra runs
Kumar to Santner, SIX runs, full toss and it's a maximum! Waist high outside off stump and enough room for Santner to free his arms. Gives it everything he has, and Pandya - at long on - can't get behind this
Kumar to de Grandhomme, 1 run, lifted over mid off for a single, full on off stump and muscled, but only for a single. Kohli positioned at long off

NZ need 25 runs off 12 balls. Who's on top?

48 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 313/6 (25 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.52, RRR: 12.50)

  • Colin de Grandhomme4 (5b)
  • Mitchell Santner0 (0b)
  • Jasprit Bumrah9-0-39-2
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar9-0-82-1
Bumrah to de Grandhomme, 1 run, low full toss on middle, bunted away past midwicket

Victory streak


No. of consecutive bilateral series wins for India, including this series - their longest such streak. The previous longest was six in a row in 2007 and between 2007 and 2009.

Bumrah's 50th


No. of ODIs taken by Bumrah to take 50 wickets, making him the second-fastest among India bowlers to the landmark. Ajit Agarkar is the quickest, in 23 matches.

Another quick milestone


No. of inns taken by Kohli to reach 9000 ODI runs, the least by any batsman. AB de Villiers was the previous quickest in 205 inns.

Kanpur king


No. of centuries for Rohit in ODIs in Kanpur - 150 v SA in 2015 and today. He's the only batsman to score more than one century at the venue.

Rohit's sixes


No. of sixes for Rohit Sharma in ODIs, in 165 innings. He's the second-quickest to the milestone behind Shahid Afridi who did it in 160 innings.

Kohli & Rohit


No. of century partnerships between the pair, the third-most for any Indian pair and the second-most among all pairs this decade.

Kohli's year


Runs for Kohli across all formats in 2017. He becomes the first batsman to pass the mark this year. Amla is next with 1988 runs.

Openers fail again


No. of successive ODIs against New Zealand that India openers haven't shared a 50+ stand, including this game. They have averaged 22.20 with highest of 49.