Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10.35pm The snooze fest is over. Fine, fine win from Pakistan. Babar laid the ground work, Malik lent the finishing touches. Then with the ball, Raees did the early damage before Hasan Ali came into his own. Sri Lanka were only briefly in it, but the procession which they witnessed time and again during the series against India continued here in the Middle East. This is Sri Lanka's eighth consecutive ODI defeat. Plenty of work to do. On that note, this is Shashank Kishore signing off on behalf of Akshay Gopalakrishnan. Do join us for the second ODI on 16th October in Abu Dhabi. Until then, it's goodbye from the cricinfo desk. Cheers!

If they were to look for some consolation, they'd consider Thirimanne's half-century as one of the entries. Akila Dananjaya, who could've so easily looked to smash the ball, dug in and fought it out to bring up a maiden fifty of his own. But there was a sense of inevitability to this chase more than halfway in. Sri Lanka never looked to be in the game.

On a lighter note, I really wish someone's capturing all these moods of Mickey Arthur. I reckon just from this tour, there are plenty of pictures of varying emotions. Would be a fun compilation if someone manages to pull it off

Time for the presentation now

Sarfraz Ahmed: When you lose one series, the first match of the next series becomes very important. Credit to the boys. We've got a lot of bowling options. This bodes well for us. The way we've done today, we'll look to carry this template forward. If you set up runs on the board, with this bowling attack we can defend well. We will of course decide based on conditions. There is a lot of quality in this side.

Shoaib Malik is the Player of the Match for his 61-ball 81.

"In the middle overs, Sri Lanka were bowling well, so strike rotation was key," he says. "I knew I could cover up in the end. Credit to Babar and Hafeez. That was the innings that gave us the confidence. End of the day, the bowlers did pretty well. Being an experienced player, it's my responsibility to turn up when things are down. I didn't take any pressure. My role was to rotate strike. Those few boundaries helped our total."

Upul Tharanga: Pakistan batted really well. At one stage, we thought we could restrict them to below 270. We haven't batted to potential in the last few series, we haven't been able to bat 50 overs. It's time we deliver.

Hasan Ali to Lakmal, 1 run, slices this full delivery down to third man courtesy a misfield at point. Pakistan now have their fifth successive ODI win
Hasan Ali to Dananjaya, 1 run, there's the fifty. Looked to clear his front leg and pull this skiddy bouncer but could only get some bat on it as it rolled no more than a couple of yards away. He scampered through even as Hasan hared across to prevent it.
Hasan Ali to Lakmal, FOUR runs, picks this short ball well. Hammered from outside off to the wide long-on boundary. Dananjaya's wait for a maiden ODI fifty continues
Hasan Ali to Vandersay, OUT, has he gloved this bouncer? Yes. This is a stunning short delivery that veers back in from wide of the crease, Vandersay looks to sway out of the way initially but then decides he has an opportunity to perhaps ramp this over the keeper. Unfortunately he was caught in a tangle as the ball brushed his glove on the way through to Sarfraz. He was off balance as well as the ball closed in on him.

JDF Vandersay c †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Hasan Ali 25 (47b 1x4 0x6) SR: 53.19

Rumman Raees to Dananjaya, FOUR runs, clears his front leg, and slaps this short-arm jab towards wide long-on. Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur can't believe what he just saw
Rumman Raees to Dananjaya, FOUR runs, picks the slower ball early, holds his shape and pulls this into the gap at deep midwicket. The man from deep square came around and then dived over the ball.
Imad Wasim to Dananjaya, FOUR runs, muscled into the gap between deep square and wide long-on. Got to the pitch of the ball and smashed this with the spin
Junaid Khan to Dananjaya, FOUR runs, short ball, this is bad bowling. Not going to trouble the batsman with the short ball at this pace. Dananjaya arches back and ramps it over the keeper
Rumman Raees to Dananjaya, FOUR runs, full outside off, driven through the right of mid-off and beats him comfortably
Rumman Raees to Dananjaya, 2 runs, short, wide, slapped off the backfoot through backward point. Brings up the 150 for Sri Lanka
Shadab Khan to Vandersay, FOUR runs, outside edge, flies past the slightly wide first slip. Sharp turn, sticks the bat out and gets a healthy nick that runs down to third man
Rumman Raees to Thirimanne, OUT, Raees has been brought back and he strikes first ball. Wonder why Sarfraz didn't do this earlier? That's a top delivery. Short of a length, cuts in sharply. Thirimanne is pinned to the crease as the ball hits the pad plumb in front of middle and leg

HDRL Thirimanne lbw b Rumman Raees 53 (74b 3x4 0x6) SR: 71.62

Raja: "Sarfraz should bring in Junaid and Raees for a couple each and finish this off instead of giving Sri Lanka match practice." Spot on.

Shoaib Malik to Thirimanne, 1 run, full, flicked off the pads to short fine leg and they set off for the single straightaway. Fifty for Thirimanne
Shadab Khan to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, floated up outside off, driven through the cover and point region. Two fielders give it a chase and one of them dives but the ball beats him into the boundary
Shadab Khan to Perera, OUT, is that a clean strike? No, it isn't. Faheem Ashraf snaffles a stunning catch, running back from midwicket. Flighted on middle and off, Perera tries to loft but doesn't get close to it, and as a result, does not get on top of the bounce. Skies it and Ashraf runs to his right to take a wonderfully-judged catch

NLTC Perera c sub (Faheem Ashraf) b Shadab Khan 21 (29b 1x4 1x6) SR: 72.41

The dew is seriously troubling the bowlers now.

Mohammad Hafeez to Perera, SIX runs, advances down the ground and meets the pitch before launching this straight down the ground. Ball thuds into the sightscreen
Hasan Ali to Perera, FOUR runs, full, outside off, and Perera has crashed this through the covers. Uppishly driven but has found the gap so no problems

Hat-trick ball for Hasan. Around the wicket.

Hasan Ali to Siriwardana, OUT, suckerpunches Siriwardena with a beauty. This length ball reverses back in just a wee bit, pitches at length and straightens. He plays down the wrong line and sees the ball crash into the stumps. Hasan is on a hat-trick

TAM Siriwardana b Hasan Ali 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Losing streak


No. of consecutive ODIs lost by Sri Lanka, including this defeat. This is their joint-longest losing streak. They had lost 8 between 1998 and 1999 as well.

A slow hundred


No. of balls taken by Babar Azam to get to his century in this ODI, the slowest of his six centuries and the slowest by any Pakistan batsman in last five years.

Limited overs specialist


Babar Azam's average in limited overs internationals this year (56.90 in ODIs & 45.14 in T20Is). Whereas in Tests he's averaged just 16.72 in 12 inns with five ducks.

Sri Lanka's bad run


Sri Lanka's win-loss record in ODIs this year, in 21 games before this match. They enter the series with seven defeats in a row.