3rd ODI (D/N), Sri Lanka tour of India at Visakhapatnam, Dec 17 2017
(32.1/50 ov, target 216)
India won by 8 wickets (with 107 balls remaining)
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INDIA Innings
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end of over 335 runs
INDIA: 219/2CRR: 6.8 
Dinesh Karthik26 (31)
Shikhar Dhawan100 (85)
Akila Dananjaya7.1-0-53-1
Asela Gunaratne4-0-30-0

7.55pm Clinically, India have got the job done again. No fuss, no problems, no teasing, just plain efficient. Sri Lanka got off to a fantastic start today, but India have won almost every over after the 30th of the Sri Lankan innings. A target of 216 was easily achieved, led by another ODI hundred by Shikhar Dhawan, who made batting look incredibly easy. Shreyas Iyer struck another eye-catching fifty, but missed out on his maiden international ton. That won't matter much to India, who have taken their second consecutive three-match series after going 1-0 down.

India will be really pleased with this series, they were tested and still came out on top of a team that weren't really competitive after their triumphant Dharamsala visit. There are holes in that SL team, but you get the feeling, they aren't far away from finding their best combination and roles. I'd say go the England way, keep that attacking template and let players come up that way. It didn't quite work today, but it will at some point and they can beat some of the best.

That's all from us for the ODIs this season. The T20 series isn't too far away, join us then. Till then, ciao. Thanks for your company.


Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Series: "I feel like I'm batting my best, I know my game well now, which is why my consistency has gone up. A bit on technique and changed my guard. I'm an experienced player, I know how to handle situations, and my success rate has gone up. Most of the time I score fifty, I look to go for a century."

Kuldeep Yadav is the Man of the Match: "We're just looking for middle-order wickets. The wicket was good for spinners, we were getting sharp turn, that motivated me. It's just about preparation, working on my fitness."

Rohit Sharma wins his first series as India captain: "Terrific comeback after the first match. We showed a lot of character, at one point, they had a run-rate of six. That has been a hallmark of this team, when we have been put under pressure, we've responded. The first game was testing as a captain. The second game, we had enough runs, it was the perfect game for me to settle in as a captain."

Thisara Perera: "First match we won easily, a good chance to beat India in India, but didn't execute. We got a good start, but we couldn't execute with our middle order. We have to think about the T20s, everything is past, we have to think about the present."

Shreyas Iyer: "Really enjoying going out there and creating that atmosphere, even the team loves it. A great feeling, a great experience for me. Forgotten about Dharamsala, that kind of wicket was disheartening. I'm being positive, whatever the situation, will express myself."

Dananjaya to Karthik, FOUR runs
and India take the series 2-1. Overpitched outside off, lofted over cover to finish the series as India cruise to their eighth straight ODI series win
Dananjaya to Karthik, 1 wide
strays down leg, guess what? wide

The last over of the ODI series

end of over 3210 runs
INDIA: 214/2CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 0.11 • Need 2 runs from 17 overs
Shikhar Dhawan100 (85)
Dinesh Karthik22 (30)
Asela Gunaratne4-0-30-0
Angelo Mathews3-0-30-0
Gunaratne to Dhawan, no run
87 kph, driven back to the bowler
Gunaratne to Dhawan, FOUR runs
into the gap and that's four. Dhawan gets there with ease eventually. It was actually well down leg, swept away to the deep square leg boundary, right into the gap. Takes off his helmet and soaks in the applause from a raucous crowd for another ODI hundred

4 and 6

Gunaratne to Dhawan, no run
shortish and wide, slashed to backward point, can't pierce that gap
Gunaratne to Dhawan, 1 wide
the wide, drifts down leg and Dhawan can't connect with a sweep
Gunaratne to Dhawan, FOUR runs
that will help. One stroke away now. Full on the pads, whipped away behind square for four. 96 now. What ease
Gunaratne to Karthik, 1 run
short on middle and leg, a filthy long hop, swatted over midwicket for six pushed to long-on to give Dhawan strike
Gunaratne to Karthik, no run
offcutter outside off, defended into the off side, bat and pad close together
end of over 3111 runs
INDIA: 204/2CRR: 6.58 • RRR: 0.63 • Need 12 runs from 17 overs
Dinesh Karthik21 (28)
Shikhar Dhawan92 (81)
Angelo Mathews3-0-30-0
Danushka Gunathilaka1-0-12-0
Mathews to Karthik, 1 run
nooo, it's short and wide, cut away to the sweeper cover. 8 and 12, interesting
Mathews to Karthik, FOUR runs
117 kph, fantastic shot. Overpitched outside off, nailed to the mid-off boundary, lovely full face of the bat. Surely a block to follow?
Mathews to Dhawan, 1 run
full and wide, smashed away to the sweeper cover for one.

9 and 18 now.

Mathews to Dhawan, FOUR runs
on the pads and flicked away for four more. RUNS. Into the 90s now. Just a clip off the hips for four.
Mathews to Karthik, 1 run
punched off the back foot to the sweeper cover
Mathews to Karthik, no run
full around off, defended to point
end of over 3012 runs
INDIA: 193/2CRR: 6.43 • RRR: 1.15 • Need 23 runs from 17 overs
Dinesh Karthik15 (24)
Shikhar Dhawan87 (79)
Danushka Gunathilaka1-0-12-0
Angelo Mathews2-0-19-0
Gunathilaka to Karthik, 1 run
maybe not, works the ball through square leg for one

Time for an old-fashioned block?

Gunathilaka to Dhawan, 1 run
fired in, the yorker, flicked away to deep square leg
Gunathilaka to Dhawan, FOUR runs
some flight on middle and leg, in Dhawan's wheelhouse and swept away over midwicket, slog swept. 16 and 25 the equation now
Gunathilaka to Dhawan, no run
Gunathilaka to Dhawan, SIX runs
that will help him get closer to 100. Gets close enough to the pitch, once he's there he goes through with a lofted drive, easily over long-on for six
Gunathilaka to Dhawan, no run
flatter delivery on middle and leg, flicked to midwicket
end of over 297 runs
INDIA: 181/2CRR: 6.24 • RRR: 1.66 • Need 35 runs from 17 overs
Shikhar Dhawan76 (74)
Dinesh Karthik14 (23)
Angelo Mathews2-0-19-0
Asela Gunaratne3-0-20-0

Shankar: "Any first class or competitive game Rahane can play before going to SA tour to regain form and confidence. He is very vital, if India have to win the series" Not a bad time for some good old grade cricket in Mumbai's maidans?

Mathews to Dhawan, 1 run
shortish and wide outside off, under-edged through the keeper's legs for a run
Mathews to Dhawan, no run
a slow wide delivery outside off, not called a wide, hmm, looked like one

Dhawan needs 25 of 36. Into that need-help-from-your-partner territory

Mathews to Karthik, 1 run
on the pads, worked to square leg

Manoj Surela: "After 27 overs SL - 160/2 and IND - 170/2"

Mathews to Karthik, no run
good length on middle and leg, nice channel, worked to midwicket.