19 | 13 Runs 1 Wkt | SA-W: 134/5 | RR: 7.05

  • Marizanne Kapp2 (2b)
  • Nadine de Klerk5 (4b)
  • Anuja Patil4-0-44-1
  • Shikha Pandey3-0-30-0

That's a wrap of this game then, but don't you go anywhere, for the men will clash in a short while. Hope you stick around for that. Goodbye from me, and thanks as ever for your company and comments.

12.40pmMike Haysman with the presentations.

"I think our lower order collapsed today," says Harmanpreet Kaur, the Indian captain. "We got a good start but couldn't capitalise on the momentum. I think after getting a good start we need to utilise that. We need to come up with a good plan in the next game. We didn't play too much T20 in the last 15 months but we played well in the first two games. Smriti and Mithali played pretty much all the 20 overs in both the games so the rest of our batsmen didn't have that much of batting. This is an eye-opener for us. It was a good performance from our bowling side."

Shabnim Ismail is Player of the Match. "We had the right fielders in the right place and took our catches today," she says. "We don't hang on to the negatives that much. We always look at the positives. Aggression is something that pumps me up, the fielders also pump me up. There is never a dull moment on the field. Looking forward to the next match."

"A little relieved. I couldn't watch for a bit there," says South Africa captain Dane van Niekerk. "We know Chloe Tryon can hit the ball a fair distance. I couldn't fault the bowlers today. it was a blessing in disguise after the first over that I could hold her back. We have to stick to our strengths and today we showcased our strengths really well. The crowd was amazing. It lifts out spirits. So I want to thank them for coming out and supporting us. We're very excited about the next game and hope we can rectify our mistakes. But very glad with the side today."

12.33pm South Africa pick up their first win of the series and they have outplayed India here. Even still, the game was lost in the span of those 13 deliveries when India lost their last five wickets for nine runs. You don't often recover from such collapses. And besides, on a pitch where 150 was considered par, India were well short and needed to bowl like a dream to defend it. But powerful performances from South Africa's middle order made sure no calculations were upset. Got to question the tactic of turning to Anuja Patil for the penultimate over with her having already conceded 31 runs in three overs. South Africa made it slightly harder for themselves with a couple of their batsmen playing needless shots though they were on track pretty much throughout. But they weren't going to miss out on a win after their bowlers got them closer than they have so far this series.

hippu: "Had India could bat full 20 overs - that would have made more interesting finish!!!"

Patil to Kapp, 1 run, tries to fetch a sweep from outside off and gets an inside edge that misses the stumps and gets away to the left of the keeper. Streaky single but that will do
Patil to de Klerk, 1 run, advances down the ground and meets the pitch of a length ball and flicks to midwicket. Scores level
Patil to Kapp, 1 run, meets a length ball outside off with a stride across and whips it down to long-on

Kapp. With three to get.

Patil to Tryon, OUT, goes for the glorious finish and charges down the track to a length ball. Doesn't get to the pitch and swings wildly to make no contact and get stumped. But it's a wicket too late for India. SA three away from their first win of the series

CL Tryon st †Bhatia b Patil 34 (22m 15b 4x4 2x6) SR: 226.66

Patil to Tryon, SIX runs, now she overcompensates. Pitched right up and within her swinging arc, advances down the ground and powers it over cow corner. Well into the stands
Patil to Tryon, FOUR runs, shoddy. Flat and short and well outside off, shuffles across and hammers a pull through midwicket

Thirteen for SA off 12 balls to stay alive in the series. Patil to bowl the penultimate over.

18 | 10 Runs | SA-W: 121/4 (13 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.72, RRR: 6.50)

  • Chloe Tryon24 (12b)
  • Nadine de Klerk4 (3b)
  • Shikha Pandey3-0-30-0
  • Pooja Vastrakar4-1-21-2
Pandey to Tryon, 1 run, full on middle and leg, pushed down the ground wide of long-on
Pandey to de Klerk, 1 run, yorker outside off, dug out and they push off for a very quick single
Pandey to Tryon, 1 run, drilled between deep midwicket and long-on for one
Pandey to Tryon, FOUR runs, Tryon keeping South Africa in the game here. Walks down the track towards off and converts it into a half-volley before driving through point. Top shot
Pandey to de Klerk, 3 runs, walks down the track and swings big and gets an outside edge - it's the slower delivery again and she struggles for timing. The ball's chased down and pulled back before the third man boundary. Poonam with the effort there. Brilliant. Flings herself full-length forward and pulls it back before sliding over the ropes
Pandey to de Klerk, no run, slower length ball, messes up her timing as she opens the face of her bat and gets beaten outside off

17 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | SA-W: 111/4 (23 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.52, RRR: 7.66)

  • Chloe Tryon18 (9b)
  • Nadine de Klerk0 (0b)
  • Pooja Vastrakar4-1-21-2
  • Anuja Patil3-0-31-0
Vastrakar to Tryon, no run, full, outside off, no effort to get behind the line of the delivery as she swings and misses
Vastrakar to Tryon, no run, back of a length outside off, punched to point
Vastrakar to Luus, OUT, taken at cover. A slower full ball that Luus backs herself to clear the in-field. Lack of pace means it doesn't come on and she skews it in the air off the splice and cover moves slightly to her right to snaffle it. Set batsman gone, India hanging in there

S Luus c Pandey b Vastrakar 41 (51m 34b 5x4 0x6) SR: 120.58

SA Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st12D van NiekerkL Lee
2nd22D van NiekerkS Luus
3rd50M du PreezS Luus
4th27CL TryonS Luus
5th20CL TryonN de Klerk
6th3M KappN de Klerk