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Commentator: Sreshth Shah

4.00pm We managed to have only 15.3 overs today, and saw two brilliant half-centuries from Lizelle Lee (58*) and Dane van Niekerk (55). Rumeli Dhar's comeback has been marred by an abandonment, which is incidentally India's first abandoned game in T20I history. India go into the fifth game knowing they can't lose the series. How will South Africa cope with another must-win? We shall find out in a few days.

That's all from our coverage of the women's game from Centurion, hope to see you all for the men's game in a few hours. Till then, it's Sreshth Shah, signing off.

3.53pm The two teams shake hands, India clearly the happier side. It's still drizzling.

3.48pm We're done with the women's game, it has been called off. No more action from the women's match as South Africa lose their chance of an outright series win. India cannot lose the series from here: a win for the hosts in the fifth match will only tie the series 2-2.

Abhinav Dhar: "Sad end to what could have been an interesting match. India can't lose the series now, hope they still go for the win."

3.36pm Gaurav Kalra from the ground: "Very faint drizzle here. Can barely feel it."

India's projected targets: Need 109 in a ten-over game, need 61 in a five-over game.

Tom de Sailor: "With a wet ground, wet ball the shorter the chase, the more the advantage for the chasing team. Hope to see some fireworks from Smriti & Harman. May be some from the new girl Jemima too."

3.22pm We have bad news: India were set a target of 148 in 15 overs, but it seems to be drizzling once again, so we'll have another delay.

3.06pm Rain has stopped. The groundsmen are working to prepare the surface. Updates to follow.

Arjun Arora: "How does Rain affect chances on men's Match on the same ground ?" -- Doesn't affect the start of the men's game at all. The ground, however, will be softer of course.

Sat: "Can't they start the match with Ind innings? " -- High chances of that. What they the target will be, however, will depend on how many overs they can bat.

Ritesh : "The weather forecast predicts rains till late evening. In that case, the game is surely abandoned. Advantage India if it's a shortened game, but surely not easy"

3.01pm Sameer: "any update pls!!" -- Nothing good to report yet, my man.

Firoz: "What will really hurt SA if this game resumes is the 3 wickets they lost in 3 overs"

Rohan: "Proteas sitting pretty if a shortened game happens. Their middle order has been wonky too but the DLS will still reward them handsomely for the loss of late overs."

2.30pm Still raining at SuperSport Park.

Jagdish: "Time for Women''s Cricket to get glamours, top level coach, funding, sponsors and above all viewership and support... They making us proud day by day... Let Bring them on No. 1 "

Abhinav Dhar: "Though she has gone for runs today, I like Deepti in the team, because with her India feels like a complete team, because she can do all 3 aspects of the game very well. Gives the team balance. Her batting position is a bit under the cloud though." -- Agreed, something very assured about the way she goes out her cricket.

Rohan: "So how does rain affect scheduling here? Given that the games are back to back, the allowance for rain (before overs are deducted) would be low as well as the time allotted for any shortened game. Any insights?" -- Each game is governed according to its own rules, so this game will not affect the next. The women's game can be extended for up to one hour.

Avadhut Joshi: "rain rain go away..let India play..hope they get 15 overs game if not 20.."

2.14pm The rain's gotten stronger as the spectators take cover under their umbrellas.

2.08pm Right, rain has stopped play as the players make their way out. South Africa fairly comfortable at 130 for 3 with 27 balls to go. They'd want the game to go on, especially since a washed-out match will mean they certainly cannot win the series. It's not a heavy downpour, but enough to ensure play remains stopped. We'll be back with more updates. Oh, and in case you missed Annesha Ghosh's piece on Rumeli Dhar's comeback, here you go!

Avadhut Joshi: "hows the weather..we are going for Mens match the next one..fingers crossed.." -- Cloudy skies expected all afternoon. Rain here and there as well. Fingers crossed here too!

Kaur to Lee, no run, back of a length outside off, once again. Punched off the back foot to cover. And that's enough. The drizzle is too strong. We're going off.

raining now, but we're continuing

Kaur to Lee, no run, short and wide outside off, flatter ball outside off and zips straight through.

very cloudy now

Kaur to Lee, 1 wide, too wide outside off, on a good length and Lee did chase after it. Misses the cut, but the umpire says 'wide' anyway
Kaur to du Preez, 1 run, back of a length outside off, paddled square towards the deep on the leg side

15 | 10 Runs 1 Wkt | SA-W: 128/3 | RR: 8.53

  • Lizelle Lee58 (36b)
  • Mignon du Preez1 (1b)
  • Deepti Sharma3-0-33-2
  • Poonam Yadav3-0-23-1
Sharma to Lee, SIX runs, huuuuge! Over the sightscreen on this occasion. Textbook shot over long on. Sees it flighted on off stump and she shimmies down the wicket to meet it. Hit through the ball's line. Oof
Sharma to Lee, no run, good length outside off, spins slightly into the right hander. Cut off the back foot to cover point

SA Women 1st innings Partnerships

1st103D van NiekerkL Lee
2nd3CL TryonL Lee
3rd15L LeeS Luus
4th9M du PreezL Lee