Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Flintoff has been named the Man of the Match. Can England sweep the series 5-0? Or will SA get a consolatory win? Join us on Wednesday. For now, good bye and good luck.

Nel to Flintoff, FOUR runs, That's the game. Flintoff brings up the victory with a swing to the deep backward square leg boundary. He dashed outside off, got outside the line and lapped it around the corner. England lead the series 4-0. Pietersen is all smiles in the pavilion. A glum Kallis walks out with his players. Huge cheers for Flintoff and Shah.
Nel to Flintoff, no run, another short-pitched delivery, Flintoff moves outside leg, has a waft but can't connect.
Nel to Flintoff, no run, Flintoff charges out and Nel fires in a bouncer and Flintoff falls on his backside to get away from that.

The big dark pregnant cloud is still going through labour pains. Don/'t you push down now! gloom descends on the arena.

Nel to Shah, 1 run, slower one, coming in, turned to midwicket for a single

17 | 13 Runs | ENG: 132/3 (5 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.76, RRR: 1.66)

  • Andrew Flintoff27 (9b)
  • Owais Shah43 (39b)
  • Vernon Philander4-0-30-0
  • Johan Botha3-0-25-1
Philander to Flintoff, 2 runs, thrusts his back foot across, opens his stance and clubs a full pitched delivery over extra cover for couple of runs
Philander to Flintoff, FOUR runs, Oh another full toss and Flintoff kills it to deep midwicket boundary. Just 7 more.
Philander to Flintoff, FOUR runs, The full tosses keep coming. Flintoff works his bottom-hand over time to swing it to cow corner.
Philander to Shah, 1 run, low full toss outside off stump, swinging away, driven to long-off

AGain the crowd boo at poor Kallis, who makes a field change

Philander to Shah, 2 runs, Shah eases his captain's nerves with a off drive to wide long-off for couple of runs
Philander to Shah, no run, waist-high full toss on the off and middle, Shah can only push it back to the bowler. Pietersen is chewing his nails in the pavilion.

Ian Sutherland: "That Hempstead shower has moved east and is is now drenching Saffron Walden."

16 | 13 Runs | ENG: 119/3 (18 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.43, RRR: 4.50)

  • Owais Shah40 (36b)
  • Andrew Flintoff17 (6b)
  • Johan Botha3-0-25-1
  • Morne Morkel4-0-32-1
Botha to Shah, 1 run, down the track and on drives to deep midwicket for a single
Botha to Shah, no run, comes down the track, Botha shortens the length , Shah pushes it towards the off side of the pitch and Botha dives to stop.
  • Shah backed for a successful run

    The only one of Kevin Pietersen's plans that hadn't quite come off, at least until Sunday at Lord's, was Owais Shah's promotion to No.3

  • England v South Africa, 4th ODI, Lord's

    Match home for England v South Africa, 4th ODI

  • Keeping an eye on the ball, not the money

    And so the juggernaut rolls on. Not even the rain, increasing gloom or a return to form for Hershelle Gibbs could stop England's one-day bandwagon, while an early-morning back spasm was no hindrance to Andrew Flintoff

  • South Africa overpowered in 20-over thrash

    England were once again able to exploit the soft underbelly of South Africa's batting, thanks to a three-wicket haul from Andrew Flintoff and a lacklustre display from an inexperienced lower-order

  • South Africa look to the next generation

    The fourth ODI against England at Lord's on Sunday represents not only another opportunity for South Africa to reverse their short-term fortunes, but also to reinvent their one-day team

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7IR BellMJ Prior
2nd12OA ShahIR Bell
3rd74OA ShahKP Pietersen
4th44A FlintoffOA Shah