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So New Zealand win the game by 346 runs and take a 1-0 lead in the series. Its only a couple of days, till the next game, this Sunday. So I hope that you will join me then. Until then this is Justin Smyth saying good night on this record breaking day. Good night!

New Zealand today played the perfect game today, the bowlers never let the Irish Batters settle, after the early loss of the openers it was always going to be a struggle. Without the power hitters that New Zealand had, they were always going to be struggling. With wickets being lost in clumps it just was going to be too much for this young team.

Isobel Joyce is not going to be able to bat, she was taken to hospital earlier to get checked out after bumping her head on the ground whilst fielding. IMHC Joyce absent hurt 0 (0b 0x4 0x6)

Kasperek to Maritz, OUT, Maritz hits the ball down the ground, just not enough power on the shot and its an easy catch for Satterthwaite at long-on

L Maritz c Satterthwaite b Kasperek 1 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50

Kasperek to Maritz, no run, loud noise coming off the shot, straight along the groudn to mid-off, so no reward
Kasperek to Maritz, no run, spins the ball past the outside edge, lovely delivery
Kasperek to Maritz, 5 wides, its another wayward ball down the legside and the keeper can't stop that one either

35 | 1 Run | IRE-W: 139/8 (353 runs required from 14.3 overs, RR: 3.97, RRR: 23.53)

  • Cara Murray0 (5b)
  • Lara Maritz1 (5b)
  • Holly Huddleston7-1-35-0
  • Leigh Kasperek2-0-12-3
Huddleston to Murray, no run, shuffles a little forward and defends the ball back down the pitch. Huddleston bends down and picks the ball up herself
Huddleston to Murray, no run, gets in line and defends the ball up towards mid-off

Ire Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6MV WaldronU Raymond-Hoey
2nd11MV WaldronGH Lewis
3rd21L DelanyGH Lewis
4th28L DelanySM Kavanagh
5th63L DelanyJ Gray
6th0J GrayL Little
7th5AJ KenealyJ Gray
8th4J GrayL Maritz
9th6L MaritzC Murray