Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.51pm That's all from Bangladesh for this tour. A dominant performance from Sri Lanka and 2018 starts off to a perfect start for the Island boys. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the T20 series. This is Sreshth Shah, and on behalf of our team, we thank you for joining us this evening. See you.

8.40pm We're ready with the presentation. First up, the losing captain, Mahmudullah: "It was a score that I felt we could chase, but for that we needed a good start. But we kept losing wickets, didn't get any momentum. And guess we didn't bowl well too. The wicket was good to bat on - when the dew came in the batting was good too. Not much for the spinners either. If we would've stopped them at 180-odd, then we could've chased it down. We need to sit together ahead of the Nidahas trophy and figure out how we can chase 180, and how our bowlers can keep the damage low. Shakib is a champion player, so yeah, we missed him with both ball and bat. Special congratulations to the SL team for how they played."

Kusal Mendis is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series. Kusal says: "Although I got only 83 runs in the ODIs, I trained very hard and worked very hard with the coaches to continue with my normal game. Bowlers and batsmen both worked hard and executed their plans. Personally, I'm very happy to win this for the team. Not sure how Kusal Perera will come back (laughs), but I'm sure he'll find a way back."

Time for the winning captain, Dinesh Chandimal: "It's a tough call, how Kusal Perera comes back (laughs again). Mendis batted really well, we thought he can carry the bat through his innings, and he did. It's been a really good series as a team. We lost the first two ODIs, really badly. We picked ourselves up after that. We didn't play like a team, we played like a family. So finally results came through. 2017 was tough, so this is a really good start. Hope the boys do their best moving forward - we have a good combo of young and old."

8.35pm And with that, Sri Lanka add the T20 trophy to their collection, after winning the ODI and Test series trophies over the past month. Handshakes all around to bring an end to this hard-fought tour. Bangladesh, though, were completely outplayed today. First, it was SL's batsmen, led by Kusal Mendis' 70, that helped them post 210, but Sri Lanka's bowlers came to the party as well: in fact, all eight of them. The star bowler, however, was Madushanka who pulled his left hamstring after taking two big wickets. These two teams will soon meet again, together with India, when they face off at the Nidahas Trophy in SL later this year. For now... time for the presentation.

Rajin: "Another record... first team to win batting first in Sylhet"

Hashir: "I am back. And yes, Sri Lanka is back. That's a great start for the year for SL."

Gunathilaka to Abu Jayed, OUT, Gunathilaka shows the cobra celebration to the non-striker! Good length outside off stump, angling further away and the batsman shimmies down the wicket to meet it. Misses, and stumped! Sri Lanka win by 75 runs

Abu Jayed st †Chandimal b Gunathilaka 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Gunathilaka to Abu Jayed, 2 runs, good length on middle stump, comes down the wicket and sticks his bat out. tapped to deep extra cover

Qamar Uddin: "Starting of the tour Lankan fans were super critical about their own team now they are critical about BD players. Don't forget the team is playing without a coach and against their last coach"

Gunathilaka to Nazmul Islam, 1 run, full on off stump, driven down the ground to long off
Gunathilaka to Mustafizur Rahman, OUT, full just outside off, spinning into the batsman, tries to drive straight but the ball zips between bat and pad. Crashes into off stump and that's the ninth-wicket. The umpire wants to have a look at the no ball, but he's good.

Mustafizur Rahman b Gunathilaka 8 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

DanielAlexander: "Sri Lanka the first and only team to win Test, ODI and T20I series in 2018."

18 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | BDESH: 132/8 (79 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.33, RRR: 39.50)

  • Abu Jayed0 (1b)
  • Mustafizur Rahman8 (8b)
  • Dasun Shanaka1.5-0-5-1
  • Thisara Perera3-0-33-0
Shanaka to Abu Jayed, no run, back of a length outside off stump, tries to open the bat's face but can't connect. Taken by Chandimal from near his face
Shanaka to Mahedi Hasan, OUT, short and wide outside off, allowing him to free his arms. But that's exactly what Sri Lanka want. Hit hard, but not hard enough - goes down the throat of deep extra cover.

Mahedi Hasan c Udana b Shanaka 11 (11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Shanaka to Mahedi Hasan, no run, full just outside off, almost a yorker. Dug back to the bowler. Tight line
Shanaka to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 run, big appeal! But the umpire isn't interested. Good length on middle and leg, bu t it was an inside edge onto his pads before trickling down to point
Shanaka to Mahedi Hasan, 1 run, good length on middle stump, drags his pull behind square on this occasion. Work for fine leg, but great effort by Vandersay to stop it from going for a boundary. Gets an applause from the bowler
Shanaka to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 run, good length on leg stump, backs away and carves it towards the off side. But straight to point

17 | 9 Runs | BDESH: 129/7 (82 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.58, RRR: 27.33)

  • Mahedi Hasan10 (8b)
  • Mustafizur Rahman6 (6b)
  • Thisara Perera3-0-33-0
  • Amila Aponso4-0-31-1
Perera to Mahedi Hasan, FOUR runs, back of a length outside off, this time it's struck much better. Hit over Thisara's head, this time completely intentional. Lands in no man's land and races away to the straight boundary
Perera to Mahedi Hasan, 2 runs, slower ball wide outside off, tries to drive towards cover but through his shot too early. That takes it over the bowler's head instead, forcing mid off to go chasing behind it
Perera to Mahedi Hasan, no run, back of a length outside off, tries to poke at it but misses. The keeper contemplates appealing for caught behind, but chooses not to
Perera to Mahedi Hasan, no run, full just outside off, crunches this drive to cover. Hit really well, but the fielder got his body behind the ball. Holds on to it.
Perera to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 run, back of a length on middle stump, cramped for space. Rushes onto him. Hit towards the leg side, somehow
Perera to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 wide, short on middle stump, tries to ramp it over the keeper, but misses. Wide anyway
Perera to Mahedi Hasan, 1 run, back of a length outside off, punched to the man in the deep on the off side

Gnanaguru: "One need to appreciate Bangaladeshi fans.... They are die hard fans of their country.... Still they have belief on their players. "

lakshitha udara: "Isuru Udana has to work hard on is line and length and to reduce his wides with BAN you can get away with it but sure not with a power hitting lineup "

16 | 7 Runs | BDESH: 120/7 (91 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.50, RRR: 22.75)

  • Mustafizur Rahman5 (5b)
  • Mahedi Hasan3 (3b)
  • Amila Aponso4-0-31-1
  • Isuru Udana2-0-12-1
Aponso to Mustafizur Rahman, no run, full on off stump, tries a wild heave towards the leg side but can't connect. How did that miss off stump?
Aponso to Mustafizur Rahman, no run, back of a length on off stump, punched towards cover point. Can't even beat the infield

new ball, please!

Aponso to Mustafizur Rahman, FOUR runs, caressed past cover! Full on off stump, and it's been sent away! Down on one knee and crunched beyond deep extra cover
Aponso to Mahedi Hasan, 1 run, full on middle and leg, driven down the ground to long on. Tried to play towards the off side but mistimed

Bangladesh 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8Tamim IqbalSoumya Sarkar
2nd6Mushfiqur RahimTamim Iqbal
3rd8Tamim IqbalMohammad Mithun
4th37MahmudullahTamim Iqbal
5th9MahmudullahAriful Haque
6th42MahmudullahMohammad Saifuddin
7th3Mohammad SaifuddinMahedi Hasan
8th19Mustafizur RahmanMahedi Hasan
9th0Mustafizur RahmanAbu Jayed
10th3Abu JayedNazmul Islam