3rd T20I, Karachi, Apr 3 2018, West Indies tour of Pakistan
(16.5/20 ov, target 154)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
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11.25pm And as Sarfraz Ahmed lifts the trophy, it's time for us to bid goodbye. What an excellent three days of cricket we had, and Pakistan deserve all the credit for the 3-0 win. They did not give West Indies a single chance to have a sniff in this series, and are deserved champions. We hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of this series. We'll see you soon with more international cricket. For now, it's Sreshth Shah, signing off. Adios!

Tahseeb: "By going through all the comments, i realised that Cricinfo is the platform where we can see the True Love and respect of Indian and Pakistani people against each other.. Completely different from what we see on Media... #Pakistan India # CricketRevival "

11.20pm Time for the West Indies players to take their runner-up medals. And then the Pakistan boys take their winners' medals.

Sarfraz has a few words. He says: "About consistency, when I first took over the captaincy, Mickey Arthur told me that we should become consistent. We are giving the boys a consistent run in the team and so we are flourising. Babar, Hasan, Shadab, Fakhar, they've all had a long run so we're getting better. We knew we had won the series, but we still wanted the win today. We are fully trying to always play our best cricket. Yes, this team is ready for the tour abroad. The way the public is backing these boys, so if we get the same support, so we can beat even the best of teams. Our team environment is great - Hasan, Amir, Shahzad didn't play today, but we were confident in our back-up players who started today. Karachi has won the hearts of the whole country today. I thought people wouldn't come today because of the dead rubber, but today they surprised me the most. Credit also goes to the curator for three great tracks and also thank you to the security staff. Finally, I want to say that lot of people are hurt with no cricket in Pakistan, but we will try our best to have more cricket in this country. Thank you everyone. The people here have made our day today."

Jason Mohammed says. "Today wasn't good enough again, but happier to play a decent game. There were lots of youngsters in our squad, including myself. The Karachi crowd was excellent."

11.10pm Finally, time for the presentation. Najam Sethi will first address the crowd. He says, "Karachi walon, we are grateful to you. We love you! The way you have shared these three days with us, you have shown the whole world how much love and discipline you have. I salute you all. I would also like to thank the West Indies team - thank you, thank you, thank you."

Najam continues, "well done, team Pakistan. You are really the world champions. I would also like to thank the Karachi administration and the security staff, without whom this series would not be possible. And finally, inshallah, this stadium will be fully ready for top-level cricket. Karachi and Lahore will be Pakistan's premier cities for cricket once again. You have been truly wonderful."

Fakhar Zaman is the Man of the Match. "I try my best, and the plan with captain and coach is to do whatever I'm best at - so happy that today my innings came off," Fakhar says. "During the first game, I felt good to bat, but I got run out. In the last match I realised how often I get run out. Working hard in the nets so that I can play cricket for long. Now that I've played International cricket at home, I know I haven't played anywhere better before. We youngsters also are a good group together, so we enjoy."

Babar Azam is the Man of the Series for his 166 runs across three games. He poses on a bike before having a chat. He says: "Whatever I had planned for this series, I wanted to be Man of the Series, and Allah has completed that wish. Seniors like Shoaib bhai help me a lot in dealing with situations during the game."

Ahsan Javed: "If i would have been sarfraz, i'll take the trophy but then gifted to w.indies captain. They deserve it. Windies fought in those circumstances in which no other team has such courage, "

Praveen Sharma: "Congrats Pak team and wishing the best for future cricket. Like in any country, you guys are great fans and deserve more cricket. Hope sense prevails and we get to see India Pak rivalry on field rather than somewhere else. "

Attaullah Aziz: "I am reading these comments and my eyes are wet .... think about the emotions back home. I say big big and big thanks to WI team and espn cric info staff as well for making it so much interesting ... Love you all from core of my heRt"

Abid: "ICC must engage the Caribbean Islands with more cricketing activity. The mighty West Indies have provided such grace and joy to the cricket fans over the past decades. There has to be better talent. Otherwise Calypso music is dying from the cricket stands."

11pm We're still waiting for the presentation. A few minutes, I hear.

Adi Gujjar: "Remember the name carlos braithwate in Final vs Eng, Remember the name Sammy in PSL match and now remeber the West Indies Team for come to PAK, Always remember WestIndies <3 "

yaseen: "H. Talat's interview made me emotional... i never myself had the pleasure to see India play any match in Pakistan.. would give anything to witness that!" -- Yep, he did speak from the heart. Loved it myself too.

Ahmad: "RECORD ALERT: "Pakistan are the first team to score 180+ in 4 consecutive innings in T20Is""

Saad khan: "@Sreshth for the president. Is there any award for best commentator for the year? I would vote you a hundred times using 100 different email addresses, coz u deserve it man, " -- Thank you, Saad. Glad you enjoyed the last three days. All you fans make it worth it.

Rahul Vaswani: "I love this Pakistan team, so much so that I don't even think I can cheer for India when they play against them . Hope its sometime soon and in front of Indian or Pakistani crowds"

Hussain Talat: "I want to thank those people who have supported me to play cricket. I've been noticing Pakistan players coming and going, so I wanted to make my time here count. My time at PSL and Islamabad United helped. I want to mention that earlier England and India would come to Pakistan when I was younger. I used to watch those games tucked inside my blanket, so it feels great to play cricket in Pakistan. Sometimes when I'm in the hotel room, I think to myself, 'How did I make it here?!' My bowling has also improved, I've been working on the slower balls. I've batted at No. 7 as well as opened, so whatever the team's benefit, I will play in that position."

10.55pm Cricket returned to Karachi after nine years and the fans at home would've enjoyed their team's performance. Pakistan stay perched safely at the top as the world's best T20I side. The boys are still completing their victory lap, mind you. This crowd wants more! More reactions and post-match presentation coming up soon.

10.53pm The gulf between the two sides were just too much. West Indies would like to forget this tour as quickly as they can, but for the hosts - it's been a memorable three days. They're now doing a victory lap.

Mubashir: "West Indies may have lost the series but they have won the hearts of the millions of Pakistanis. Thank you. We will remember this"

Badri Venkatara: "People should really stop crying about this Windies team being a weak one - this is bigger than just a Pak vs WI game, althogh some competition would have been welcome! WI really needs to look deep into the kind of bench strength they have."

Faisal : "It's been an emotional and entertaining series much to the delight of the whole of Pakistan..but the real victors are still the WESTINDIES!!! Thank you once again for coming to Pakistan.."

Wajid Jawaid: "West Indies.. Thank you"

10.44pm What a terrific picture. The two series debutants, Talat and Asif, hug it out in the middle after the winning runs were hit. Celebrations in the Pakistan camp too as the teams begin to shake hands. It's official, Pakistan have whitewashed West Indies.

Paul to Hussain Talat, FOUR runs
short on leg, and that's been pulled by Talat! Hit past the square-leg umpire and the ball crashes into the boundary. Pakistan win by eight wickets!

rashid: "Guys let appreciate these WI Players, those come to play when others refuse to come due to fear. But they beat the fears. For me, they're the real heroes."

Paul to Hussain Talat, no run
full on off stump, takes a step in front and defends towards point

Hamz: "It is unbelievable how many times the mention of winning against a weakened WI side has come up. Unsurprisingly though, it has mostly been from across the boarder. Pak can only play what is put in front of them and they've done so in a clinical fashion. Enough with downplaying the performance. These games are bigger than just the 11 vs 11 that are playing. I don't know why people can't understand that"

Paul to Asif Ali, 1 run
slower ball, full on off stump. Tapped with the bat's open face towards point. They scamper across for a quick run

Pakistan need 5 off 22 balls