Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 6 Runs | ZIM: 129/9 (101 runs required, RR: 6.45)

  • John Nyumbu6 (9b)
  • Blessing Muzarabani1 (2b)
  • Andrew Tye4-1-12-3
  • Marcus Stoinis2-0-11-1

2pm That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. What a memorable day for cricket. A record-breaking day as Australia secured their passage into the tri-series final. The cricket, however, does not stop at all. We'll be back, once again, tomorrow morning to bring you the fourth game of the series - between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. Till then, on behalf of Ranjith P, this is Sreshth Shah signing off.

1.53pm Time for the presentation.

Aaron Finch, the winning captain. Says: "Yeah, it was nice to get a few in the middle, and break the record. Could've started better with the ball, so I thought we could've been more polished in the field. I thought using the spinners was the right move on the surface. Short was good too, but we bowled well in the middle overs. This innings is right up there. They don't happen very often, so very pleased with it."

Hamilton Masakadza, the losing captain. Says: "We thought it couldn't get tougher than the first match, but here it was - got tougher. Credit to Finch, he struck it from first ball. Think we can bowl a bit better. We've conceded few too many in the Powerplay. We need someone to take a bit more responsibility. Boys started well with the bat. Tomorrow, let's see if we can improve in tomorrow's game against Pakistan."

Pranay: "They have post match presentation? Who is paying for that? Can poor cricketers get their salaries instead? All those exasperated by ZIM's performance, try working for free. " -- Whoa, easy there, Pranay. Zimbabwe Cricket have recently been handed a lifeline to get their finances sorted

1.20pm If you're wondering what records were broken today. Here's the full list

Sharma: "Finch showing what is wrong with the Australian ODI team. Why can't Australia play this team in the ODI format? Yes, Paine is amazing in tests but he has no place in the limited squad - and if you need more strength in the middle over, bring in Bailey for captaincy...or let Finch do it! "

Salman Zafar: "Australia beat Zimbabwe for the very first time in T20 history lol :)"

1.15pm The win never looked in doubt for Australia, even when Zimbabwe were going at over 10 per over in the Powerplay. The day belonged to Aaron Finch - who scored over 75% of Australia's runs today in his innings of 172. With a score like that, the task for Australia's bowlers were simple. They got smashed early on, but Tye and Agar did well to finish with remarkable figures of 3 for 12 and 2 for 16. That means Australia have qualfieid into the final, and now have a ridiculous NRR of +5.10. Stick around for the post-match presentation

Tye to Nyumbu, no run, yorker on off, and blocked to cover. Australia win by 100 runs!

David: "Zimbabwe needed to score 132 to beat Short's run rate."

Pratik: "This series is showing Gulf difference between top 8 - 9 teams to the rest, Its painful to see Zimbabwe struggling in their own backyards after so many years, show fighting spirit guys!!"

final ball...

Tye to Muzarabani, 1 run, low full toss on off, and that's been driven to long on for a single

Rupesh Agarwal: "@Usama...probably Pramod had stanlake in his fantasy team as captain just like me."

Tye to Nyumbu, 1 run, slower ball, full on off. Nyumbu uses his wrists to work it to fine leg for a single

Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st42CJ ChibhabhaSF Mire
2nd15H MasakadzaSF Mire
3rd14H MasakadzaTK Musakanda
4th19H MasakadzaPJ Moor
5th8E ChigumburaPJ Moor
6th3E ChigumburaRP Burl
7th7TS ChisoroRP Burl
8th13CB MpofuRP Burl
9th1CB MpofuB Muzarabani
10th7J NyumbuB Muzarabani