Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the presentation:

Masakadza: We were a bit surprised by the pitch. We felt it would do a bit in the morning but it did more than that. The guys tried to knuckle down but could not. Another 50-60 runs would have been better. The guys started really well with the ball, especially on this pitch. Main thing is to get more runs on the board from here.

Lungi Ngidi is the Man of the Match: The pitch was a lot spicier than we thought, happy to continue the good form. I'm carrying a lot of confidence from Sri Lanka. Attacking the stumps was also one thing today, the ball was nipping around a bit. We just tried to hit the lengths, the wicket did the rest. KG told me at the beginning, 'You can have the wind, I'll run into it,' and I tried to use it as much as I could. After the first ball, I thought it was stronger and had to adjust to it. Very happy, I just want to keep putting my hand up. International cricket is a lovely challenge.

Duminy: The pitch definitely did more than we expected, there was always something for the bowlers, even the spinners. It was a tough chase. Touch fuller length was the way to go and try to nick them off, so credit to the bowlers to pull it off. It was quite different from the usual Kimberley wicket. We couldn't quite execute all our plans, but all in all happy with the win.

That's all from us today, then. Who knew even defending 117 would turn out to be interesting. We move over to Bloemfontein now for the second ODI on October 3. Do join us again, like you did today. Until then, it's goodbye from Vishal along with Akshay, Ankur and Hemant. Ciao!

3.07pm Zimbabwe's bowlers did really well there to make a match of this despite being bowled out for their lowest score against South Africa. 117 was hardly going to be enough, even against a second-string SA middle order. Zimbabwe need to post bigger scores and hold on to their catches to turn coach Lalchand Rajput's words of beating SA into reality. The hosts, on the other hand, will know they have work to do if they want to beat Zimbabwe easily and work towards the goal of the 2019 World Cup. Their bowlers put on a terrific show too, but some of their batsmen gave away their wickets to unnecessary shots.

Duminy, especially, looked scratchy when the team was in trouble but he also went past 5000 ODI runs, the ninth South African overall. Not a bad day for him, overall.

Williams to Mulder, FOUR runs, down the leg side, a tickle off the bat to send it fine on the leg side and that goes for four. South Africa are up 1-0

Just three more to go

26 | 6 Runs | SA: 115/5 (3 runs required from 23.5 overs, RR: 4.42, RRR: 0.12)

  • Jean-Paul Duminy16 (29b)
  • Wiaan Mulder10 (16b)
  • Brandon Mavuta4-0-24-1
  • Sean Williams4-0-15-0
Mavuta to Duminy, FOUR runs, poor line, this one is outside leg and Duminy easily sweeps it away with the turn fine on the leg side for four
Mavuta to Mulder, 1 run,
Mavuta to Mulder, no run, almost beaten! This one went straight while the batsman played for the legbreak and got a thick outside edge towards slip
Mavuta to Mulder, no run, tight line on the stumps, he blocks it back
Mavuta to Duminy, 1 run, bit more on the leg stump and he flicks it for a single
Mavuta to Duminy, no run, bit of flight on the stumps, he defends it back

Mavuta comes back

25 | 4 Runs | SA: 109/5 (9 runs required from 23.5 overs, RR: 4.36, RRR: 0.36)

  • Wiaan Mulder9 (13b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy11 (26b)
  • Sean Williams4-0-15-0
  • Wellington Masakadza5-1-26-2
Williams to Mulder, no run, goes back and defends the ball in front of the stumps
Williams to Mulder, 2 runs, some room and he cuts off the back foot to send the ball a bit wide of deep cover. They look for two from the beginning and get it

Huzefa: "This pitch would be such an ideal one for Test Cricket. Testing the batsmen every over!"

Williams to Duminy, 1 run, comes down the track and flicks the ball to long on with the turn
Williams to Mulder, 1 run, touch shorter on the pads, he goes back and helps it to square leg

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13D ElgarAK Markram
2nd12RR HendricksAK Markram
3rd15H KlaasenAK Markram
4th18C JonkerH Klaasen
5th38JP DuminyH Klaasen
6th23JP DuminyPWA Mulder