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Thanks for joining us today and please do join us back on the tenth for the second ODI. Till then good night from all of us

That's it! It has been raining incessantly for the past six hours and the umpires, taking into view that it was only getting heavier, have decided to call the game off.

Sami: "Please someone tell us from the site, what is going on there right now about weather? " What goes on if it rains, Sami ?

It's still raining and it has been decided to take lunch at 1PM local time

sahil: "Happy to see Hamid Hassan back in the squad but can anyone tell me how many clicks per hours when he bowls now?" Peter Della Penna says that he bowled off 4 or 5 paces as it was cold yesterday. Better to judge him from what we see in the match. He adds that it was exciting to see him nevertheless

PDP, as we like to call him, has a grim prognosis of the situation

You might have been living under a rock if you didn't know of the changes at the top (captain) for Afghanistan. Here's what the new captain has to say about captaining Afghanistan

Muhibullah: "Afghanistan will win " They might, if the rain relents

We will provide you with the rain updates and then the match updates as and when we have them

Welcome to the Grange for the first ODI between Scotland and Afghanistan. Unfortunately Scotland is living up to its weather reputation with rain delaying the toss