4th ODI (D/N), Nottingham, May 17 2019, Pakistan tour of England
(49.3/50 ov, target 341)
England won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
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9.30pm: Well, no one scored 500, but it was still a darned good encounter. Personally, I love an old-fashioned 340 plays 340, with something in it for the bowlers [wink wink] ... Anyway, thanks for your comments, we've had the usual fun. Valkerie's report should be your next stop, and myself, Miller and Danyal will be back for more on Sunday. Until then, cheerio!

9.20pm: Presentations time, starting with Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed: "Tough luck, we put runs on the board but our bowling and fielding was not up to the mark. If we took catches and executed better, that was the difference. We have been working hard, but the way we are fielding is not up to the mark, with the World Cup coming. We missed yorkers, Mohammad Hasnain only playing his fourth match so they will learn. [Injuries in the camp?] Imam will hopefully be okay, a bruise on the elbow, but I'm not sure about Amir."

England captain Jos Buttler: "Good to get there in the final overs, under pressure, Ben and Tom, that was a great partnership. Played well apart from that passage when we lost four wickets. [Tough game, learn more?] It can be, you have to find a way to win and we'll have situations where we play poorly and come out the other end. Any time you can get one more than the opposition, with a guy like Stokes there at the end, is a great sign. [Bowling effort?] Thought we did really well, seen some games here really high-scoring so daft as it sounds, 340 I thought we did a great job with the ball. [Archer and Wood] The two of them opened up well, really exciting and unlucky not to take wickets in the first ten. Nice to have two guys who can bowl fast with the new ball. [Curran?] Yeah, every time something's asked of him he comes up with the goods."

Jason Roy is named Man of the Match: [Hundred?] "Yeah, we got there, it was an emotional feeling today. I knew we had a big total to get and I got out and I was very frustrated, but the boys finished it off very well. [Vince?] He played some strong shots, came out with a good gameplan. You've got your role, your way of playing, do what you do. We work hard, but you do surprise yourself sometimes. I was licking my lips in the 90s. [Fully fit now?] I've been pushed hard by the medical department, but I'm feeling extremely good."

9.10pm: So, England become only the second team to score 340-plus in three consecuti... Sorry, England seal the series 3-0 with one to play, but it wasn't without a fight here at normally placid old Trent Bridge. Pakistan revived some of their old magic while sparking a collapse of 4 for 15 in the middle of the innings, but they didn't manage to get Ben Stokes, who carved out a confidence-boosting 71 from 64 to guide England through despite the wobbles. With Jason Roy rollicking along, it seemed England would repeat their nonchalant Bristol chase, but in the end it needed a steely knock from Tom Curran (as well as a non-existent run-out appeal from Pakistan) to help stave off the threat of an upset. And maybe a win like that will be all the more important when the World Cup pressure is on in a few weeks' time?

Hasan Ali to Stokes, 1 run
dug in short, Stokes rasps a pull to deep midwicket - and England seal the win with three wickets to spare!

"Not appealing for that run out was a sheer stupidity from Sarfaraz," groans Riaz318. "And why he took off Shoaib Malik from bowling? Very very poor decisions."

Hasan Ali to Rashid, 1 run
angling in at 85mph, Rashid's wrists come through as he whips one behind square
Hasan Ali to Stokes, 1 run
pitched up outside off, Stokes leans out and strokes the single through cover point

Hasan left high and dry, here. Three needed

end of over 4916 runs
ENG: 338/7CRR: 6.89 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Adil Rashid11 (7)
Ben Stokes69 (62)
Junaid Khan10-0-85-1
Hasan Ali9-0-54-1

"Yep, we'll take it!" whoops Peter

Junaid Khan to Rashid, FOUR runs
full, 85mph outside off, Rashid slashes a thick outside edge for four! That looks like game, set and match, as Sarfaraz sits on his haunches... He flung himself across to his right but couldn't get there and England are almost home!
Junaid Khan to Rashid, 2 runs
appeal for lbw as Rashid creeps out, accidentally kicked away as he goes for the single... Sarfaraz is complaining as they come back for two, but the umpires are not interested