1st T20I (D/N), Brisbane, Nov 21 2018, India tour of Australia
(17/17 ov)
(17/17 ov, target 174)
Australia won by 4 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
INDIA Innings
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end of over 178 runs • 2 wicket
INDIA: 169/7CRR: 9.94 
Kuldeep Yadav4 (1)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar1 (1)
Marcus Stoinis3-0-27-2
Andrew Tye3-0-47-1

10:20pm That is all from our coverage today. An exciting game, accentuated by superb middle-order batting, made interesting by mini-capitaulations by the fielding teams, and given an entire new dimension by the rain, that had most of us all over the place. We hope you enjoyed the coverage. On behalf of Alex and Raghav, this is goodbye.

Adam Zampa: Really good feeling. Virat being the player he is, getting him out was a really nice feeling. I never trust Cazza (Carey) with these decisions behind the stumps, but he got this one right!"

Adam Zampa is the Man of the Match.

Finch: I thought the boys played really well especially through the middle overs with the bat. And the bowlers did a really good job. (With Stoinis) I was very confident. He was the one I penciled in to do that job at the end. He had clear plans and executed his plans really well."

Virat: "A lot of Indians came to support us. It was a great atmosphere to play in. It was sort of a see saw battle. We bowled well and then they came back into the game with Stoinis and Maxy batting well. (Shikhar) a really good knock from him. Dinesh Karthik at the end played really well as well. We don't have much time to think of things, [that's the] good thing as well as a bad thing when you haven't won the game. You just move on to the next game [at MCG.]"

Maxwell: "I was pretty excited after dropping one earlier and let it go for six, I was pretty excited to make amends. (the previous one) slipped through my hands. The ball was a cake of soap.

"It's nice to have a bit of luck [with the bat]. It was great fun. Me and Stoin had great fun batting together."

Yogesh: "I think Manjinder is right. He is talking about the dropped catch before rain stopped play. That should have affect the target." -- Yep.

KG: "@Varun: If Khaleel had held on to the catch before rain break, it would have definitely impacted the target, as the resources at Aus disposal would have been lesser. I am quite sure that would have resulted in 4+ decrease in target for India" ---

You're right. I mixed things up with Manjinder's question. Apologies.

Sooryanarayanan: "How good was Adam Zampa though? Economy of 5.5 including the wickets of KL and Kohli."

Piyush Jindal: "Difference between Pant scooping and someone like AB or Dilshan scooping is that Pant doesnt get low so he is mostly just scooping the ball in the air instead of guiding it over the fielders"

Raj: "24 of 28 balls from Rohit, Rahul and Kohli combined ....That's where India lost the match "

Martin Jones: "I like the D/L method, but it must be very tricky to explain to a non-cricket fan that the team who scored eleven more runs in this game lost by four runs."

Greg T: "Not pretty, but I'll take it..."

Dishant: "Stoinis bowled 2 overs of off-cutters and none of the Indian batsmen tried something different. Slogging straight on slower balls won't work in these big grounds."

sravan: "DRS - the idea of adding 15 runs to the Australian total is on the principle that the batsmen would have scored 15 more runs if it had started off as a 17-over match. But no one plans it out like that in the T20 format, particularly when batting first, it's a hit fest from ball 1. Doesn't make sense in this format, IMO. Tough luck, lads!"

SG: "Wow, except a few batsmen and bowlers rest of the Indian team played like they just landed in Australia this morning. First let it slip with bowling and then after coming so close to victory let it slip with batting also... What kind of shot was that from pant when so close to victory?"

9:59pm Justin Langer couldn't even manage a smile when Australia got Karthik. An accurate representation of how bad it nearly got for Australia. A remarkable comeback from India via Karthik and Pant, but the top order didn't fire alongside Shikhar Dhawan and that's the difference today. Not to mention their average day in the field. Some misfortune with the rain and not being able to bowl out their best bowlers too, but they would have been reasonably happy about chasing 174 for in 17. On the day, they just couldn't.

Stoinis to Kuldeep Yadav, FOUR runs
Australia have hung on. Not a bad shot first ball from Kuldeep - walks into the off side and ramps it over short fine.
Stoinis to Kumar, 1 run
can only get one. Short of a length and rising up outside off. Swats again, makes connection, but it plonks to long-on's right
Stoinis to Kumar, 1 wide
called wide! A slower bouncer. Bhuvneshwar jumps down the track and has a heave at it. It is too high.
Stoinis to Karthik, OUT
finds long-off! There is life in this Australian bowling still. Stoinis sticks to his strategy of slower ones despite the caning last over. Drops it short of length outside off, gives him no pace as he walks down and all he can do is slap it, flat, straight to Behdrendorff. Dinesh KArthik won't take India home today, but he's brought them to the gate
KD Karthik c Behrendorff b Stoinis 30 (13b 4x4 1x6) SR: 230.76

Australia have conceded only 2 this over. If they get Karthik off strike now, they'll feel they've one foot over the line. Trying to ensure that now with a long chat between bowler and captain

Stoinis to Pandya, OUT
Maxwell with the stunner! Stoinis with a nervous smirk, but he's done superbly to make this wicket. A slower ball, pitching outside off and zipping away. Means Krunal will not connect with the slog sweep. It lobs some 15 yards in front of long-on and Maxwell sprints in, slides, and takes it inches off the floor. Then he gets up and roars. That's a man trying to prove something.
KH Pandya c Maxwell b Stoinis 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

11 off 4

Stoinis to Pandya, no run
beaten! Oh this is close. So close. Full toss wide outside off and it's past the wide marker, but Krunal has shuffled and that is in his arc. It won't be called a wide

Fine leg and square leg in. Point and extra in. Change in gloves for Krunal.

Stoinis to Pandya, 2 runs
slides back in. Completes the second run. Slower ball short of a length delivery wide outside off. Shuffles and wants to pull through midwicket. It's off the toe and to long-on's left

13 off the last over. Krunal Pandya lives for this in the IPL. Can he produce it on the world stage?

end of over 1611 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 161/5CRR: 10.06 • RRR: 13.00
Dinesh Karthik30 (12)
Krunal Pandya0 (1)
Andrew Tye3-0-47-1
Marcus Stoinis2-0-19-0

Saurabh Jain: "DK is pure gold in these situations. Poor shot from Pant when he should have played straight and with power. Excellent from DK, keeping his cool and keeping India in the hunt"

Tye to Karthik, FOUR runs
but he finishes what looked like a decent over with a four! Top class. Just top class slog-overs batting from Karthik. He knows the field and he's going to hit it wherever he wants. Walks across this time, gets the overpitched ball with a stride and drills it, almost half a sweep, to long-on's right. It races away, he has no chance
Tye to Karthik, no run
misses a short and wide ball! That was there for the taking. He swatted right under it.
Tye to Pandya, 1 leg bye
off his helmet. Tye with the bouncer first up and Pandya is in a terrible position for the hook. This flies off the BCCI logo on his helmet. He's on his feet though and they complete the single at square leg
Tye to Pant, OUT
taken at point! Pant looks for the reverse scoop and it's the second time in recent memory that he's been out playing that. It was bowled last time, it's a skier for point this time. Third man and two point fielders were in, the shot was on. But he got this full toss off the toe-end. Is there drama left still?!
RR Pant c Behrendorff b Tye 20 (16b 1x4 1x6) SR: 125.00