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Commentator: Justin Smyth

15 | 10 Runs 2 Wkts | IRE: 79/10 (82 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 5.26, RRR: 16.40)

  • Josh Little1 (3b)
  • Rashid Khan3-0-17-4
  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman4-0-17-3

With the fall of the last week, Afghanistan have dismissed Ireland for a lowly 79 runs and complete a comprehensive victory. Afghanistan bowled brilliantly and with only two Irish Batsmen able to make it into double figures they always had their backs against the wall. Porterfield top scored with 33, yet the Irish Batsmen just couldn't cope with the Afghan spin. With eight wickets shared between them, they sure are an fantastic unit.

So Afghanistan make it seven wins on the trot again Ireland and take a two-nil series lead with only the final game to come on Friday. So I hope that you will join me then, until then this is Justin saying goodnight from Bready.

Rashid Khan to Chase, OUT, its all over!. Chase hits the ball down the ground, Nabi charges in off the boundary, leaps full length and takes an brilliant catch. Its all over Afghanistan win

PKD Chase c Mohammad Nabi b Rashid Khan 4 (2m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Rashid Khan to Chase, FOUR runs, Chase gets the front foot down and sweeps the ball, he definitely didn't mean for it to go there! It goes fine and runs to the boundary
Rashid Khan to Chase, no run, steps forward and the ball just spins past the outside edge

Last man in for Ireland

Rashid Khan to Rankin, OUT, not a bad come back from Rashid!. Rankin goes back in the crease and looks to turn the ball into the legside, the ball spins past the bat and the bails come off

WB Rankin b Rashid Khan 7 (5m 5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 140.00

Rashid Khan to Rankin, SIX runs, steps forward and hits the ball high over cow corner, gets a big cheer from his home ground
Rashid Khan to Rankin, no run, Rankin gets a big stride in and is hit on the pad, not a serious appeal

Ireland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6PR StirlingSR Thompson
2nd2WTS PorterfieldSR Thompson
3rd1WTS PorterfieldA Balbirnie
4th37GC WilsonWTS Porterfield
5th14KJ O'BrienGC Wilson
6th4GC WilsonSimi Singh
7th2GC WilsonGH Dockrell
8th2GH DockrellJB Little
9th7WB RankinJB Little
10th4PKD ChaseJB Little