1st Test, Chattogram, Nov 22-24 2018, West Indies tour of Bangladesh
324 & 125
(35.2 ov, target 204)
246 & 139
Bangladesh won by 64 runs
Player Of The Match
WI 2nd Innings
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2.33pm That's it from Chattogram, where Bangladesh have beaten West Indies for the first time in a home Test. They've gone 1-0 up in the series, which now moves to Mirpur. The second Test begins on November 30. Do join us for that. Until then, goodbye!

Shakib Al Hasan: "I think Nayeem was brilliant in the first innings. Little contributions from Taijul and Nayeem with the bat was tremendous, obviously Mominul was brilliant. We won the small moments, that was crucial to the win. Whatever I do, I do for the team, and I'm lucky to have some of these achievements [when asked about being the quickest to the 3000-200 double]. Hopefully a few more years, and many more successes."

Mominul Haque is the Player of the Match. "We were fortunate to win the toss," he says. "It was easier to bat first, and we took advantage of that. It became progressively more difficult as the match went on."

Kraigg Brathwaite: "A tough loss for us, I thought the Bangladesh team did very well. Our bowlers did a good job. I think the new ball was the key. We didn't build partnerships, that was the key. And when we bowled in the first innings, it didn't turn as much. It was a tough pitch to bat on. Main thing was we didn't get partnerships early on. I thought Hetmyer and Dowrich played very well [in the first innings]. Unfortunate they didn't go on for longer. [Gabriel] will be a huge loss [in the second Test]."

Salman: "Definitely it's a pitch for the bowlers, especially for the spinners. It's very tough to bat on. But Mominul's first-innings knock actually made the difference. So player of the match should be Mominul."

Nahean: "Mustafizur Rahman is my MOM!! Poor boy, play only as a fielder."

2.20pm Just noticed these messages from our Bangladesh correspondent Mohammad Isam, which he clearly sent me before the Ambris-Warrican partnership: "Bangladesh have never bowled out a side for below 100. Lowest total v Bangladesh is Zimbabwe's 114 during 2014 series. Last time West Indies were bowled out for below 100 in an away Test was in November 2000, against Australia in Brisbane." -- All those records will now live to fight another day.

Nafis: "BD win by 64 runs and Nayeem/Taijul put on 65 in the first innings. Simply shows how crucial it was on this pitch."

Ashikur: "I vote Mehidy for MOM because 1) Hetmyer's wicket & 2) Breaking the threatening partnership." -- I suspect it'll go to either Mominul or Nayeem.

Hafiz Qasir Abb: "A fan from Pak. Cricinfo is such a jinx, whenever any team get in good position and I visit cricinfo, the team losses its partnership. But I cannot stay from cricinfo anyway. "

2.13pm Bangladesh have won by 64 runs. That's quite a margin, and it's all thanks to their performance over the first two innings of this Test. They established too much of an advantage in that time for West Indies to be able to recover. 204 was always going to be tricky on this pitch, and so it proved. The new ball was particularly hard to bat against, and West Indies had little chance of recovering after slipping to 11 for 4. A bit of a counterattack from Shimron Hetmyer, and a sensible partnership later on between Sunil Ambris and Jomel Warrican, but Bangladesh still only needed two more good balls, and they duly got them just as tea approached.

Taijul Islam to Ambris, OUT
got him, has he? Yes, says Richard Illingworth, and Sunil Ambris gestures immediately for a review - but West Indies have none left! Taijul has six, and Bangladesh have gone 1-0 up in the series. Flat, on a good length outside off, and sharp turn and bounce - we haven't seen that in a while. Stretches out to defend, and has that brushed his glove through to the keeper? It hasn't, according to Ultra Edge, but there's nothing Ambris can do about that
SW Ambris c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Taijul Islam 43 (130m 62b 4x4 0x6) SR: 69.35
Taijul Islam to Ambris, no run
length ball close to off stump, defended into the point region
end of over 353 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 139/9CRR: 3.97 
Sunil Ambris43 (60)
Shannon Gabriel0 (0)
Mehidy Hasan8-1-27-2
Taijul Islam11-2-33-5
Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Ambris, 1 run
down the track to the flighted ball on off stump, drives it nicely between the non-striker and the stumps at the other end. Could have run two, but chooses not to, unsurprisingly

Pushkaraj: "Will you take me as a pupil to teach jinxing, Shovik?" Four saving the single on the leg side now. Backward square leg, square leg, short, straight midwicket and a squarer, deeper midwicket.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Ambris, no run
flat length ball on the pads, clipped to square leg

In walks Shannon Gabriel of Yasir Shah/Dominica fame. Can he keep Ambris company for a while?

Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Warrican, OUT
ooh, mishit, and that's a superb catch from Shakib at midwicket! A bit of flight on middle stump, but Warrican doesn't quite judge the length. Dips shorter than expected as he stretches out to whip it into the leg side. Bottom hand comes off the handle, and the top-edge balloons over the infield, and Shakib, turning around and running towards the boundary, judges the ball's descent perfectly. Mehidy has ended this stand at 63, and Bangladesh only need one wicket now
JA Warrican c Shakib Al Hasan b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 41 (47m 55b 3x4 1x6) SR: 74.54
Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Warrican, no run
flat length ball slanting across to off stump. Stays back to push into the covers
Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Ambris, 1 run
down the track to the flighted ball on off stump, uses his wrists to clip it to long-on
Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Warrican, 1 run
back of a length, spinning in from off stump. Goes back to work it to the right of midwicket

Mehidy from round the wicket.

Shovik Faiyaz : "Hands sweating, fan switched off, covered in a blanket....... I am not nervous that this partnership is building" -- We believe you, mate.

end of over 346 runs
WI: 136/8CRR: 4 
Jomel Warrican40 (52)
Sunil Ambris41 (57)
Taijul Islam11-2-33-5
Nayeem Hasan7-1-29-0
Taijul Islam to Warrican, 1 run
flatter, angling into middle and leg, not much turn. Gets forward to nurdle into the vacant midwicket region - bring that fielder in, Shakib!
Taijul Islam to Warrican, no run
flighted ball on off stump, blocked to silly point
Taijul Islam to Ambris, 1 run
length ball just outside off, nice stride forward to block into the point region
Taijul Islam to Ambris, no run
flat length ball on off stump, stays back to defend into the covers