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Player of the Match

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20 | 10 Runs | Gyana: 142/8 (2 runs required, RR: 7.10)

  • Derwin Christian13 (12b)
  • Esuan Crandon2 (4b)
  • Marlon Samuels4-1-19-2

Well that is the end of the road for the Guyana the defending champions, what a nail-biting finish it has been here tonight and at last the Jamaicans wins this by just 1 run. That is all we have for you now from the Stanford cricket ground, Coolidge, Antigua, but please do not miss to join us for the Stanford 20/20 championship final match between Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

Samuels to Christian, 2 runs, Jamaicans wins this by 1 run!! flighted on the middle and off, moves and smashes it in the air but lands short of the long-on fieldsman, throw comes in to the wicketkeepers end and the fielders starts celebrating their victory.
Samuels to Christian, 2 runs, room on the off this time, Christian slashes at it and the ball races down to the deep extra covers

6 runs needed off 2 deliveries..

Samuels to EA Crandon, 1 bye, on the legs, looks to flick it and misses it and the batsmen runs for a quick single as the ball runs down to short fine leg
Samuels to Christian, 1 run, drives it down the pitch passing the bowler for a single, looks for the second and the fielder at the long-on ropes was quick enough to throw it back
Samuels to Christian, no run, pitches outside the off stumps, looks to hit it away but misses it

with that shot the crowd going crazy...

Samuels to Christian, FOUR runs, flighted, comes down and smacks it over the umpires head for four

Guyana 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7S ChattergoonTM Dowlin
2nd14S ChanderpaulS Chattergoon
3rd0S ChanderpaulRR Sarwan
4th2RR SarwanLJ Cush
5th19RR SarwanCD Barnwell
6th37RT CrandonCD Barnwell
7th37MV NagamootooRT Crandon
8th10MV NagamootooDO Christian
9th16EA CrandonDO Christian