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Commentator: Sreshth Shah

8.15pm Been reliably informed that the match has been abandoned. Too bad, but such was the intensity of rain that there was really no chance of play. Can only hope the weather is better for tomorrow's double-header. See you then. Good bye!

Hyder: "Which SA players r playing in T10??" -- Wayne Parnell is one, although technically he's gone Kolpak

7.55pm Some fans of South African cricket are not pleased with players' priorities.

Anton: "Seems like the wind is blowing from the West? Then the bad news is that it's still raining where I live, which is about 75km to the west of Port Elizabeth."

7.35pm It's been 90 minutes since the scheduled time of toss. Doesn't look too good, folks! Still drizzling.

Roger: "When do Duckworth and Lewis start playing?" -- think they played enough during the three T20Is between Australia and India. On a serious note, only after the first team has batted, does DLS come into play

Ganesh Babu: "Will there be a reduction in overs" -- definitely. But to determine how much... the rain must stop first

Hyder: "I never knew that clouds were that fast. It was raining in Doha on Saturday and now raining in SA...." -- The only thing faster than Jonty Rhodes in this part of the world

wcpak: "@Sreshth: with so much of T20, T10 and in future we may also have F5, do you all get any week off or yearly holidays? " -- haha. I like how you call it an F5. These leagues are getting as brutal as Brock Lesnar's finishing moves, to be honest.

7pm "The famous St Georges Park brass band is playing such a mournful tune in the stands," quips Liam Brickhill. "In other news, there's an Egyptian Goose strolling across the rain-soaked covers". Uhhh, what Still raining, unfortunately.

Anton: "We've been having rain on and off the whole day. Been looking forward to some good cricket, which I'm sure this match will be...but....I just can't wish away the rain. We've been having severe drought for the last 2 years."

Runnaway: "Well i have to say i'm a little bit upset with this Mzansi Super League 2018!! Many matches thus far interrupted by rain.. Not to mention lightning or power failure.. Also the departure of some all star players to the T10.. I really enjoy every moment of this season.. But let's have a game play!! " -- Agree with you on many of those topics, but I have some good news for you. Many of the T10 stars will return to Mzansi after that tournament in Sharjah ends. Bravo and Rashid, for example

6.47pm While we wait for the rain to stop, here's the latest edition of our weekly column Ask Steven, where we answer the quirkiest questions from the world of cricket.

6.35pm Liam Brickhill says "it's raining very heavily. The covers are out, and they've been on the ground since the afternoon."

6.30pm We should've had the toss by now, but looks like it's raining near the ground. We wait for more updates.

6.12pm It's a battle between the table-toppers of the Mzansi Super League tonight. We're in Port Elizabeth for the big clash, with Cape Town Blitz looking to do the season double over Nelson Mandela Bay Stars. We're 15 minutes away from the toss, so welcome everyone to ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball coverage. This is Sreshth Shah, and we'll be joined by Liam Brickhill soon.

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