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Commentator: Andrew Miller

8.19pm Incidentally, if you thought (correctly) that this women's match was exciting, then you are perfectly primed for another humdinger that's brewing in Lyon ... and that has just got very lively indeed!. From Andrew Miller and Valkerie Baynes, good night!

8.15pm First blood to Australia ... but only just! The match looked to be over after England's woeful start with the bat, but a gutsy rally around Nat Sciver's 64 was followed by a feisty display with the ball, led by Sophie Ecclestone, and in the field with Sarah Taylor immense once again. But Alyssa Healy's 66 anchored a tense chase. Two points on the board!

Muneeb: ""Can i get my first ever comment published on ESPNcricinfo?Please"" Go on then... thanks for tuning in!

Manas: "Taylor should give over the gloves to Jones, Beaumont or Knight and focus on her batting. I have noticed that she isn't at her peak since she returned" Did you see her stumping? No way!

Brunt to Kimmince, 5 wides, what a way to end it! Fired down the leg side, Taylor cannot gather ... and it's all over! What a thrilling match, what an anticlimactic end!
Brunt to Kimmince, no run, poked to Knight who cuts off the run
Brunt to Kimmince, FOUR runs, lofted high in the air, deep midwicket can't cut that off! Massive boundary, as Brunt sighs deeply ...
Brunt to Kimmince, no run, drilled back down the pitch, and did that carry back to Brunt? Not quite ... ooh ...

42 | 1 Run | AUS-W: 169/8 (9 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 4.02, RRR: 1.12)

  • Georgia Wareham0 (7b)
  • Delissa Kimmince10 (26b)
  • Anya Shrubsole8-1-33-1
  • Katherine Brunt9-0-28-1

Peter: "Oz will run out of overs... you heard it here first" It's on ...

Shrubsole to Wareham, no run, fully forward to block back to the bowler
Shrubsole to Wareham, no run, tucked to the leg side, thinking of the single, but Wareham turns her down ... confidence!

AUS Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16NE BoltonAJ Healy
2nd29AJ HealyMM Lanning
3rd22AJ HealyEA Perry
4th25RL HaynesAJ Healy
5th13AJ HealyBL Mooney
6th20BL MooneyA Gardner
7th25JL JonassenBL Mooney
8th17DM KimminceJL Jonassen
9th11DM KimminceG Wareham