Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's all from our side for this game. Thanks for joining us. See you soon.

Asghar Afghan: The first game of the series is very important but good that we won. Our top order played some loose shots but I am happy the way Nabi and Najib batted. We want our young guys to get some exposure because our main plan is the World Cup."

Mohammad Nabi is the Man of the Match. "The batting side is always under pressure when you are 50 for 5," he says. "But we kept taking singles and doubles."

Paul Stirling: We didn't get much runs in the Powerplay but all credit to the bowlers the way they bowled in the first ten overs. But then we couldn't get any wickets. [On Thompson injury] It was a slight niggle at the start, but we will access it tomorrow.

Time for the presentation ceremony.

9.48pm A target of 133 was never going to be enough but credit to the Ireland bowlers who made a match out of it. They had Afghanistan 50 for 5 in the eighth over but Mohammad Nabi used his experience to steer the chase in the company of Najibullah Zadran. The two added 86 in 72 balls to take the side home with four balls to spare. Ireland have now lost eight T20Is in a row to Afghanistan.

Chase to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, a low full toss this time and Nabi has lofted it over mid-off, bounces just inside, and goes over the rope
Rankin to Mohammad Nabi, SIX runs, what a shot! Almost seals the game there, Nabi. Rankin misses his length a bit and that's enough for Nabi to lean back and lofts it over extra cover, all the way for a six
Little to Najibullah Zadran, FOUR runs, length on the stumps, clears his front leg and clubs it towards deep midwicket, not the best of the connections but still a one-bounce four
Rankin to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, smashed! Fuller on the stumps, Nabi backs away and drills it past the non-striker, a valiant effort by Getkate at long-on but cannot stop the boundary

Hanan Omer : "Nabi is the back bone for Afghanistan Cricket team he always did best while afghan teams went under pressure "

Little to Najibullah Zadran, SIX runs, short of length on the body, it looked like Najib was in a tangle at one stage but sends it over deep square leg boundary with a short-arm pull. Fifteen from that over
Little to Najibullah Zadran, FOUR runs, slower one, fuller around off, Zazai picks it, waits for it and thumps it between deep midwicket and long-on
Little to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, fuller outside off and driven uppishly, past the wide mid-off fielder for four, timing and placement was the key

41 needed off 30

Getkate to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, short of length around off and middle, Nabi eases into the pull and gets a boundary behind square
Dockrell to Najibullah Zadran, FOUR runs, short of length outside off, goes back and cuts it through covers for four
Getkate to Sharafuddin Ashraf, OUT, length around middle, a legcutter, Ashraf was looking to work it on the leg side, gets a leading edge that skies towards third man where Josh Little moves to his right and completes the catch, Afghanistan in trouble

Sharafuddin Ashraf c Little b Getkate 6 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Little to Samiullah Shinwari, OUT, length around off, looks to smash it over the bowler's head but the bat turns in his hands and KOB takes a good low catch, tumbling to his left at mid-on

Samiullah Shinwari c O'Brien b Little 17 (19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 89.47

Chase to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, fuller outside off, Nabi throws his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge, flies over the slip fielder and beats third man as well
Chase to Samiullah Shinwari, FOUR runs, short of length outside off, looks to hit it hard, down the ground but gets a thick outside edge that flies past the keeper for four
Rankin to Karim Janat, OUT, Rankin strikes again! Short of length outside off, Karim goes for the pull but ends up skying it high in the air and Dockrell completes the catch near short midwicket. Afghanistan in trouble here

Karim Janat c Dockrell b Rankin 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Rankin to Hazratullah Zazai, OUT, the trap has worked this time. Short of length on the stumps, Zazai cannot help the pull. A neat connection but doesn't get the elevation and ends up hitting straight to Thompson at deep square leg

Hazratullah Zazai c Thompson b Rankin 11 (6b 1x4 1x6) SR: 183.33

Rankin to Samiullah Shinwari, FOUR runs, fuller around off and smashed past the diving mid-off fielder for four

Change of ends for Rankin

Little to Samiullah Shinwari, FOUR runs, a fumble by Rankin at third man results in a boundary. It was short of length, a bit of width outside off this time, Shinwari throws his bat and gets a thick outside edge
Chase to Asghar Afghan, OUT, first wicket for Ireland. It fuller outside off again, Asghar looks to smash it through covers, but the swing means he can only get a thick outside edge and Getkate pouches an easy one at point

Asghar Afghan c Getkate b Chase 5 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Rankin to Hazratullah Zazai, SIX runs, short of length outside off, goes for the pull, connects well but there is a fielder at the deep square leg boundary, who catches it but fails to lob it back in time, first six of the innings
Rankin to Hazratullah Zazai, FOUR runs, short of length around middle and leg, Zazai was looking to create some room and heave it on the leg side, gets a thick inside edge towards the fine-leg boundary
Rankin to Asghar Afghan, FOUR runs, short of length around off, Asghar moves back and across and pulls it to the left of the fine leg, first boundary of the innings

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16Asghar AfghanHazratullah Zazai
2nd14Samiullah ShinwariHazratullah Zazai
3rd0Samiullah ShinwariKarim Janat
4th13Mohammad NabiSamiullah Shinwari
5th7Mohammad NabiSharafuddin Ashraf
6th86Mohammad NabiNajibullah Zadran