4th ODI (D/N), Mohali, Mar 10 2019, Australia tour of India
(47.5/50 ov, target 359)
Australia won by 4 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
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Time for the match presentation

Ashton Turner, Man of the Match for his 43-ball 84: Really lost for words, turned up to the ground, Stonis was doing a fitness test. Thought I'd be running drinks, but last minute to transition my mind from not playing to play....had a lot of opportunities to hit the ball, given the chance. Not every day you play this well as a team, was a great game, very fortunate to come out the right side. Batting is a lot of fun, there were a few close calls, I know I didn't nick the one that went upstairs, but heart was racing. Few drop catches, very fortunate. It doesn't always happen. Haydos has been great to me, privileged to get my cap from him, still nervous standing up and talking to him. He's spent a lot of time with me in the nets, was a brilliant player of spin bowling. He's a legend, great to sit down and chat with him. Nice to hear good words from him. Try my best to watch ball closely against spin, easier to watch than not watch it.

Aaron Finch: Well I thought that partnership between Usman and Handscomb was crucial, for Pete to get his first hundred was outstanding. I think when we chased 300 in Australia, we tried to go with the same process. There was no panic, we knew we could chase even it got to 10-12 an over, wanted to take the game deep. I think it's about guys taking opportunities. Ashton playing his second game, to play a knock like that was superb. Pete is playing his 16th or 17th game. Usman is coming back. For guys to take their chances is superb. Ashton has done it in the BBL, to take on two class death bowlers in the end was magnificent.

Virat Kohli: The wicket remained good throughout, we've fallen the wrong side of the dew in two games, but that's not an excuse. Five chances in the last few overs a hard spill to swallow. Ashton played a hell of a knock, Handscomb played a brilliant innings, Khawaja held the innings together.

On dew: Last game we were told there will be dew, got into the wrong side of that. Here, they just played better, have to accept. They chose the areas to hit and executed well. We wanted to bat first, there was no confusion. We had to get fifth bowler out of the way, if Kedar and Vijay were bowling with the dew it was difficult, we wanted to get their overs out of the way first before the dew. It became too wet to bowl towards the end, first part of the bowling was fine. In the end when these guys were going hard, it became.

Missed chances: Stumping chances crucial, we were sloppy in the field. DRS call was a surprise, it's just not consistent at all, it's becoming a talking point in every game. It's going to be a cracker, we've to be at our best, we've had two eye-openers against this Australian side. This is definitely going to hurt, going to hurt the right way.

Peter Handscomb to the host broadcaster: Lovely feeling, my role was to try to take it till the end as much as possible, pretty special. Uzzi and I didn't talk much, we just left each other to play our own games. Once the dew came on, we noticed there wasn't much spin, helped us play our natural game. Maxi played a beautiful role tonight, took the pressure off me. It was a critical innings in the grand scheme of things. Ashton Turner is an amazing player, we've seen what he's done in the BBL. He can so much confidence from that going forward.

9.36pm Who would've thought at 12 for 2 that Australia would pull one off? As well as Khawaja and Handscomb played in their monumental stand, the match-turner is Ashton Turner. A rookie, who was brought in only because of a niggle to Marcus Stoinis, has played the innings of his career yet to give Australia healthy selection headaches.

Upon reflection, India will realise how poor their senior bowlers were on the night. Bhuvneshwar Kumar's lack of match time showed, Jasprit Bumrah had an off day as he struggled to hit the lengths he has mastered, Rishabh Pant fluffed one straightforward stumping and another tough chance, Jadhav put down one, Dhawan too and all else in between contributed to his epic heist.

Much before Turner's knock, Handscomb use of his feet, particularly off Jadhav and Kuldeep, was particularly impressive. They decided to take the game deep, didn't lose sweat over the escalating asking rate. In the end, will be buoyed with how they won in the end.

Bumrah to Turner, 2 runs
bunts this down to the vacant mid-on region, there is a huge gap and they hare across for the second. Turner, you beauty. Australia level series 2-2. This is Australia's highest-successful chase v India, fifth-highest overall. What a moment, what a game. What a knock

That dismissal brings Turner on strike. Fitting that he has a crack at hitting the winning runs

Bumrah to Carey, OUT
chipped and Dhawan takes the catch coming in from midwicket. Carey can't finish it off but he's played his part in this partnership. No slap of the thigh, Dhawan style. Tells you the situation of the game, doesn't it?
AT Carey c Dhawan b Bumrah 21 (15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 140.00
Bumrah to Turner, 1 run
leading edge, rolls down to third man
Bumrah to Carey, 1 run
bunts this down to the point region
Bumrah to Carey, 4 leg byes
off the pad, down leg, races to the fine leg boundary. One blow away from victory now

end of over 4718 runs
AUS: 351/5CRR: 7.46 • RRR: 2.66 • Need 8 runs from 18b
Alex Carey20 (12)
Ashton Turner81 (41)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar9-0-67-1
Jasprit Bumrah8-0-59-2
Kumar to Carey, 1 run
tucks this to square leg
Kumar to Carey, FOUR runs
flicks this low full toss, no one at deep square. This has been a poor over from Bhuvi, lack of match practice showing. He's been off the radar tonight
Kumar to Turner, 1 run
Dhawan drops a dolly at mid-off! Oh, dear. It's all happening. Low full toss, Bhuvi goes full and wide, Turner toe-ends it, it wasn't even travelling fast. Greasy hands, took it too easy. Pressure, pressure, pressure.
Kumar to Turner, FOUR runs
walks across and helps this pull to deep backward square leg, couple of bounces to the ropes.
Kumar to Turner, 2 runs
Jadhav puts a tough one down at deep midwicket! This mishit was dying on him, Jadhav late to pick it up, late to run in and so couldn't get underneath the delivery. Confused how deep he should've been at the boundary. Oh, dear. Lost control completely
Kumar to Turner, SIX runs
clears long-on. The whip of his bottom hand, tremendous. Walks across and deposits this length ball over the ropes.

Down to a run-a-ball, Australia should walk home from here, unless....they have an epic brainfade. Credit to Carey too, as well as Turner has played.

end of over 4616 runs
AUS: 333/5CRR: 7.23 • RRR: 6.50 • Need 26 runs from 24b
Ashton Turner68 (37)
Alex Carey15 (10)
Jasprit Bumrah8-0-59-2
Bhuvneshwar Kumar8-0-49-1
Bumrah to Turner, 1 run
steered down to third man
Bumrah to Turner, SIX runs
what a shot, what-a-shot. Walks across - the guts, the confidence - and scoops this full delivery and even clears fine leg. ABD would've been proud of that. Fielder inside the ring so the shot was on, had the extra pace, executed it beautifully.

Thilan: "Matches like these are good for both teams. India gets to learn the chinks in their ODI armor and Australia get some much needed confidence in giving one of the world cup favourites a run for their money. "

Bumrah to Carey, 1 leg bye
superb ball, yorker right into his boot from round the stumps, deflects behind the stumps on the off side for a leg bye
Bumrah to Carey, FOUR runs
backs away and slaps this wide of point. Too much width, super timing. Square third man had no chance.
Bumrah to Carey, 2 runs
chopped down to Vijay coming in from deep cover again, superb running. 50 partnership off just 28 balls

Jags: "India prepared for Maxwell, turner comes out of syllabus. Indeed a match turner"

Bumrah to Carey, 2 runs
makes room, Bumrah cramps him for room, but he still bunts it towards the man coming in from deep cover, super running