Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5.30pm That's all from us for today. George Dobell's report is ready and waiting for you to sink your teeth into here, and Miller and I will be back on Sunday when England are in Wellington to play in the very different surroundings of the Cake Tin. Until then, thanks for joining us!

Some post-match reaction from James Vince: "Nice from a personal point of view to make a contribution, but more important to get the tour off to a winning start. It was a decent wicket, maybe lacked a little bit of pace as the ball got older. Pleased with the start."

Tim Southee: "England played well on a wicket that didn't play as well as we thought. We didn't play well enough in all three areas. Morgan and Vince took the game away from us. We need to find a way to put pressure on the new batters coming out. We were a little bit off with the ball and in the field."

Eoin Morgan: "Very happy. The game was won and lost in the first innings. Standout performances from the debutants. Sam Curran and Pat Brown really did step up to the mark and perform on a two-paced wicket. Our batters had a reasonable day out, James Vince played outstanding well, but all credit to the bowlers today. There's a lot of work between now and the end of the series. [Depth] has been something that we've focused on for some time. We need opportunities to take advantage. All our planning is geared towards that [the World Cup]. We have a couple of places up for grabs in our 15-man squad, and opportunities in this series will allow them to put their hands up. That's the worst I've hit them, I felt absolutely terrible, so pleased to get the win."

Chris Jordan: "Very happy. The way the two Curran brothers set the tone up the top was exceptional. We communicated really well what was working on that pitch. We tried to keep it nice and straight, and to mix it up as much as possible. They were always going to come hard, especially after the start they got off to. We pride ourselves on being adaptable. I've worked on a few balls over a period of time, and whichever one I need to use from the arsenal on the days, that's what I'll go for. There's a lot of cricket to play before [the T20 World Cup]."

5.15pm A quick mention for Lewis Gregory, who was first named in an international squad way back in 2015, had to wait more than four years for his debut, and when it eventually came neither batted nor bowled. TFC, Lewis!

A high-five and a hug between Morgan and Billings, and that'll be 1-0 to England. A surprisingly low-intensity affair, all things considered: New Zealand always looked like they were playing catch-up after a slow start, and in the end they were around 10-15 runs short of par. England weren't completely clinical with the bat, but Jonny Bairstow got them off to a good start before James Vince controlled things in the middle and Captain Morgan saw his side home.

Southee to Morgan, SIX runs, shortish outside off, gives himself room and swings it high and mighty over midwicket for six, and that's the game!
Southee to Morgan, FOUR runs, attempted yorker, low full toss on fourth stump and Morgan just pushes it past the despairing dive of Santner at mid-off who can only parry it away for four
Southee to Morgan, no run, beaten! Slower ball outside the off stump, looks to cut it away but is cramped for room and can't connect

This has turned into something of an anti-climax, as England waltz towards a comfortable victory. Vince set things up with an excellent innings, and New Zealand's supporting cast haven't really turned up.

18 | 11 Runs | ENG: 144/3 (10 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.00, RRR: 5.00)

  • Eoin Morgan24 (18b)
  • Sam Billings14 (11b)
  • Lockie Ferguson4-0-28-0
  • Ish Sodhi4-0-38-0
Ferguson to Morgan, 1 run, straight, length ball, Morgan gives himself room and hits the cover sweeper
Ferguson to Billings, 1 run, attempted yorker turns into a low full toss, bunted to mid-on off the toe
Ferguson to Billings, FOUR runs, length ball outside off, looks to hack it through midwicket but can only inside edge it, and it squeezes away just past leg stump for four!
Ferguson to Billings, no run, just full of a length, angling in towards off stump, Ferguson fields off his own bowling as Billings looks to drive through mid-off
Ferguson to Morgan, 1 run, slower ball outside leg stump, Morgan doesn't pick it up but it drops at his feet off the body and they scramble through for a single
Ferguson to Morgan, FOUR runs, half-volley on leg stump, Morgan doesn't get all of it by any means but chips it over mid-off in the circle and it races away to the fence! Great batting, manipulating the field intelligently

Expensive spell from Sodhi, who is destructive at his best but didn't come close to that today. Here's Ferguson - the last throw of the dice from Southee?

17 | 10 Runs | ENG: 133/3 (21 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.82, RRR: 7.00)

  • Eoin Morgan18 (15b)
  • Sam Billings9 (8b)
  • Ish Sodhi4-0-38-0
  • Mitchell Santner4-0-23-3
Sodhi to Morgan, 1 run, gets deep in the crease and drives crisply out to cover
Sodhi to Billings, 1 run, legbreak on off stump, a fraction short and they steal one
Sodhi to Billings, 2 runs, picks up the length very early, and pulls hard through midwicket for a couple. Well cut off by Santner at cow

England 2nd innings Partnerships

37DJ MalanJM Bairstow
31JM VinceJM Bairstow
54EJG MorganJM Vince
32EJG MorganSW Billings