Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 10 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 176/8 | RR: 8.80

  • Tim Southee4 (3b)
  • Chris Jordan4-0-23-3
  • Saqib Mahmood4-0-46-1

3.42pm Right, time for a brew. Matt Roller will be your host for the run-chase. Back shortly!

3.39pm So, England will need 177 to win. Jimmy Neesham, playing his first T20 since 2017, speaks after a fine innings of 42 from 22 balls: "It holds up for the slower balls and cross-seams, it's certainly not a road. A couple of early wickets and that becomes a big total."

Sarat: "S.Curran may not have gud pace or height, but he makes gud use of his Brain to bowl cleverly within his limits"

Michael Todd: "England has bowled really well. Blackcaps need to get much more experience in high level T20 games and finish off good starts. Yet another reason for aiming for a stronger domestic competition "

James McCaghrey: "Can I just say, baseball is not just a batsman game, I mean, just hitting the ball 4 times out of every 10 times your at the plate is almost impossible to do over a season now. " Well quite. Give me this as a form of slog-based entertainment any day!

Stewart M Frazi: "I suppose that it's OK for people who want to sit there for about three hours and then shoot off to some social gathering. " Hmmm... I take it you're going to be a season-ticket-holder at Birmingham Butterkist next season!

Jordan to Neesham, OUT, cut to backward point, and what's all this about? England barely react, they believe it's a simple catch ... and they are reviewing! It was an open face on impact, clipped the corner of the bat after pitching, and that's clearly out. Jordan wraps things up with his third wicket of the innings

JDS Neesham c Vince b Jordan 42 (33m 22b 2x4 4x6) SR: 190.90

Jordan to Neesham, SIX runs, spanked into the stands! Jordan's lost his mojo after that drop, this one just sits up to be pumped over cow corner!
Jordan to Southee, 1 run, slashed to deep point, just short of the man! It's all happening
Jordan to Southee, 2 runs, a top-edged pull out to deep midwicket, and Dawid Malan has dropped a goober! He was on the player mic a few overs ago, being asked if he'd ever dropped one live on air before... wonder if they'll cross to him now...

Abhijato: "The Crystal Ball says England are gonna chase this down!"

Jordan to Neesham, 1 leg bye, another yorker, leg-sided this time, but flicks the pad to prevent the wide. Billings tumbles to intercept. He's bowled 2 for 2 in eight balls!
Jordan to Neesham, no run, wide yorker, perfect start, no connection on that one

Right, one over to go. 180 is still within reach, but not if Jordan bowls as well as he has done

19 | 15 Runs | NZ: 166/7 | RR: 8.73

  • James Neesham36 (18b)
  • Tim Southee1 (1b)
  • Saqib Mahmood4-0-46-1
  • Chris Jordan3-0-14-2
Mahmood to Neesham, 1 run, full and wide once more, a biff back down the track, just enough bat on ball to rush the single to mid-off
Mahmood to Neesham, FOUR runs, flicked off the legs, up and over the man at short backward square. High on the bat, but a decent percentage option

'Let's go, Neesham, let's go!' rings out the chant from the kids in the stands. How sweet

Badar: "Congrats to Jordan on his 50th T20I wicket. The most under-rated English bowler; their work horse over the years."

Mahmood to Neesham, 2 runs, outside off again, a slap to the leg side, was aiming straighter than that, but they scamper two to mid-on and nearly a third as a wild shy goes awry
Mahmood to Neesham, SIX runs, an inside-out wallop over extra cover! Dismissive power! Climbing into the length outside off, and dispatching it with glee!
Mahmood to Southee, 1 run, back of a length, arrow straight, Southee leans back to carve a pull to the leg side, but can't beat the man at mid-on, jogging round
Mahmood to Neesham, 1 run, wide line, outside off, a slapped drive, not connected

Mahmood is handed the death duties over Brown, which is a measure of the conditions today

18 | 2 Runs 2 Wkts | NZ: 151/7 | RR: 8.38

  • James Neesham22 (13b)
  • Chris Jordan3-0-14-2
  • Saqib Mahmood3-0-31-1

New Zealand are failing to produce the grandstand finish they had hoped... what's left in the tank. Southee hits a long ball...

Jordan to Santner, OUT, swiped high, a rash, desperate hack across the line, as Santner aims a shot to nothing... and top-edges his slog to Brown at long-on!

MJ Santner c Brown b Jordan 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Jordan to Santner, no run, back of a length, well bowled again, Santner fences to the leg side, but that's a rolled-fingered cutter and the ball grips in the surface

Stewart M Frazi: "This isn't cricket, it's just another form of baseball. What chance do the bowlers have when the batsmen are simply slogging every ball?" Humbug. It's far more interesting than baseball. You just need to recalibrate your expectations of what constitutes bowling success

Jordan to Taylor, OUT, huge appeal and gone! A low full toss, tailing into the stumps, a wild hack from Taylor, who had walked across his stumps to open up his options, but ended up giving the umpire a very easy decision

LRPL Taylor lbw b Jordan 28 (39m 24b 2x4 1x6) SR: 116.66

Jordan to Neesham, 1 run, battered hard to the man set back on the rope, it arrives quickly and it's just a single

Ranodeep Dutta: "Vince having a tough day in the field. Hope it does not affect his batting confidence"

Jordan to Neesham, no run, full and slow, Neesham inverts his stance with third man inside the circle, but he can't connect with his attempted flick over the shoulder
Jordan to Taylor, 1 run, very full, that's a fine delivery, tailing in on middle and off, and punched with lots of bottom hand to cover

Jordan's back with two overs to go

17 | 11 Runs | NZ: 149/5 | RR: 8.76

  • Ross Taylor27 (22b)
  • James Neesham21 (11b)
  • Saqib Mahmood3-0-31-1
  • Sam Curran4-0-22-2
Mahmood to Taylor, 1 run, battered hard into the covers, they run on the shot but it's a clean pick-up at the edge of the rope as Morgan gathered and shied... and that would have been out with a direct hit!
Mahmood to Neesham, 1 run, wide yorker, protection on the off side, cracked to the sweeper
Mahmood to Taylor, 1 run, lots of width, a full length, had to stretch to reach that on a square drive. Vince does well (for a change) to slide round and intercept at deep point
Mahmood to Neesham, 1 run, outside off, punched to point

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0DJ MalanJM Bairstow
2nd3DJ MalanJM Vince
3rd37EJG MorganDJ Malan
4th24DJ MalanSW Billings
5th27DJ MalanSM Curran
6th2DJ MalanL Gregory
7th41CJ JordanL Gregory
8th10AU RashidL Gregory
9th4AU RashidS Mahmood
10th7AU RashidPR Brown