Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5,35pm: Andrew Miller's report is ready for you all to feast on here, and that will be it from us for today. Thanks for your company, and we'll be back on Tuesday as the series moves to Nelson at 1-1. See you then!

Mitchell Santner is man of the match: "It's obviously nice to get a few poles and for the lads to get a win. When the fielders are backing the bowlers up it makes it that much easier. We just needed to improve a little bit in all three aspects [from Christchurch]. We needed to adapt our plans a little bit but we managed that."

England skipper Eoin Morgan: "The Blackcaps played really well. I thought we bowled really well to them. We didn't bat or field anywhere near what we did the other day. On this ground in particular, you probably take a little more risk than usual because of the dimensions, but I thought New Zealand bowled well and made us hit to the longer side. We need to continue a positive, aggressive mindset. It's important to make mistakes - the most important part is to learn from them. If young lads can continue to do that early in their international career, they'll do well."

New Zealand captain Tim Southee: "We saw how deep they can bat with Jordan coming out later in the innings. You're always looking at ways to get better. There's subtle changes throughout the series when you're changing the sizes of the ground. There's still room for improvement in all three areas but... we can continue playing the brand of cricket we want to."

Dawid Malan has been speaking to Sky: "We fielded really badly, we dropped a lot of wickets, myself included. I know we had to go, the rate was up to 11 or 12 an over, but we lost wickets regularly. We probably have ourselves to blame for that. We fielded really well in the first game, so for us to come here and do what we did today was disappointing. The good thing about the way Morgs and Silvers run the show is they don't put a lot of pressure on you - it's up to us to rectify that problem. We lost three wickets in that Powerplay... we had to rebuild for a little bit, every time that we thought we were in the game we lost a wicket. Myself, Vincey and Sam Billings have been around the squad for four years waiting for these opportunities and they're few and far between - that's why I'm a bit disappointed today, if I'd batted for three or four more overs I could have put us in a position to win this game."

We'll have all the post-match reaction in a moment, but in the meantime check out this card from the WBBL - two stars of the game batting through the innings together.

Prasu: "Catches win matches, verdict of this game." Hard to argue with that, Prasu.

5.24pm: A hectic performance from England, who didn't really look at the races for the most part. Their fielding was ragged again, and they really did look like a side that was missing seven senior players today. New Zealand weren't perfect, but their catching was superb, Guptill, Neesham and de Grandhomme took the attack to an inexperienced England lineup, and Santner brought out his usual array of subtle variations to stymie the run chase.

5.19pm: And that will be that. A much-improved performance from New Zealand. They thought they were 10 runs light at the halfway stage, but after England lost early wickets the hosts were always in control, and Mitchell Santner in particular was superb through the middle. Chris Jordan gave them a late scare, but once he fell it was largely academic.

Mitchell to Rashid, OUT, bowled 'im! The first not-caught dismissal of the innings, Rashid has a big old swing at it and looks back to see his off stump flying

AU Rashid b Mitchell 4 (16m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Michael Todd: "Miracles are far from beyond England. I had the cork out of my champagne bottle with 15 needed of 4! Only a few months ago" Think you're safe now, Michael!

Ferguson to Mahmood, OUT, oops, not this time! Length outside off, Mahmood looks to work it through the leg side but is late on it again, gets a leading edge, and it spoons up to cover where Southee takes a simple catch

S Mahmood c Southee b Ferguson 4 (2m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Ferguson to Mahmood, FOUR runs, flashes hard, and it races away past the outstretched Seifert! Mahmood's first runs in international cricket, or in T20 cricket for that matter... they all count!
Southee to Gregory, OUT, looks to go again, runs his fingers down it again, Gregory doesn't read it this time and slices this straight up to mid-off in the circle where de Grandhomme takes his fourth catch of the afternoon!

L Gregory c de Grandhomme b Southee 15 (25m 15b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100.00

Southee to Gregory, SIX runs, slightly full of a length outside off and that is the Lewis Gregory that Somerset fans know and love! Knuckleball I think, just about picked it and moosed down the ground over long-on
Santner to Jordan, OUT, tossed up on off stump, Jordan looks to go again but hasn't got enough on it... and Guptill takes an easy catch! Not this time for CJ, who has single-handedly kept England in the game, as the fielder snaffles this running round at long-on.

CJ Jordan c Guptill b Santner 36 (16m 19b 3x4 3x6) SR: 189.47

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0DJ MalanJM Bairstow
2nd3DJ MalanJM Vince
3rd37EJG MorganDJ Malan
4th24DJ MalanSW Billings
5th27DJ MalanSM Curran
6th2DJ MalanL Gregory
7th41CJ JordanL Gregory
8th10AU RashidL Gregory
9th4AU RashidS Mahmood
10th7AU RashidPR Brown