5.35pm: Right, that's it from us for today/tonight. Matt's report is in the slot, just asking for you to see it away... There are two more games to come in this series, and we'll be back for more from Napier on Friday. Thanks for your contribs, until then, it's ta ra from myself and Matt!

5.30pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Man of the Match Colin de Grandhomme: "Yeah, enjoying number four, hit it well in Sri Lanka and it seemed to carry on at home. The earlier you get in, it's not nice for the openers but it's nice for me and it gives you more access to the boundaries."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Think that's one that got away, we were in control for the whole chase until we were three or four down, probably that's a lack of experience but the guys need to get more games into them at this level. But certainly that's one that slipped away. Everything is about playing smart, aggressive cricket, and new guys coming in. There were a lot of positives but it's a must-win game in Napier now. Tom Curran bowled really well at the death and Sam Curran has made big strides this series."

New Zealand captain Tim Southee: "It showed that if we could keep taking wickets, it would get tougher and tougher for the news guys coming in. I think with Morgan going they were nicely placed but we kept chipping away. Great to see Colin come out and get a score. It's nice to win game like that, could have gone either way at the halfway mark."

5.20pm: Well, it did go the full Nelson in the end, as New Zealand applied a chokehold on England's chase. ESPNcricinfo's forecaster had them at a 90% chance just before Eoin Morgan got out - but that sparked a collapse of 5 for 10 in three overs, as the innings suddenly entered a death-overs spiral. Dawid Malan was unhappy with his manner of dismissal, having played nicely for 55 off 34, but James Vince's was perhaps more damaging, leaving two new batsmen at the crease with three overs to go. Credit to Tim Southee, too, who kept going with his frontline quicks before slipping in an over from Sodhi with the tail to bowl at and then closing things out himself. Victory puts New Zealand 2-1 up in the series, ahead of the fourth match of five, up on the north island in Napier.

Southee to TK Curran, 2 runs, short, wide and slapped up and over cover point for a couple more - but it won't be enough, New Zealand win by 14 runs after an excellent display of bowling at the death
Sodhi to TK Curran, SIX runs, tossed up, straightening a touch, right into the meat of Curran's blade - that's outta the park! Curran keeps England clinging on by their fingertips!
Ferguson to SM Curran, OUT, dug in, slower delivery and Curran can't manufacture the power - spooned out to deep point! Another one bites Lockie's dust and this is looking grim for England now. New Zealand holding their nerve superbly at the death

SM Curran c Munro b Ferguson 2 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Ferguson to Gregory, OUT, bowled 'im! Cranks it up to 144 clicks and beats an impetuous mow across the line... Two-ball duck for Gregory and England are really feeling the heat. Ferguson strikes just when his team needed him

L Gregory b Ferguson 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Tickner to Vince, OUT, fullish, tries to go up and over... but picks out mid-off! Vince throws his head back in disgust, a soft dismissal just when England needed him to be the man to take them home. Flogged hard but it went at around head height straight to the NZ captain, giving Tickner a second wicket and leaving England in trouble

JM Vince c Southee b Tickner 49 (62m 39b 4x4 1x6) SR: 125.64

"Neesham to bowl the last over; or Sodhi to bowl one more?" That's the question for Tim Southee, CJ

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st27DJ MalanT Banton
2nd63DJ MalanJM Vince
3rd49EJG MorganJM Vince
4th3JM VinceSW Billings
5th5JM VinceSM Curran
6th1L GregorySM Curran
7th1TK CurranSM Curran
8th17TK CurranS Mahmood