Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Wagner to Archer, FOUR runs, bosh, have some of that! Length ball outside the off stump - a bit of a half-volley if truth be told - and he extends the arms and crunches this through cover out of the middle!
Southee to Curran, FOUR runs, back of a length outside off, and this is a superb shot from Curran. Drops his weight back, stays still and compact, and plays a square drive with an open face to whack it down to the third man boundary

England 3rd innings Partnerships

1st48RJ BurnsDP Sibley
2nd5JL DenlyRJ Burns
3rd2JL DenlyMJ Leach
4th14JL DenlyJE Root
5th52JL DenlyBA Stokes
6th11JL DenlyOJ Pope
7th1JC ButtlerOJ Pope
8th5JC ButtlerSM Curran
9th59SM CurranJC Archer
10th0SCJ BroadSM Curran