3rd T20I (N), Nagpur, Nov 10 2019, Bangladesh tour of India
(19.2/20 ov, target 175)
India won by 30 runs
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11.20pm On a night when Deepak Chahar walked away with all the plaudits, I'll leave you with this very warm recent interaction he had with colleague Saurabh Somani in Bengaluru. It's warm, it reveals the personality of a very shy man for whom nothing has come easy so far. Goodnight and do take good care of yourself. It's goodbye and goodnight from myself Shashank Kishore and Sreshth Shah. Cheers!

10.48pm Deepak Chahar's 6 for 7 may hog the limelight, but India also have Shivam Dube to thank for three big strikes, including those of Mushfiqur for a first-ball duck and top-scorer Naim. Without that, India may have well been under the pump. India went in with only five bowlers - Dube being the fifth, a proper gamble - and Rohit stands vindicated. India had plenty of nervy moments, none bigger than the period from overs 11-13 in the chase, but they've come through. Wins like these will make teams very happy, and the Indian camp will be delighted with this win, which they'll rate as one of their better ones. Mind you, there was plenty of dew and the bowlers found a way to negate that. A performance right out of the top drawer. Amid the bowling heroics, don't forget the half-centuries from KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer.

It's time for the presentations now.

Rohit Sharma: "It was the bowlers who won us the game. I know I have to say that being a batsman, but I know how tough it was given the dew. But this must be one of the best comebacks in this format for India. It was easy for them at one stage, with 70 needed in eight overs. But the boys showed characters, took up the responsibility., Good to see young players putting their hands up. I just reminded the boys [while under pressure] that we're playing for India [points to the crest]. Our body language was a little off in the first eight overs, but then we saw a different team India. I want to credit the batsmen too. KL, getting that knock was crucial, and Shreyas Iyer played an incredible knock.Until we get close to the World Cup, we have to find the right balance. Few guys are missing and will come back in, but keeping everything in mind, we've got quite a few games before narrowing in on a perfect 11. We can try hell lot of things before getting on that flight to Australia. If we keep playing like the way we did today, it'll be a good headache to have for Virat and the selectors."

Deepak Chahar is Man of the Match and Man of the series. His figures today, an incredible 6 for 7. He finishes the series with eight wickets. "I hadn't thought something like this would happen, delighted," he says. "I've just been wanting to work hard, it's all god's help that I'm here. Today the plan was to bowl upfront with the new ball. I was told I'll be bowling the crucial overs. Happy the team management gave me that responsibility."

Mahmudullah: Had our chances, Naim and Mithun's partnership was incredible to see but we lost wickets in the middle. I think the effort that boys have put in has been very good to see. Naim is a very talented batsman, the way he bats and composes his innings was good to see. Hope he'll continue. Our seamers have been very good, execution was good and all of them bowled really well.

Shreyas Iyer: It wasn't an even innings, I was dicey at the start. It wasn't an easy wicket, once I got in, I was like I'll give myself time and then put the loose balls away. I've hit big sixes in the past, just backed myself. I saw a part-time bowler had come in, so I decided to take him on right from the first ball and it worked [he says of his three sixes in a row]. It was important to have a tough game, and this one was tough. Hopefully we can carry forward this momentum."

"You have to see the amount of paneer and milk he drinks" Iyer laughs about Dube's secret of bowling the heavy ball.

Shivam Dube: First two overs didn't go well, I didn't want to concede a boundary in my third. Rohit bhai just asked me to back my strengths. I try and bowl the heavy ball, backed myself to do it.

Chahar to Aminul Islam, OUT
he's got a hat-trick!! Deepak Chahar has the best figures ever in T20Is. 6 for 7. How incredible is that? You wanted a proper fast bowler's wicket? There you go, he says. Spears in a yorker, and flattens the off-stump. Just for those in doubt, the hat-trick has been spread across two overs. What a win, India take the series 2-1
Aminul Islam b Chahar 9 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Chahar to Mustafizur Rahman, OUT
slapped straight to deep point and that's a fifth for Chahar. He becomes the fourth Indian to pick up a five-for in T20Is. You'll look at the replays and say some of those wickets came when batsmen were looking for big shots, but hey, a five-for is a five-for. India one strike away from a series win.
Mustafizur Rahman c Iyer b Chahar 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 199 runs
BDESH: 144/8CRR: 7.57 • RRR: 31.00 • Need 31 runs from 6b
Mustafizur Rahman1 (2)
Aminul Islam9 (8)
Khaleel Ahmed4-0-27-0
Deepak Chahar3-0-7-4
Ahmed to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 run
heaved into the leg side for a single

Param: "Your site says this is T20I no. 1014 and the Eng-NZ earlier today was numbered 1012.. did I miss a match in between? -- Chandan, my colleague from the scoring and data team has the answer: Malawi v Mozambique is 1013

Ahmed to Mustafizur Rahman, no run
meets thin air as he swings leg side
Ahmed to Aminul Islam, 1 run
works this down to deep square
Ahmed to Aminul Islam, no run
beaten as he swings this into the leg side
Ahmed to Aminul Islam, FOUR runs
slapped over cover for four! Made room, picked the length and whacked it up and over.
Ahmed to Aminul Islam, 1 wide
backs away to upper cut, beaten but it's a wide for height
Ahmed to Aminul Islam, 2 runs
pulled over the infield, down to deep midwicket for a couple
end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 135/8CRR: 7.5 • RRR: 20.00 • Need 40 runs from 12b
Aminul Islam2 (4)
Deepak Chahar3-0-7-4
Yuzvendra Chahal4-0-43-1

These are Chahar's best in T20Is yet

Chahar to Shafiul Islam, OUT
fourth for Chahar as he flat-bats this straight to KL Rahul at long-on. He can't get easier catches in the outfield than that. Slower bouncer, Shafiul had to force the pace, couldn't quite get the elevation. The party is just getting started in Nagpur, Rohit and everyone else in the Indian team can breathe easy now.
Shafiul Islam c Rahul b Chahar 4 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

You'd think this is beyond Bangladesh, but who knows? The scorecard may not tell you how rattled India were at one point

Chahar to Shafiul Islam, 2 runs
excellent yorker, squeezed to midwicket. Iyer slow off the blocks and can't prevent the second
Chahar to Shafiul Islam, no run
beaten by the pace on this slower delivery. Backed away to swing across the line
Chahar to Shafiul Islam, no run
excellent slower yorker, dug back
Chahar to Aminul Islam, 1 run
pulled to deep midwicket
Chahar to Shafiul Islam, 1 run
hit down to long-on

Chahar now to come back for his third. Two overs, 3 for 3 so far.

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 131/7CRR: 7.7 • RRR: 14.66 • Need 44 runs from 18b
Shafiul Islam1 (1)
Aminul Islam1 (3)
Yuzvendra Chahal4-0-43-1
Shivam Dube4-0-30-3

Chahal's the fastest to 50 T20I wickets for India. Overtakes Bumrah and Ashwin who got there at 41 and 42 matches respectively

Chahal to Shafiul Islam, 1 run
hit hard, Chahal's hand nearly came off as he went for the return catch, parried it to long-on. Phew, that was belted
Chahal to Mahmudullah, OUT
steps out to heave, can't get to the pitch and the middle stump has been knocked over. Chahal's 50th wicket in T20Is, and Bangladesh are crumbling as the asking rate and pressure mounts. What an over this has been. Completely deceived in the air was the skipper, went to heave and clear the massive leg-side boundary, just connected with the evening winter air. Surely it's over for Bangladesh?
Mahmudullah b Chahal 8 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00
Chahal to Mahmudullah, no run
cuts and misses. Sharp turn, this kept low and beat the underedge as he went for the cut