Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That does it from us for tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for Sid Monga's match report. I'm Peter Della Penna, thanks for joining our coverage from wherever you are in the world. Take care!

Man of the Match is KL Rahul: "Obviously different circumstances, the target was different, the pitch was a little different from what we played on a couple of days ago. So I knew I couldn't play the same way I played a couple days ago. I had a different responsibility today. We lost our senior players Rohit and Virat early so I had to stay in there and make sure I finish the game. I think the understanding of my game and how I'm reading the situation and reading the game has gotten better for me. That's helped me be more consistent and I've always put the team ahead and thought about what the team requires at that moment. More often than not I've come up with the right shots and right answers so that's been the mantra for my success in the last several T20s."

Virat Kohli: "I think we had another good performance today, especially with the ball. The bowlers stood up and took control of what we wanted to do out there. Sticking to one side of the wicket was a very good feature for us as a team to restrict a good New Zealand team to 132 which I think was below par. The low total led us to bat in that manner but we thought the pitch was good for 160 in the first half. We understood the angles of the field better, how the pitch was playing and I had to think on my feet as a captain. The ball gripped for the spinners and I think Jadeja was outstanding. Chahal was a banker. Bumrah was amazing as well, and Shami and Shardul and Shivam making very good contributions with the ball but I think we backed it up in the field more importantly."

First up is Kane Williamson: "It was a tough day. The wicket was quite different from the first game. I think as a batting unit we needed another 15 or 20 to make it a little bit more competitive. But credit to the way India bowled. They're a class side in all departments and they put us under pressure in that middle period. Even though we only had 130 on the board on a small ground, we still knew if we were able to take early wickets and build pressure like they did, then you never really know. But they showed their experience and took the game much deeper than we were able to in the first innings and they were very clinical."

11:15 pm Presentation finally underway.

Siddhesh v: "There is something utterly satisfying to see India bossing and schooling the home team on how to utilize the conditions better. This match was won by the bowlers no doubt about it. "

Loki: "Dube six hitting style looks like Yuvi. Hope he will get enough chances to become a strong middle order batsmen."

Tushar : "Everything was under New Zealand control but 15th over changed the game!" That's quite a generous view, possibly from silver and black tinted lenses. India were favorites in the chase from ball one and it never changed at any stage.

10:55 pm New Zealand was doomed from the outset with a tame Powerplay and the boundaries dried up once the field was pushed back. India's bowlers were ruthless with their lengths but New Zealand's batsmen also made the pitch look much trickier than it was in reality. India were hardly if ever under pressure in the chase. Rahul takes India over the line and continues his outstanding form.

Southee to Dube, SIX runs, short on the stumps, hammers a pull flat over long-on, sails into the second row of the stands to end the match. India clobber New Zealand by seven wickets with 15 balls to spare.
Southee to Rahul, 1 run, good length ball punched to long-on.

Gajraj: "If you want Mom to be bastman in chasing low score game in T20 format, then you might not have understood the game at all. Clearly Jaddu deserve it no one else." Agree with you Gajraj but too often it's blindly given to batsman simply off scorecard. A 50 looks prettier than two wickets to most superficial judges.

Southee to Dube, 1 run, short and wide, cracks this through cover to the sweeper.

Gautam Dugar: "With time, Iyer is gonna get better. The experience at this level will help him to improve his game, temperament, and maturity. With required run rate below 2.5, there was literally no reason to take a risk again in the over." Gautam drives a hard bargain! Taking nitpicking in a victory to a whole new level.

17 | 10 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 127/3 (6 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.47, RRR: 2.00)

  • Shivam Dube1 (2b)
  • KL Rahul56 (49b)
  • Ish Sodhi4-0-33-1
  • Blair Tickner3-0-34-0
Sodhi to Dube, 1 run, full toss at knee height on fifth stump, driven firmly wide of extra cover to wide long-off.
Sodhi to Dube, no run, good length ball on middle and leg, pushed to midwicket.
Sodhi to Rahul, 1 run, floated full on middle, driven to long-on.
Sodhi to Iyer, OUT, floated full and wide outside off, skies this drive high over long-off not able to quite reach this within his arc, Southee charges right and 25 yards coming in from the rope and takes a superb diving catch. 8/10 on difficulty because of the distance he had to cover but he made it look relatively easy. Tremendous effort with the match effectively over considering less than 10 runs left to the target for India.

SS Iyer c Southee b Sodhi 44 (49m 33b 1x4 3x6) SR: 133.33

Arnab Kumar: "Jaddu my pick for MoM. No boundaries conceded on this smallish ground, plus two wickets to boost. Well done rockstar"

Sodhi to Iyer, 1 wide, flighted fuller and wider, left alone and called wide, harshly. Looked like it passed inside the guidelines.

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8RG SharmaKL Rahul
2nd31V KohliKL Rahul
3rd86KL RahulSS Iyer
4th10KL RahulS Dube