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1st ODI, Providence, Aug 8 2019, India tour of United States of America and West Indies
(13/34 ov)
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WI Innings
Full commentary
end of over 134 runs
WI: 54/1CRR: 4.15 
Shai Hope6 (11)
Evin Lewis40 (36)
Khaleel Ahmed3-0-27-0
Ravindra Jadeja1-0-6-0

That's all from our sides, folks! See you soon.

Holder: I thought the openers assessed the pitch well. The ball was stopping a bit. It was good that they could spend some time in the middle. [On how West Indies can beat India] We have to be consistent, in all departments.

Kohli: It's probably the worst thing in cricket - the stop-start game. The more stops you have, the more you have to be carefully about injuries on the field. A few of the pitches can really test you. [On challenges in the West Indies] A few pitches might have good pace and bounce, while others can be a bit slower and difficult. So you have assess them and play accordingly.

Time for a little post-match presentation.

Rahul Sen: "Strange but as I was going through the most ODI runs scored by an West Indian I found Sir Viv Richards having a strike rate considerably higher than today's Universal Boss while Viv has retired more than 28 years earlier. This format of the game was still new that time - wonder his records and stature had he been playing these days. Perhaps incomparable. Please please publish this - which might be my 30th unpublished comment till now. "

3.12pm And it has been called off. Only 13 overs of play was possible on a damp day here in Guyana. Gayle, playing in his 299th ODI, manged just 4 off 31 - his slowest innings of 25 balls or more. This means he will have to wait for going past Brian Lara's record of most ODI runs by a West Indies batsman. The caravan now moves to Trinidad for the second and the third ODI.

3pm For those wondering, it's still raining in Guyana. It doesn't look good at all

Adam: "Looks the same here in Trinidad. Expect the same amount of rain here more or less"

Tejas B Shah: "Shreyas at No 4 is what Dravid was for 2000's India ODI Team. He provided stability when early wickets down and guided lower middle order with hitters around. India need to stop with monkeying around No 4 position with less than pure batsman. Shreyas have technique, temperament and passion to be successful at that position. Let him grow, give me opportunity. "

2.50pm Aishwarya brings us a more positive update from Guyana: "I am trying to think of a new way to say the rain has stopped. The dream of a 20-over match stays alive (I think)."

2.33pm Guess what? It's raining again

Sidharth Gulati: "I really hope Shreyas Iyer gets to play the remaining two matches too. Even if he fails, he should be persisted with at the No. 4 position. India need some stability at that spot. Iyer showed what he's capable of during the home series vs Sri Lanka in 2017. Plus with age on his side, he can be groomed as a skipper too. "

2.26pm The rain has stopped, and the covers are slowly coming off.

Srinath: "I am excited to take my family to watch the 2nd and 3rd ODIs in Trinidad next week. Hope the weather does not play spoilsport. Have been planning this for months and months."

2.10pm Aishwarya on the gloomy scenes at Providence: "The covers are drenched in rain water and the outfield is soggy. Fans are filling up the stands once again and the sun is out now. (The dark clouds are still here). Guyana weather is as temperamental as a teenager's moods."

Aravind: "Hi Deiva, what is the cut off time to get a 20 over game? " --- We are hearing 4pm local time is the cut-off for a 20-over game

rishabh: "hi Deiva, What about my question on batting positions? Kinda disheartening i've never had a comment published! :( need that elevated status so i can boast to my friends my comment's been published and answered! " --- Hey, Rishabh, you'd shown signs of having the game and gears at bat at No.4 in ODIs and I even wrote about it

1.55pm It's absolutely hosing it down in Guyana. More covers are being dragged onto cover the pitch and run-ups.

Meanwhile, Andre Russell is in action for Vancouver Knights at the Global T20 Canada. The Canada gig is part of Russell's rehab plan and he will play for WI only when he's 100% fit

suraj: "11.1, it was Shreyas Iyer and not Dhawan who tried to push the ball back. Please correct it. --- My bad

1.42pm The rain returns and it has gotten heavier. The covers are being brought on once again. It has been that kind of a day. Many fans are leaving the stands, says Aishwarya

Ahmed to Hope, no run
back of a length and outside off, forced to point
Ahmed to Hope, 2 runs
picked off the pads to fine leg

Vinod Rajpal: "Hey Deiva, ABD on show on the other tab in Middlesex vs Surrey T20 match !!" --- Indeed

Ahmed to Lewis, 1 run
fullish and around off, opens the face and dabs to the right of cover
Ahmed to Lewis, no run
bumper outside off, Lewis ducks away
Ahmed to Hope, 1 run
short on the hips, glanced away to deep square

Anish: "Brace your breath Muthu. I am sure this you won't get time to even look at my comment while Jadeja is bowling. " --- You get lucky when Khaleel bowls. I can catch my breath