Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Yasir Shah to Hazlewood, OUT, Huge lbw appeal and given! Hazlewood reviews. Good length leg break, spinning back down the line, hit him on the shin but he did get a decent stride in. Nothing on hot spot or RTS. No bat involved. Ball tracking has it hitting the bails. It stays out. It was pitching in line, hitting in line, and hitting the bails. Umpire's call. Good decision

JR Hazlewood lbw b Yasir Shah 5 (15m 10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Imran Khan to Cummins, OUT, caught behind! Superb catch from Rizwan! Very wide half volley, he thrashed at a square drive, got a little edge off the toe of the bat, Rizwan had to dive forward and to his right to pouch it and he got his gloves underneath it. He's been excellent behind the stumps

PJ Cummins c †Mohammad Rizwan b Imran Khan 7 (28m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 53.84

Yasir Shah to Starc, OUT, Given lbw! Starc has reviewed. This looked plumb live. he went back to a leg break and got hit below the knee roll. Nothing on hot spot or RTS. No bat involved. Ball tracking has it pitching in line and smashing middle and leg. Australia lose a review. Good bowling from Yasir

MA Starc lbw b Yasir Shah 5 (10m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.50

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Labuschagne, OUT, caught at gully! Soft way to go. Labuschagne lost all concentration there. Full and wide, it tailed away a touch, he reached out to play a nothing shot and just sliced it straight to gully. He remained at the crease for a while, just in disbelief at what he had done

M Labuschagne c Babar Azam b Shaheen Shah Afridi 185 (366m 279b 20x4 0x6) SR: 66.30

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Paine, OUT, caught at second slip! Bottom edge trying to pull, onto thigh pad and it pops up to second slip! From around the wicket, not that short, back of a good length, he tried to pull and got cramped, got a little bottom edge, it hit the thigh pad and ballooned up to Asad Shafiq at second slip. Unfortunate way to go but it wasn't short enough to pull

TD Paine c Asad Shafiq b Shaheen Shah Afridi 13 (33m 24b 2x4 0x6) SR: 54.16

Haris Sohail to Head, OUT, gone! Haris has another one!. Absolutely superb catch, too. Anticipates the shot as Haris throws one outside leg stump. Head was looking to tickle it to fine leg and Rizwan moved across to pouch it sharply. Brilliant stuff from the keeper after 140 overs.

TM Head c †Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Sohail 24 (29m 29b 3x4 0x6) SR: 82.75

Haris Sohail to Wade, OUT, and Wade nicks off to Rizwan! He looked to open the face and run it down to third man. The edge ended up being a little too fine, and even Rizwan appeared surprised to find the ball in his gloves. Soft dismissal, but Pakistan will take it!

MS Wade c †Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Sohail 60 (114m 97b 7x4 1x6) SR: 61.85

Yasir Shah to Smith, OUT, and he's cleaned up Smith's off stump! What happened there? landed on off, didn't even turn much. Smith tried to whip this through the onside, and just missed the ball completely. A sense of disbelief around the Gabba as Smith has a rare failure

SPD Smith b Yasir Shah 4 (17m 10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Naseem Shah to Warner, OUT, Got him! Caught behind off the bottom edge! Sensational bowling from Naseem! He deserved that. A brute of a short ball. Angled in and following him, he couldn't get out of the way, got a bottom edge as he tried to sway inside it, Rizwan dives low to his left and takes a great catch.

DA Warner c †Mohammad Rizwan b Naseem Shah 154 (444m 296b 10x4 0x6) SR: 52.02

Yasir Shah to Burns, OUT, played on around his legs! Burns gone three runs short of a century! The trap worked. A looping leg break outside leg, he gets down to sweep and drags a bottom edge onto leg stump! Burns is shattered

JA Burns b Yasir Shah 97 (277m 166b 10x4 0x6) SR: 58.43

Pakistan 3rd innings Partnerships

1st13Azhar AliShan Masood
2nd12Shan MasoodHaris Sohail
3rd0Shan MasoodAsad Shafiq
4th68Shan MasoodBabar Azam
5th1Babar AzamIftikhar Ahmed
6th132Mohammad RizwanBabar Azam
7th79Yasir ShahMohammad Rizwan
8th19Yasir ShahShaheen Shah Afridi
9th7Imran KhanShaheen Shah Afridi
10th4Imran KhanNaseem Shah