Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Australia win by an innings and 48 runs with another very impressive performance. More valuable WTC points in the bag. A victory set-up by the batsmen (especially Warner) and completed efficiently by the bowlers despite some blips in the field and a bit of toil from time to time. Pakistan offered some moments of fight in both Tests, but their bowling was just too far short of what was needed on these pitches. They'll head home (properly home) to focus on Sri Lanka in a couple of weeks. For Australia, attention now turns to the visit of New Zealand for three Tests. We'll bring you the presentation shortly.

Aby Mathew: "Head neither bowled, batted or took a catch. Must have been the easiest test match of his life so far." Man of the Match contender?

Rickyg: "Any thoughts on how the Aussies sit ahead of NZ arriving - these 2 results suggest they are on fire, performances in England and world rankings suggest Kiwis have a good shot??" Australia favourites, but should be a great contest.

Man of the Match and Series is David Warner. "I'm very happy we didn't have to bat again. I was very tired last night, fell asleep on the couch. Great team performance, to win two in a row by an innings. For us, [this Test] it's a memory and reflect of our mates' life - it was on his [Hughes'] birthday as well - difficult time for the guys. Adelaide is a nice batting track, back yourself. Enjoying it even more and hungrier than ever. We'll be coming up against quality opposition in New Zealand, we know every time they come across it's a good contest."

Azhar Ali "I'd like to congratulate Australia, they played wonderful cricket, especially David Warner for his triple hundred. It's always hard coming to Australia, we've been beaten by a better side. We lacked in all three departments in both Tests but we take some positives and learnings. If you don't bowl good and line they always score quickly and you have to field well. When you get in, score big and make big partnerships. We said we didn't want to give up at any stage. Yasir put up a lot of fight. Babar has been exceptional in this series, that's a great positive. It's very hard here with a young bowling attack, we came with a lot of expectations but it didn't go well. Very positive for the future, we will learn a lot."

Tim Paine "Really happy, probably barring a few slips in the field. Played some fantastic cricket. Really pleasing to get the results to start the summer. What we wanted from our batters was big runs. Our batters, David and Marnus, have been unbelievably good. Guys are stepping up, that's what good sides do. [Warner] We witnessed something really special. Unbelievable innings, top one or two from an Australian of all time. [Warner getting 400?] We didn't debate it, spoke about it that we had a time to declare. Davey was all for it, we are here to win Test matches and climb rankings. Wanted to make sure we had time to win the game. Never came into the calculations. [Starc] Think he's okay, just a big toe thing which he has to warm up. Thought our bowlers were huge, difficult wicket for bowlers unless the lights are on. Awesome effort, they kept coming. Best spinner in the world stood up today, though Lyno was awesome. I'd like to hold a few more catches, the challenge of the pink ball Test can be fielding. It is very different. We need to get better at that with Perth in a week's time. The next three Tests will be really competitive."

So that just about wraps things up for this series. Very convincing by Australia, plenty of questions for Pakistan. We'll be back at the weekend for coverage of the WBBL finals and then attention turns to the first Test against New Zealand in Perth. For now, though, from Gnasher, Alex and the rest of the crew it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Hazlewood to Muhammad Musa, OUT, it's all over, direct hit finishes things! Was a full delivery, clubbed towards mid-on, Musa wasn't running, Abbas was. He turned, but had little chance of beating Cummins' throw if it hit. And it did

Mohammad Abbas run out (Cummins) 1 (15m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

Hazlewood to Muhammad Musa, FOUR runs, another big swing! Thick outside edge over the slips as he has a heave at a full delivery

So it's one to go for Australia as Muhammad Musa walks in. He played some shots in the first innings

Hazlewood to Mohammad Rizwan, OUT, cleans him up! Full at the stumps, perhaps just a hint of shape in, Rizwan goes for the drive and it's through him

Mohammad Rizwan b Hazlewood 45 (149m 103b 4x4 0x6) SR: 43.68

Josh Hazlewood shares the new ball

Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, FOUR runs, comes down the pitch and has a huge heave through the leg side which is pretty effective

Chris Thurston: "Stoked to see Lyon getting the rewards after so many dropped catches from his bowling yesterday. BTW, did the batsman cross? Here's hoping that Lyon wraps this up before the new ball is available :)."

6.21pm Dinner Lyon gets his 16th five wicket haul in Tests and his 50th Test wicket at Adelaide Oval. He loves this place. Gaurav: First 5w haul for Lyon against Pakistan. The only team he is yet to take a five-wicket haul against is New Zealand. He has a chance next week.

Daniyal P: "Why is Rizwan exposing Afridi? Has he forget he's Shaheen and not Shahid."

Mustafa Moudi: "Dinner Taken early and Jordan's Dilemma is solved !!"

The end seems nigh. The new ball is due straight after dinner. Only Abbas and Musa to come. Join Gnasher in 30 minutes for the resumption.

Lyon to Shaheen Shah Afridi, OUT, caught at mid off! Lyon has five! Shocking shot. Tossed up outside off, he tried to hit this into the river, sliced a thick top edge high to mid off, Hazlewood cruises under it and takes a simple catch

Shaheen Shah Afridi c Hazlewood b Lyon 1 (18m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 6.66

Starc to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run, an lbw appeal but it's not out. It was full but tailing down leg. It hit the pad hard but it was missing
Starc to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run, beaten by a 141kph, length ball wide of off. He was shuffling around and missed it by some margin

Mitchell Starc is back to Afridi

Amir Ali: "Should have sent in Abbas as he is rock solid in defence and loves to hang on at the crease "

Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, FOUR runs, excellent slog sweep! Tossed up outside off, he was down on one knee and smoking this over midwicket.
Lyon to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run, huge swipe across the line and a top edge flies over slip! There was no one at deep midwicket but he gets away with it
Lyon to Yasir Shah, OUT, Given lbw! Yasir reviews. He went back on his stumps and wiped across the line and was hit plumb in front. Nothing on RTS. No bat involved. Ball tracking has it pitching in line, hitting in line, smashing middle and off. Yasir's hopes of another century gone. Pakistan lose a review

Yasir Shah lbw b Lyon 13 (37m 26b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Cummins to Yasir Shah, 2 runs, 135kph, short ball, he pulls, gloving it in between the keeper and leg gully, he gets away with it

Labuschagne is getting checked by Australia's doctor, Richard Saw. He will need a new helmet. They will be very cautious. Aaron Finch was ruled out of a Shield game on Friday after being hit in the same manner at short leg playing for Victoria.

Cummins to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, 140kph, short ball, it's pulled into Labuschagne's helmet at short leg, it pops up for an age but falls safe wide of mid on
Cummins to Yasir Shah, FOUR runs, flicked beautifully wide of fine leg! Superb stroke. Three men back, got a juicy one on the pads and flicked wide of fine leg into the gap!
Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, beaten. Beautiful drift but no turn and it beats the edge as he defended. He was playing for turn
Cummins to Yasir Shah, no run, huge appeal for lbw, not out is the call. Australia opt not to review. It was fuller, angled into leg, might have been sneaking down. He fell over a touch. Ball tracking had it missing leg

Feroz: "Yaser Shah Needs another 30 runs to be a top scorer for Pakistan in this series ! who would have thought ahead of the tour?" Amazing

Lyon to Yasir Shah, no run, big flash and miss trying to lash a drive at one wide of off. Again no turn and it beats the edge

Farhan Mumtaz: "In comes Pakistan's best batsman 'Yasir Shah'." Lyon over the wicket

Lyon to Yasir Shah, no run, beaten playing for turn but it goes on with arm wide of off past the edge
Lyon to Iftikhar Ahmed, OUT, caught ay short leg! Finally Labuschagne hangs on to one! A good length biting and turning, he pressed forward from the crease in hope but the extra bounce meant it came straight off the gloves of his low hands, it flew sharply to Labuschagne at short leg, he parried it up on the first attempt but didn't panic and pouched the second. His relief is palpable. His teammates give him a lot of pats on the back

Iftikhar Ahmed c Labuschagne b Lyon 27 (118m 70b 0x4 0x6) SR: 38.57

Pakistan 3rd innings Partnerships

2Shan MasoodImam-ul-Haq
9Azhar AliShan Masood
9Shan MasoodBabar Azam
103Shan MasoodAsad Shafiq
31Asad ShafiqIftikhar Ahmed
47Mohammad RizwanIftikhar Ahmed
20Yasir ShahMohammad Rizwan
8Mohammad RizwanShaheen Shah Afridi
6Mohammad RizwanMohammad Abbas
4Mohammad AbbasMuhammad Musa

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