2nd ODI (D/N), Southampton, Aug 1 2020, Ireland tour of England
(32.3/50 ov, target 213)
England won by 4 wickets
Player Of The Match
ENG Innings
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end of over 336 runs
ENG: 216/6CRR: 6.64 
David Willey47 (46)
Sam Billings46 (61)
Curtis Campher6.3-1-50-2
Craig Young9-0-68-1

8.39pm So, another match done in this bio-secure summer. Another comprehensive England win, but Ireland had their moments. From Chandan, Saurabh and Miller, good night!

Jonny Bairstow is Man of the Match. "You have to find things to get you in the mood to play your best cricket," he says. "It's quite individual, some like to be chilled out, some light to get cross and angry..." Can't imagine which camp he falls into.

3000 runs, fifth fastest to the landmark. "Very proud of that, it's been a testing journey. We go again, try and reach 4000, contribute to the team as we have been doing for the past four years."

Eoin Morgan has 20 points for the ODI league, but isn't thinking about such things. "We lost wickets in the chase, but the way the guys played, Jonny was outstanding at the top and Sam Billings finished it off again."

On James VInces' bowling, "it had been raining for some time, quite tacky, didn't think the fast bowlers would get much out of it. Getting their skipper was a huge bonus."

Saqib in the Plunkett role. "His ceiling is extremely high, hopefully he'll play more games."

Bairstow's batting: "We've a lot of guys who can do that at the top of the order, it takes the wicket out of the equation, and takes the game away from the opposition."

"We gave it a good crack in the field but we were too many too short," says Ireland's captain Andy Balbirnie, who says Curtis Campher could earn a promotion. "It's something we've talked about, he's an exciting prospect. We had to be attacking, the way these guys play it could be over very quickly. Josh Little was the spark we needed, we needed someone to step up to the plate after missing the first game."

Will he bat again on Tuesday... "potentially".

8.24 pm: Despite a wobble, England showed their depth and got home comfortably. Sam Billings with a second successive cool headed knock. Willey showed his value with bat and ball, but Bairstow was the barnstormer, with a destroyer of an innings. For Ireland, Campher continues to make impressive strides - was their best batsman and one of their best bowlers. Josh Little showed his wicket-taking ability by causing a collapse in the middle, but eventually, Ireland didn't have the firepower to throttle England.

Campher to Willey, FOUR runs
finishes in style, another short ball smacks a pull shot to deep square leg and England win the series
Campher to Willey, 2 runs
Short outside off, goes for the pull but gets it off the toe-end through midwicket. Gets two and scores are level

Sriram Sundar: "Out of all cricket's firsts coming back from COVID, I think I'm going to be the the first person whose comment got published from inside a COVID ward. Yay!"

Wow! Did not know that's where you were. Take care!

And for those wondering, Sriram Sundar has responded: "Oh! Thanks Saurabh. I'm all safe inside my PPE. I'm a doctor. "

Campher to Willey, no run
full outside off, punched to cover

Sriram Sundar: "How far has Bairstow come! I remember a time when he was just out of the XI, Hales was opening and Bairstow was playing any position up and down the order. Not unlike Billings. "