Player of the Match
Player of the Match

4.47pm Right, that'll do for today. Congrats to West Indies, have a read of Alan Gardner's report, and we'll see you again on Wednesday for the first T20I.

Kieron Pollard, West Indies captain: "Very pleased, we wanted to play that game, the way the guys went out and did it, credit must go to the bowlers, and then Evin Lewis finishing up with that hundred. All in all very happy to be winning 3-0 and going level with Sri Lanka on points [in the ICC rankings]."

Andy Balbirnie, Ireland's captain. "We've managed to get in but not kick off, we were outclassed today but we can take improvements from the three games. We don't have the quickest bowlers in the world or the biggest turners, but we can be disciplined. The second game was a big positive, we just didn't have that composure."

The Player of the Series is ... Evin Lewis. No surprise there either! "It's very important to me to give myself a chance, if I score fifty I try to score a hundred."

The Man of the Match is Evin Lewis. No surprise there. Let's hear from him: "All the hard work I've put in in the nets has paid off. The wicket today wasn't spinning as much as the last game, I played as much as possible off the front foot and it paid off. I've been trying to open up a bit more to play more down the ground. It's paying off. This was an opportunity for my first hundred in the Caribbean, and it's great to get a series win. I've been hungry for runs."

4.32pm This tour is far from over for Ireland, there's still the three T20s to come, starting here on Wednesday, and continuing with back-to-back contests in St Kitts. But given the mood Lewis and co have been in ...

4.28pm And so ends West Indies' first home ODI series win since Bangladesh in 2014. And it's an emphatic 3-0 clean sweep to boot. Pooran finishes on 43 not out, a fine supporting role to Evin Lewis's superb century. Ireland had their chances in the second game, but they were outclassed when it mattered in matches one and three.

McCarthy to Pooran, FOUR runs, that'll do! Banged in short, on the legs, a violent pull behind square to seal the contest with five wickets to spare!
McBrine to Shepherd, OUT, flashed down the ground and straight to long-on! Ireland putting some unexpected gloss on the scoreline as Shepherd holes out looking for the glory shot. A good take inside the rope from Adair, that was travelling hard

R Shepherd c Adair b McBrine 1 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Off Lewis troops, head bowed in disappointment, but he's done his job and more. Another fine knock to add to his 99 not out in the opening game

Young to Lewis, OUT, honked down the ground, looking to finish in style... but nope, Lewis has got a spiralling leading edge, and KOB at deep cover plucks the catch

E Lewis c O'Brien b Young 102 (97b 6x4 5x6) SR: 105.15

Young to Lewis, FOUR runs, banged in short, a half-cock long-hop but Lewis doesn't mind that! Slapped across the line and clean through midwicket to bring up his third ODI hundred! West Indies are home and hosed

Nick P: "I've decided Lewis enjoys making others wait for him. It's inexplicable otherwise."

Uh-oh, rain in the air again!

Young to Pooran, FOUR runs, a hint of width, smeared through point, underneath the diving fielder, and all the way to the rope! He's eyeing up a milestone of his own as the victory target nears...
McBrine to Pooran, SIX runs, that's in the slot! Panned down the ground, one knee on the turf, gallumphing followthrough, clean into the stands!
Young to Pooran, FOUR runs, oops ... too short, clattered through midwicket! Such quick hands, there was a fielder on the rope, but he was too square to reach that
McBrine to Pooran, no run, more sharp turn! Beats the outside edge and Tucker whips off the bails with the back foot anchored

The groundsmen are holding the covers ... but we continue for now

McBrine to Pooran, FOUR runs, classy drive! If the last shot was power, this was finesse, head over the ball and laced through the covers. West Indies are turning on the style now

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st29E LewisSD Hope
2nd25SW AmbrisE Lewis
3rd75E LewisBA King
4th63E LewisN Pooran
5th1N PooranR Shepherd
6th6RL ChaseN Pooran