Only Test, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh at Dhaka, Feb 22-25 2020
57.3 ov
265 & 189
Bangladesh won by an innings and 106 runs
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ZIM 2nd Innings
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end of over 581 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 189/10CRR: 3.28 
Victor Nyauchi7 (21)
Taijul Islam24.3-7-78-4
Nayeem Hasan24-6-82-5

2.23pm Bangladesh pose with the Test trophy for this stage of the tour, but there's three ODis and two T20Is yet to come! We'll see you all in Sylhet on March 1, when these teams face off the first of three ODIs. For the moment, this is Debayan Sen bidding adieu on behalf of Ranjith P and Liam Brickhill.

Mominul Haque speaks: "We need to play good cricket, and everyone gets some confidence from a win like this. (On Nayeem Hasan) Nayeem has been doing really well, and some other important performances were from Shanto, Tamim and Liton. Everyone did well, and I am happy for the team. We tried to put up a big score and we were able to get that. We are hoping to win the ODI series too, and good luck to the boys."

Mushfiqur Rahim is the man of the match: "As a team, we needed this win badly. This was a really flat wicket, and our bowlers were excellent. We needed someone to bat really big, and I was lucky to get to a double hundred. Tamim and Shanto gave us a great start, and then Liton also chipped in with some good runs."

2.14pm Time for the post-match presentation. Craig Ervine tells the broadcasters :"It was nice to get some runs, but it was a disappointing game that we now need to put behind us and move forward in the series. There were quite a few starts, and we needed to kick on. We also needed to score more than 260 after winning the toss. We've come here in the past, and it's been a lot tougher than this wicket. We weren't consistent enough. Bangladesh bowlers were accurate and consistent and gave us nothing to work with. (On the approach this morning) It's an area where we've done badly in the past. we have lost the momentum due to poor shot selection. We haven't played much white-ball cricket of late, but the guys are looking forward to it."

Tarif Sherhan: "To me, the biggest take away for BD in this game is Abu Jayed getting 4 wickets. BD should focus on building skills that would help them rescue from their overseas struggle." ---- Very impressed with him. Have had the opportunity to see him over a period of the last few months, and I can see signs of improved control and tactical nous all the while. Augurs well for Bangladesh.

The Champions League resumes tonight, and the marquee clash for Tuesday is Napoli at home to Barcelona, a spin-off on the Maradona-Messi comparison that has been used effectively on social media. But are Barcelona really ripe for the picking?

Wahid: "From December 2018, Bangladesh have played only 5 tests match. I think people should need to know this too." --- Six before this, and they bring a sequence of losses to an end. But your point is valid. They would be aiming to play at least 10 every year, if possible

Fahad: "@Ibrahim. He was 97 runs away and there was no assurance he could reach the landmark as he was batting with the tail." --- To be fair, he did say that he would have accelerated in the morning session, if he was to be given an hour. But yeah, with the quality of his batsmanship, there will be opportunities in future as well.

"Very good win for Bangladesh. Winning big. Bossing the game from the off. Plenty to ponder for Zim, but better and more experienced sides have struggled in Bangladesh in recent years, so it should not be all doom and gloom. Bangladesh away is no longer an easy fixture: the tigers are coming of age. For Zim, it's a reminder of the expected level that they have to reach." --- Mark with a fairly objective analysis of the last four days

Andy Cricket Bo: ""I admired how Zimbabwe played in recent Sri Lanka series, but in this test match no game plan has seemed apparent. When they started this 2nd innings their aim surely was to bat as long as possible for an unlikely draw. Why then are some throwing their wickets away with strange shots, just defend, block and show some fight is what's needed"" --- As I said, thin line between being brave and overdoing it. Always a difficult balance to maintain. What is disappointing is how the middle order didn't learn from the earliest errors

Ibrahim: "Why didn't they let Mushi score 300?!" --- I think that decision would have been taken keeping in mind the weather forecast for today and tomorrow

1.57pm Bangladesh have their first win in this format since December 2018, and only their second innings win ever, and the only thing that went wrong for them today was that Nayeem Hasan couldn't complete that 10-wicket haul perhaps!

We've got to say it was a curious batting performance from Zimbabwe, especially after a member of their coaching staff said that they trusted their defence this morning. Ironically, it appeared that no.10 and 11 were the ones most comfortable defending today. There were brief resistances from Craig Ervine and Sikandar Raza, with some helping hands from Brendan Taylor and Timycen Maruma, but not enough of substance at any stage today.

But to trace the origin of this victory, I guess you have to go back to the Zimbabwe first innings. Abu Jayed and Nayeem Hasan were fantastic with the ball, with the latter claiming the crucial wicket of Ervine when he could have walked away with the initiative. When Bangladesh batted, they were anchored by the two Ms, Mominul and Mushfiqur, and together the two of them batted Zimbabwe out of the game. The bowlers then came on and tidied up the rest of the job.

Taijul Islam to Tshuma, OUT
length ball, straight on, and he's been given leg-before playing back. He reviews after a long pause, more out of disappointment! He started moving forward, but by then the ball had been speared in, missed the inside edge, and crashed into his pad. The only question here is of direction, and it would be umpire's call at worst. Hitting, and Bangladesh have won this!
CK Tshuma lbw b Taijul Islam 3 (26b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.53
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, 1 run
sharp turn, and a bit of bounce, and he does well to back away and plonk this wide of point
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
length, straight back towards the stumps, and he goes back to defend

Rubel Babu: "The way bangladesh is dominating over Zimbabwe is very attractive. As a BD fan I wish if this consistency can be remained over to other teams that will be more attractive."

end of over 57Maiden
ZIM: 188/9CRR: 3.29 
Charlton Tshuma3 (25)
Victor Nyauchi6 (19)
Nayeem Hasan24-6-82-5
Taijul Islam24-7-77-3
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, around off, and dogged defence again from the batsman

Over the wicket, and forward short leg moves to silly point

Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, defends with a forward press
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length ball, just a hint of turn back in, and Tshuma defends nicely

Around the wicket now

Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, defends with a forward press
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
tossed up further, outside off, and he blocks, moving forward a touch
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, turns in from outside off, and he defends with a dead bat

Ray yar: "@ Simba zim future is good.U19 played well & missed out on supers by a little-bang won it whom we used to B-slap just shy of a decade and a half ago...consistent match time for these 30 yr olds will spill over to the youngsters "

end of over 56Maiden
ZIM: 188/9CRR: 3.35 
Victor Nyauchi6 (19)
Charlton Tshuma3 (19)
Taijul Islam24-7-77-3
Nayeem Hasan23-5-82-5
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
oh, some turn across him! Taijul slows one up, and offers it some room to spin by tossing it up around middle, and it zips past the bat as Nyauchi goes back to defend. Good ball, but a bit too miuch turn for the last man
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
nicely forward to defend one speared in around leg and middle
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
length, defends with a little forward movement. From the crease still
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
similar ball, similar tactic. Back and block
Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
length, plays back again and is able to keep out a straighter ball speared in towards the stumps

Moses Jeza: "Even the forces of nature are turning against my beloved Zimbabwe. In the 2nd Test against Sri Lanka, we had momentum but 2 days of rain prevented Zimbabwe from winning, and today rain could not save the day or take us at least to Day 5. If only we could exchange those days."

Taijul Islam to Nyauchi, no run
length, plays back to this

Azizul: "The comment '...from their first win 450 days' is useless, it should be in terms of test matches, coz BD is playing very few test matches comparing to India, NZ, AU....." --- Agree. All numbers are meaningless without context. But fun to consider, nonetheless

end of over 55Maiden
ZIM: 188/9CRR: 3.41 
Charlton Tshuma3 (19)
Victor Nyauchi6 (13)
Nayeem Hasan23-5-82-5
Taijul Islam23-6-77-3
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
hangs back and defends one around off
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, presses forward to defend this
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
fuller, outside off, and he drives towards mid-off
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
length, straighter, and he defends after going back a touch
Nayeem Hasan to Tshuma, no run
beaten outside off! Again, another one that doesn't turn