3rd ODI, Brisbane, Oct 7 2020, New Zealand Women tour of Australia
(27/50 ov, target 326)
AUS Women won by 232 runs
Player Of The Match
Australia Women
NZ-W Innings
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end of over 271 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 93/10CRR: 3.44 • RRR: 10.13 • Need 233 runs from 23 overs
Rosemary Mair4 (6)
Sophie Molineux2-0-2-2
Ashleigh Gardner3-0-11-2

3.36pm That equals the record as well. Australia record their 21st successive win. And they have absolutely battered New Zealand. Ricky Ponting's men had achieved the same milestone in the peak of their powers, back in 2003, and who's to argue that this Australian women's team isn't at the top of their game either! They went into this match without their best batter and perhaps the best all-rounder in world cricket today, but still had more than enough firepower to put away their trans-Tasman rivals. Make no mistake, New Zealand were a touch disappointing, not least because they chose to insert Australia on a used pitch, and despite missing their pace spearhead through injury. Not much else went right for them either, as Alyssa Healy and captain Rachael Haynes led the way for Australia with the bat. Some handy contributions all the way through took them to 325, their highest ODI total against New Zealand. With the ball, Australia were always going to be quite imposing, with their depth in seam and spin.

Rachael Haynes is player of the match, and player of the series. Speaks on the broadcst: "I thought the Kiwis bowled well to start. The great thing about this ground is the longer you spend out in the middle, the easier it gets. it was great to set a platform from where we could launch at the end. It's a great team to lead, because there are lots of experienced players in the team that know their role. I think for our team [the record] is not something we have spoken about too much. When you think over the time about all the people that we have played over the last three-year period, it's something that we can look back with a lot of pleasure."

Sophine Devine: "It's a tough one. I thought in the second game, we showed we can compete with the best in the world. Today we just didn't show up. [Amelia Kerr] is really good. The way Amy [Satterthwaite] is coming back from pregnancy is also a huge positive for us. It'll be really nice to play on the same side for once [in the WBBL]."

Meg Lanning picks up the Rose Bowl trophy. Speaks to the broadcasters: "I think Rachael and Alyssa Healy have really set us up so well for the batting. Our bowlers have also contributed. [On the record] It's a really special effort, especially over a long period of time. To win 21 on the trot is something to be really proud of, and the way we have swept this series has been something that has given us a lot of pleasure."

3.48pm That's it from us for the moment. Australia get the job done, and surely it begs the question of this winning streak: when will this end?. Australia are a professional unit, and they showed off their depth in the course of this three-match series. New Zealand, alas, only turned up for the second of these matches, but at least they had the win in the third T20I to show for their efforts. For the moment, this is Debayan Sen, signing off on behalf of Andrew McGlashan and the rest of our colleagues. Dan Brettig's report will drop soon. Stay tuned to ESPNcricinfo for more detailed coverage of this record. Cheers and goodbye to you wherever you are joining us from.

Molineux to Huddleston, OUT
that's that! Swipes across the line to one that was a bit straighter, and misses it completely. Australia win by 232 runs, as New Zealand fall to a relentless assault by seam, pace and spin at the Allan Border Field
HR Huddleston b Molineux 0 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
dances down the pitch, and smothers one around off
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
presses forward to defend one around off
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
slow, around off, and defended towards cover
Molineux to Mair, 1 run
similar ball, same shot, but placed a little to the left of point. Allows them to pick up a quick single
Molineux to Mair, no run
slow and around off, cut away towards point
end of over 263 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 92/9CRR: 3.53 • RRR: 9.75 • Need 234 runs from 24 overs
Rosemary Mair3 (4)
Holly Huddleston0 (4)
Ashleigh Gardner3-0-11-2
Sophie Molineux1-0-1-1

Anonymous: "Every single bowler in this innings has already taken a wicket. Tells you about the quality of the side. Still can't stop gushing about this much deserved record."

Gardner to Mair, 1 run
length, pushed towards cover
Gardner to Mair, no run
struck on the pads, and off the back foot, but perhaps going down leg side this time

PeterWarrington: "With McGrath touted as the next #3 and skipper, what justification for pushing Sutherland up the order? I mean its only a few games since she was a specialist number 8 in the T20 world cup?"

Gardner to Mair, no run
length, pushed back towards the bowler
Gardner to Mair, 2 runs
played with the turn towards fine leg
Gardner to Rowe, OUT
gone! The angle around the wicket works for Gardner, and exactly why she went that route. Pitches around off, and then straightens. Rowe plays from within the crease, and once she missed, the leg before decision was just of academic interest
HM Rowe lbw b Gardner 3 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Gardner to Rowe, no run
length, around off, defended back to the bowler
end of over 251 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 89/8CRR: 3.56 • RRR: 9.48 • Need 237 runs from 25 overs
Holly Huddleston0 (4)
Hannah Rowe3 (4)
Sophie Molineux1-0-1-1
Ashleigh Gardner2-0-8-1
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
length, and she allows this to come to her. Defended towards cover
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
length, and she defends with a forward press
Molineux to Huddleston, no run
driven back to the bowler