Tour Match, Southampton, Jul 1-3 2020, Other Matches
287/5d & 200/6d
(30.2 ov, target 255)
233 & 157/4
Match drawn
TS 2nd Innings
Full commentary

Well, thanks to all and sundry for joining us for the first live ball-by-ball commentary since mid-March. It's been a lot of fun, even if England haven't necessarily learned all that much from it. We'll bring you all the latest from tomorrow's squad announcement tomorrow morning on the site, and will have some post-match reaction for you later this evening. But other than that, from me, Miller and Alan, it's goodbye - and see you on Wednesday morning!

5.42pm: And with that, it looks like they're bumping fists! What an anti-climax after all that! But it seems as though that will be that, as the groundsman heads out there with a broom.

Bess to Ali, OUT
skids on with the angle as Moeen tries to reverse this through point. He's struck on the pad, Bess goes up, and he's given! Thought that might have hit him outside the line, but Moeen is on his way
MM Ali lbw b Bess 6 (9m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 120.00
Bess to Ali, no run
has a waft at one outside off and is beaten

This is definitely on, you know. 98 off 96 balls, by my count. Bess continues from round the wicket, with slip in place

end of over 307 runs • 1 wicket
TS: 157/3CRR: 5.23 
Moeen Ali6 (3)
Ben Stokes33 (17)
Mark Wood4-1-19-1
Dom Bess1-0-12-0
Wood to Ali, 1 run
flicked off the pads down to deep square to keep the strike

Slip moves out

Wood to Ali, FOUR runs
length outside off, driven elegantly through cover for Moeen's first boundary. 99 needed...
Wood to Stokes, 1 run
length outside leg stump, Stokes clears the front leg and chips it out to cover point
Wood to Stokes, no run
short ball aimed at the left shoulder, Stokes sways inside the line
Wood to Ali, 1 run
back of a length outside off, steered down to third man

Wood is round the wicket

Moeen Ali is the new man, presumably with license to have a whack. And meanwhile, the PM has confirmed that recreational cricket is back next weekend, or so I'm told

Wood to Crawley, OUT
hit on the back pad trying to work to leg, big shout, given! Looked good to the naked eye, smashed dead in front and Crawley trudges off after a useful cameo
Z Crawley lbw b Wood 34 (62m 43b 6x4 0x6) SR: 79.06
end of over 2914 runs
TS: 150/2CRR: 5.17 
Zak Crawley34 (42)
Ben Stokes32 (15)
Dom Bess1-0-12-0
Mark Wood3-1-12-0
Bess to Crawley, 1 run
heaved up and over midwicket, Stokes doesn't bother running because he's sure it's four but it doesn't go, and they only get one as a result
Bess to Crawley, 2 leg byes
full on fifth stump, shapes to sweep and is beaten. It ricochets off a mixture of his and Buttler's pads to Burns at wide slip who throws to the non-striker's end with Stokes wandering down the pitch, and away for overthrows. Mayhem!