3rd T20I, Derby, Sep 26 2020, West Indies Women tour of England
(20 ov, target 155)
ENG Women won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
England Women
WI-W Innings
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end of over 207 runs
WI-W: 129/5CRR: 6.45 
Stafanie Taylor14 (13)
Chinelle Henry12 (12)
Sophie Ecclestone4-0-28-0
Katherine Brunt4-0-29-2

4.15pm: That'll be that from us for today. Stick around for Andrew Miller's report, and remember we have live coverage of the Bob Willis Trophy final and Sunrisers vs KKR - the live cricket never stops... see you soon!

Here's the presentation. "I'm really pleased with the way we went about our batting," says Stafanie Taylor. "I talked about intent, and the intent was there from the get-go. [Changes in the batting order] We had a long discussion about it. We thought that we needed a bit more firepower up top and that we needed a stable middle, hence we reshuffled. [Dottin] I couldn't ask for anything better from Deandra. She didn't have the best World Cup, but I know she went home, had a think about it, and she's been brilliant in this series. [Last two games?] We have to come out banging - we have nothing more to lose. We have to show the same intent we showed today."

"Delighted," says Heather Knight. "Really nice to get that series win. It felt a little bit slow together. Nat and I talked about getting a partnership together and having one of the top five at the end. Happy to have her in our side. We just talking about getting it together - it felt hard to hit boundaries, particularly with the wind. We ran really well. [Weather] It was pretty cold... I've still got a sore hand from that stop off Hayley. [Windies chase] I wouldn't say nervous, but great that it was going to be a game. It was nice to see our bowlers under pressure from a development perspective. [Last two] It would be nice to win 5-0. We'll have a sit-down and see what we want to do with the team but it would be hard to drop someone from a winning side. We don't know what cricket we've got coming up."

"We said at the start of the day we wanted to win the series," player-of-the-match Nat Sciver tells the BBC. "The game was more competitive today. In the first two games I was a little bit caught up in coming too big, too early. Heather and I had a good partnership together. [Cold?] I've got my handwarmers... once you get going, it's alright. The wickets have been good and the outfield's still good, so there's nothing much you'd change. [Free-to-air TV] There's a massive difference. We were joking that I was waiting for the BBC to play this innings."

Lindsay ORegan: "what a curious innings from Stafanie Taylor! I thought she was coming in at 6 to be the finisher, but if that was the plan she was cast in the wrong role."

Abhijato: "Good bowling from England for third match in a row, but in all honesty, the Windies simply let this one go with their lack of intent!"

4pm: Nat Sciver's career-best innings laid the platform for England, and their bowlers did the job by varying their pace in the run chase. Deandra Dottin got West Indies off to a flying start, but didn't get enough support, and struggled for tempo as her innings progressed. Their re-jigged batting line-up threatened to pull the chase off, but Stafanie Taylor came in far too late in the day, and England wrapped up the win.

Ecclestone to Taylor, FOUR runs
fired down the leg side, and swept past short fine leg for four, but crucially Ecclestone's front foot is behind the line and that completes a 20-run win for England giving them an unassailable 3-0 lead with two to play

25 off 1!

Ecclestone to Henry, 1 run
full outside off, and heaved out to deep midwicket
Ecclestone to Taylor, 1 run
length ball, Taylor shapes to go inside-out over the covers, but there's no timing at all. It plugs just outside the circle, and it'll only be one
Ecclestone to Taylor, no run
backs away looking to carve over the off side, but can't lay bat on it
Ecclestone to Henry, 1 leg bye
yorker on leg stump, and thumped into the front pad by Henry. It skews into the off side, and they squeeze through for a single
Ecclestone to Henry, no run
slides on with the angle from round the wicket, Henry can't connect with the slog-sweep

Bizarre innings from Taylor so far. No attacking intent, no desire to get through for the single in that over. It would take something special from here, with 28 required off the 20th over.

end of over 1910 runs
WI-W: 127/5CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 28.00 • Need 28 runs from 6b
Chinelle Henry11 (9)
Stafanie Taylor9 (10)
Katherine Brunt4-0-29-2
Natalie Sciver4-0-23-1
Brunt to Henry, 1 run
length ball outside off, Henry shuffles across and heaves cross-batted down to long-on
Brunt to Henry, no run
dipping slower ball, full toss outside off, and Henry can't beat mid-off. She wanted a single, but Taylor wasn't interested!
Brunt to Henry, 2 runs
backs way to give herself room, and Brunt follows her with a short ball. Henry miscues it just over Ecclestone at short fine leg via the top edge, but will get back for two. Brunt isn't happy with that effort in the field!
Brunt to Henry, no run
another slower ball, struck on the pad heaving to leg, but umpire Redfern says no. England won't review - too high, and maybe sliding down leg
Brunt to Henry, SIX runs
full toss on leg stump, and pongo-ed over square leg for six! Chinelle Henry could do with a few more of these. Bit of a freebie, but Henry frees her arms and gives this the treatment
Brunt to Taylor, 1 leg bye
slower ball on the legs, clipped down to fine leg via the pad as Taylor looks to heave over square leg

38 required off the last two overs. Barring a complete nightmare from here, England are about to seal the five-match series with two games remaining

end of over 184 runs
WI-W: 117/5CRR: 6.5 • RRR: 19.00 • Need 38 runs from 12b
Stafanie Taylor9 (9)
Chinelle Henry2 (4)
Natalie Sciver4-0-23-1
Katherine Brunt3-0-20-2
Sciver to Taylor, 1 run
steered to short third to retain the strike
Sciver to Henry, 1 bye
dipping yorker, which squeezes between Jones' pads as Henry gets across to the off side. It dribbles to the edge of the ring, and they pinch a bye
Sciver to Henry, no run
slower ball, Henry is made to wait for it and can only press out into the covers
Sciver to Taylor, 1 run
offcutter on a length, clipped out to square leg for one
Sciver to Taylor, no run
slower ball, back of a length, and pulled straight to fine leg
Sciver to Henry, 1 run
length ball outside off, punched out into the covers to give Taylor the strike

West Indies need one hell of a cameo from Stafanie Taylor here. But she's at the wrong end. Sciver to finish up, with Henry on strike.

end of over 176 runs • 1 wicket
WI-W: 113/5CRR: 6.64 • RRR: 14.00 • Need 42 runs from 18b
Chinelle Henry1 (1)
Stafanie Taylor7 (6)
Katherine Brunt3-0-20-2
Sophie Ecclestone3-0-22-0
Brunt to Henry, 1 run
length ball on fourth stump, clipped to wide long-on for one

Chinelle Henry is the No. 7

Brunt to Dottin, OUT
down the leg side, Dottin heaves out towards deep backward square, and Wilson clings on! Not a great ball, back of a length with pace off, but the big heave-ho was straight down the boundary-rider's throat! Dottin falls, and that could be that.
DJS Dottin c Wilson b Brunt 63 (71m 56b 9x4 1x6) SR: 112.50
Brunt to Dottin, FOUR runs
yorker on leg stump, Dottin fires it through her legs for four! Wide stance, and Natmegged between the pads for four down to long leg!
Brunt to Dottin, no run
back-of-the-hander, Dottin waits for it, but can only nudge back to Brunt looking to work into the leg side
Brunt to Taylor, 1 run
cutter, jammed in short, and pulled out to deep backward square for one
Brunt to Taylor, no run
driven firmly back to the bowler

Brunt returns for the 17th, and will presumably bowl the 19th over too.