Final, Chennai, Jan 19-23 2012, Ranji Trophy Elite
621 & 204/5d
(13 ov, target 531)
295 & 8/2
Match drawn (Rajasthan won on 1st innings)
Player Of The Match
TN 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 13Maiden
TN: 8/2CRR: 0.61 
Kuthethurshri Vasudevadas7 (43)
S Badrinath0 (28)
Puneet Yadav1-1-0-0
Robin Bist6-4-3-0

The keeper and slip fielder rushing to get the stumps, they are jubiliant, hugs and loud cheer from the players. Tamil Nadu players waiting for the Rajasthan players to shake hands. The match is drawn but Rajasthan lift the 2011-12 Ranji Trophy on the first innings lead. The players are still fighting for the stumps out there, they are having fun, loud cheers all around by the players, well done. Thanks to S Balasubramanian and rest of the team for the Ranji coverage. Thanks for being with us, do join us next time, until then it is bye from all of us here.

Puneet Yadav to Vasudevadas, no run
left alone.
Puneet Yadav to Vasudevadas, no run
pushes to short extra cover.
Puneet Yadav to Vasudevadas, no run
driven to covers.