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Player of the Match
654dThe Report by Liam Brickhill

Taylor, Masakadza star in series win

Half-centuries from Brendan Taylor and Hamilton Masakadza led Zimbabwe to a stunning nine-wicket victory over South Africa in the tri-series final at Harare Sports Club

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South Africa XI , elected to bat first

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Series result

Zimbabwe XI won the 2012 Zimbabwe Twenty20 Triangular Series


Hours of play (local time)

13.00 start, First Session 13.00-14.15, Interval 14.15-14.30, Second Session 14.30-15.45

Match days

24 June 2012 (20-over match)

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Commentator: Firdose Moonda

The end of an eventful week. It's a pleasure being with you. Cheers for now.

Post Match Presentation:

Man of the match Brendan Taylor: It's a huge feeling to beat a quality team. It shows us that we are heading in the right direction and we've been putting in the hard yards. We know we are a team that needs to put in a bit extra and we did.

Man of the Series Hamilton Masakadza: I am ecstatic, over the moon. All the hard work is paying off. We just kept thinking hang in there and stay calm. BT and I knew the longer we stayed together, the closer we would get to the total.

Hashim Amla: From the start we had, 146 was a good defendable score. It's quite disappointing but hats off to Zimbabwe, they deserved to win. We knew what the squad for Sri Lanka will be, this is a good indicator to selectors. It was challenging, similar to what we could expect in Sri Lanka, a worthy exercise and hopefully we walk away with some hard lessons learnt.

Zimbabwe are in the same group as South Africa in the World T20. They beat them twice in this tournament, although bear in mind that South Africa were without many of their first choice players.

Memories of August last year when Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh in their Test comeback. Zimbabwe's players embark on a lap of honour with their flag and the crowd runs onto the field with them. This is not a pitch invasion, they are hugging their players in joy and quickly clear out. It's a beautiful day to be in Harare and a special time to be one of the Zimbabwean XI. This is what cricket is about. Enjoy!

Parnell to Taylor, FOUR runs, BT wins the match for his country. Full toss, pulled away and Zimbabwe have done it! They've got one over their big brothers and this means so much to them. BT and Hamilton embrace, Hamilton ruffles his captains hair and there is a man blowing a vuvuzela on the field. This tournament was dubbed pointless but I'll tell you, there's a massive point in it for Zimbabwe.

17 | 15 Runs | ZimXI: 146/1 (1 run required from 18 balls, RR: 8.58, RRR: 0.33)

  • Hamilton Masakadza58 (50b)
  • Brendan Taylor55 (40b)
  • Lonwabo Tsotsobe4-0-43-0
  • Chris Morris4-0-24-1
Tsotsobe to Masakadza, FOUR runs, Masakadza has put the teams on level terms. Driven over long-off, four more. He pumps his fist and there's a huge smile on his face. This is quite magical. Having covered Zimbabwe for most of the last year, I can tell you there's some emotion here.
Tsotsobe to Masakadza, FOUR runs, he wants to finish this himself, driven in the air over long-on and Zimbabwe one shot away
Tsotsobe to Masakadza, FOUR runs, there's the one more. Pulled through mid-wicket, no-one there so the ball labours to the rope. Masakadza's fourth fifty in the series, what a run of form he has hit. Well deserved, Hammy.
Tsotsobe to Taylor, 1 run, turned around the corner, Taylor wants two, no need.
Tsotsobe to Taylor, 2 runs, goes aerial, under a full one and carved over the infield, falls safe and two more runs ran