Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 13 Runs | SA: 301/9 (23 runs required, RR: 6.02)

  • Wayne Parnell10 (10b)
  • Dale Steyn17 (13b)
  • Graham Onions7-0-52-0
  • Stuart Broad10-0-67-3

What a performance from England, outclassing South Africa today. Shah and Colingwood were impressive in the middle overs, and Morgan blasted England past 300. It was always going to be a tough target and despite Smith's stunning century South Africa ended well short and are out of the tournament. Sri Lanka are still in with a chance of making the final four, depending on the result of the England-New Zealand match.

If New Zealand beat England, they will make it, otherwise it they will be out because their net run-rate is below Sri Lanka's.

For everyone asking why South Africa are out, the have finished with a net run-rate less than Sri Lanka's, so they are eliminated irrespective of the result of the England-New Zealand game.

Post-match presentation: Smith: "It's jugely disappointing, I think it's about giving your all, unfortunately we fell 22 runs short. Two of the games, we have given away over 300 runs, it's difficult to chase that much regularly. You have to give credit to the way England batted, anything around 300 we would have cruised in but 320 was a step too far.

"I wish I had a remedy, we've got the potential, there is no point giving excuses," he says about going out of another ICC tournament.

Strauss says that's the best he has seen England bat in an ODI. "The way Paul and Owais played the spinners was crucial, setting the platform for Morgan at the end. For the last 18 months, Anderson has been expceptional, and now he's learning to have a Plan B even when the ball isn't swinging. "

Owais Shah is the Man of the Match. "Can't wait for fielding practice tomorrow," he jokes. "I'd love to bat on this pitch everyday. It was a beautiful wicket to bat on."

That's it from us at Cricinfo today. Do join us tomorrow for the big game between India and Australia. Thanks for the many mails, good night.

Last words go to Matt, who mails in: "I'm South African. I'm sitting in Newark Airport in the US. I'm gutted."

Onions to Parnell, 5 runs, South Africa are knocked out of yet another tournament that they entered as favourites, driven off the front foot to covers for a single, there are four inconsequential overthrows as well, England march into the semi-finals
Onions to Steyn, 1 run, back of a length outside off, Steyn looks to smash that over midwicket, mistimes it towards cover
Onions to Parnell, 1 run, full ball again, flicked to deep square leg for a single
Onions to Steyn, 1 run, a full ball on middle and leg, Steyn force it towards mid-on
Onions to Steyn, FOUR runs, Steyn swings a length ball to the square leg boundary
Onions to Parnell, 1 run, full toss, driven towards long-on for a single

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st42HH GibbsGC Smith
2nd22JH KallisGC Smith
3rd78GC SmithAB de Villiers
4th64GC SmithJP Duminy
5th24MV BoucherGC Smith
6th25JA MorkelGC Smith
7th0J BothaGC Smith
8th8GC SmithRE van der Merwe
9th11GC SmithWD Parnell
10th27DW SteynWD Parnell

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