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Player of the Match
392dFirdose Moonda in Cardiff

Pollard wicket hands South Africa semi-final place

It has been a decade since South Africa's miscalculation of the Duckworth-Lewis saw them exit the World Cup in the first round. Finally, they will consider themselves redeemed

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Best performances - Batsmen

CA Ingram
73(63) 6x4 - 2x6
Control %81%
  • Productive Shot
  • cut shot on back foot
  • 18 runs
  • 4x4 - 0x6
3 11 14 8 12 14 4 7
MN Samuels
MN Samuels
48(38) 6x4 - 2x6
Control %78%
  • Productive Shot
  • off side drive on front foot
  • 19 runs
  • 3x4 - 1x6
1 4 1 2 12 10 6 12

Best performances - Bowlers

DW Steyn
DW Steyn
DJ Bravo

Scorer: S Balasubramanian | Commentator: Sidharth Monga

Okay before I leave, I must repeat the significance of today: 1992: South Africa lost to rain. 1996: They lost to West Indies. 1999: They lost to a tie. 2003: They lost to a tie on D/L. Today, South Africa have beaten all four of them. McLaren scored those late runs against India to limit the run-rate damage, he took the late Pakistan wins to help the run-rate boost, and he got Pollard's wicket today to force the tie. Spare a thought for Pollard and mates, though. As difficult as it was for South Africa with a wet ball and history against them, it couldn't have been easy for West Indies to chase this with an eye on D/L table and another on the rains. Well played both teams, but one had to go through. South Africa it was on what should be a cathartic night. Go dancing in the rain, South Africa. It's 8.30pm, and I have been calling this match for close to 12 hours now. I have enjoyed every bit of it. Good night and good luck people. Thanks for your time, and you can thank me for mine. This is Sidharth Monga singing off

Presentation quotes
"If you are in the top three, you should be able to open." says Colin Ingram, the Man of the Match. "Just a little bit more nervous when opening. With Hash there, it is calm. It went around a bit. We were expecting it to moe a little. In general it was a good wicket all day. Enjoying. Ad a young player, I started as an opener. Enjoying my time it with Hash at the top." Truer words never spoken, Colin

"We have been on the losing side of things like this," says AB de Villiers. "I feel bad for West Indies, this is part of the game. It was in the back of mind. Luckily the par score was on the scoreboard all the time. We were aware of it. It was difficult. The ball was getting wet. We needed to be calm, and we were. We played really good cricket most of the time today. We batted well, but we were aware West Indies have strong batting. Dale looked really good today, bowling with a lot of heat. And just glad he held on to that catch in the end."

"Obviously disappointed," says Dwayne Bravo, "but congrats South Africa for making it to the playoff. Both teams deserve a pat on the shoulder. We were hoping we could get back to the field. Umpires have a job to do, they did it to the best of their ability. We need to give credit to my team as well. They batted well in chase. Congrats to SA, but well done West Indies for the fight. We did our best. We were aware of the weather. It is difficult to judge when rain will come. When we thought rain would come, we stepped it up. We played hard today. The way we played we deserved to finish with a better result, but it is out of our control."

8.10pm 1992: South Africa lost to rain. 1996: They lost to West Indies. 1999: They lost to a tie. 2003: They lost to a tie on D/L. Today, on June 14, 2013, South Africa have beaten all four of them. Jou Lekker Ding. Still waiting for the presentation. This time also means India have finished top of this group and go to Cardiff for the semi-final

8.07pm Still no presentation. Usually we get the presentation as soon as the match finishes. Are they setting up indoors?

Michelle : "Nodbody really deserved to lose that game. In Afrikaans a 'keerom' is a kind of 'choke'. Kinda more like 'reverse', but tell oom (uncle) Keerom Pollard i'll take him out for a Howzit Brew when he's next in my 'hood."

By the way, South Africa didn't get to celebrate outdoors on the field of play. They did it indoors. All we saw was Morris and Ingram embrace

8.05pm Rahul: "Is Lance Klusener watching this ?"

Ed: "Terrible way for a great game to end, but still - Yeah Dwayne Choke Nah..."

Deepak Azad: "Is this real? We have rain, D-L and a Tie and South Africa goes through. Never thought this would happen :P"

Anish: "Pollock Klusener and Donald will sleep like babies tonite !!"

7.56pm The game has been called off. We have a tie. South Africa are through. Oh what drama it was. Pollard will be heart-broken. He scored 28 off 23, he did his job until then, but that last ball. Oh man. And South Africa. They have beaten their biggest rivals in knockout cricket: rain and West Indies. South Africa are home and wet, is the joke on Twitter

Arpit: "I don't think this is Pollard's mistake. He didn't know that the rain will start just after He'll get out. Its just Badluck. Perhaps the Rain Gods are making up for some of the SA's earlier miseries."

"So National anthem time played a vital role." Faisal, I hate to say "I told you so" but now you are saying it

7.53pm The play was supposed to finish at 6.15pm plus the extra hour. Play was not supposed to go beyond 7.15pm. We are still here, we don't have a result, nobody is playing, rain is falling, but nobody is declaring this match finished. What are they waiting for? It is pelting. Just to repeat: if there is no more play, this match is a tie, and South Africa go through. Had Pollard not been dismissed off that last ball, West Indies would have gone through

7.50pm What drama. One team is on the verge of being knocked out after that one shot, and another shot is on the brink of running away with it, in a match affected by their biggest traditional enemy: rain. No official word yet, but it is raining hard

7.45pm We re well past all limits of time. As per my understanding, we can't come back if we go off after the scheduled finish. The umpires are still having a chat, presumably discussing the playing conditions. The pitch is covered. The umpires are under umbrellas. Had Pollard not got out, the par here would have been 187

Am repeating. We are level on par score. In walks Darren Sammy. What drama here. Spare a thought for these teams. Some drizzle in now. It's getting heavy. It's 7.43pm, and we are going off. Sammy and Bravo are not moving. At the same time, you can't spot a South African on the field. The reaction would have been different had Pollard not got out. If there is no more play, and because we are past the scheduled finish time, I don't think they are allowed to come back now. And the scores are level, and South Africa might be through. Despite rain. Despite West Indies

McLaren to Pollard, OUT, Pollard has thrown it away. Throws his bat at a short-of-a-length ball, gets the top edge on it, the ball goes as high as it goes long, and Steyn comes under it at third man, and makes no mistake. Now the par score is 190. If we don't get any more cricket in, it's a tie

KA Pollard c Steyn b McLaren 28 (43m 23b 5x4 0x6) SR: 121.73

Par score at the end of the last over was 186. At the end of this over, the par score will be 193 if they don't lose a wicket. However, it is bright out there. We may as well get the whole 31 overs in. Here is McLaren

26 | 10 Runs | WI: 190/5 (1 run required from 1 ball, RR: 7.30, RRR: 6.00)

  • Dwayne Bravo8 (7b)
  • Kieron Pollard28 (22b)
  • Chris Morris4-0-30-1
  • Lonwabo Tsotsobe6-0-37-0
Morris to DJ Bravo, FOUR runs, mid-off is up and what a superb shot from Bravo. Length ball, outside off, he leans a little forward and sends it crashing over mid-off. They are fur ahead of par, but it is not raining now
Morris to Pollard, 1 run, length ball outside off, driven to deep cover
Morris to Pollard, no run, good comeback. Short of a length, nips back in from outside off, and beats his pull on the inside
Morris to Pollard, 1 wide, goes for the yokrer, bowls it well down the leg side. Slipped out of the hand? At any rate, well done AB with that dive
Morris to Pollard, 2 runs, slower short ball, flicked to deep midwicket, he wants two, takes on Miller, and the under-pressure fielder throws wide. Had the throw been on target, it would have been very close. I can't believe we are going to the third umpire. De Villiers didn't even have the ball in hand, and the batsman is past the stumps. You can't waste time in such weather. Poor umpiring
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    It has been a decade since South Africa's miscalculation of the Duckworth-Lewis saw them exit the World Cup in the first round. Finally, they will consider themselves redeemed

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West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st35CH GayleJ Charles
2nd40CH GayleDS Smith
3rd12MN SamuelsDS Smith
4th17MN SamuelsDM Bravo
5th58MN SamuelsKA Pollard
6th28DJ BravoKA Pollard
7th?DJG SammyDJ Bravo

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