Final, Centurion, Apr 19 2009, ICC World Cup Qualifiers
(42.3/50 ov, target 186)
Ireland won by 9 wickets (with 45 balls remaining)
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And Ireland win the ICC World Cup Qualifiers by 9 wickets. A deserved win for Ireland who have looked like winners the whole tournament

Well done to Canada as well, they had a slight hiccup in the middle of their innings where Johnston produced the best bowling ever for Ireland and at one stage had 5/5 which would have been the second best economy in all ODI cricket

All that remains is the man of the match, which just has to be Trent Johnston, and the man of the series who could be one of many Players receiving their medals now, while all here are waiting for the MoS

Man of the Match is Trent Johnston, Both captains come forward to collect their official invitation to the next World Cup, The Man of the Series is from the Netherlands, the medium pacer Edgar Schiferli

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Khurram Chohan to NJ O'Brien, FOUR runs
leg side, flicks, clean contact, races away forward of long leg
Khurram Chohan to Porterfield, 1 run
pushes gently to the off, quick run
Khurram Chohan to Porterfield, FOUR runs
and thats the hundred a straight drive towards and wide of mid-off, Osinde dives, does not get to it
end of over 423 runs
IRE: 179/1CRR: 4.26 • RRR: 0.87 • Need 7 runs from 48b
Niall O'Brien34 (54)
William Porterfield99 (131)
Sandeep Jyoti7-1-26-1
Jyoti to NJ O'Brien, no run
on the back foot, punched into the covers
Jyoti to Porterfield, 1 run
full, plays inside out, runs that wide of the bowlker towards long off
Jyoti to Porterfield, no run
again gently pushes from the front foot to the bowler
Jyoti to Porterfield, no run
gets a big stride in, stroked to the bowler
Jyoti to Porterfield, no run
well forward, stroked to cover
Jyoti to Porterfield, 2 runs
on the back foot, gently whips that away towards the midwicket sweeper, great running to get two
end of over 412 runs
IRE: 176/1CRR: 4.29 • RRR: 1.11 • Need 10 runs from 54b
William Porterfield96 (126)
Niall O'Brien34 (53)
Khurram Chohan7-0-47-0

Porterfield keeps the strike looking for his hundred, after scoring one in the first game, he may finish off with one in the last

Khurram Chohan to Porterfield, 1 run
drives down the ground and now only one hit away from the hundred